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The Insightful Panda is a friendly little panda that loves to Cosplay while helping others dig a little deeper into their favorite shows! He’s doesn’t give your run-of-the-mill episode/movie summaries. He’ll take the time to walk you through character development, hidden plots, motifs, themes and even some Easter Eggs you might have missed along the way. Though it doesn’t end there!

Maybe you want to understand something new about your favorite Video Game. Maybe you want to check out some funny Marvel or DC Memes. Or maybe you just want to see a bunch of Pandas dress up like The Avengers!

Pandas Assemble

So come say hi! Check out what’s new! Chat about your favorite nerdy things! Whatever it is, this Panda’s on you side and on the case!

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10 thoughts on “About Me / Contact

  1. I was hoping you could help me with a major glitch I have in Assassins Creed Rogue for the 360. It’s the strangest thing it happens on memory 05. When I get to the third checkpoint I just start falling and end up in the freezing water underneath everything I can swim around and eventually end up dying because I can’t reach land. Was wondering if anyone has had this issue and if there is any way to resolve it.

    • WOW, that is a massive glitch. Similar to what I had in AC: Reveltation – minus the freezing water of course. Does this keep occurring in a certain physical location or just no matter what once you hit the 3rd checkpoint on Memory 5? Either way, I definitely recommend talking to Ubisoft directly on this link: https://support.ubi.com/en-US/
      – Click “My Questions”, Log in with your Uplay account, click the ‘Ask a Question’ tab up top, select the product/console/etc and ask your question. The next page will show you some FAQ questions; but since yours seems unique – at least from a PS3 side – you’d click forward and ask your question anyway since the FAQs don’t correspond

      Hope this helps. This certainly seems like a software glitch in need of a patch.

    • The Elite Upgrades will be scattered throughout the map in chests. You can see these chests marked on the maps as “Blueprints”. No more hunting down buried treasure for the plans. Just head the the blueprints on the maps which are a mix of customizations and Elite plans.

    • Haha you guessed correctly! What follows is the closest I’ll get to reviewing/analyzing this film:

      Originally I was going to write something – at least to mock it – then I saw the 2nd trailer and it actually looked somewhat promising. THEN I saw the final trailer and the abysmal SDCC panel. No one wanted to be there and what they said about their own film was even worse. So when the film came out I wasn’t surprised one bit. They say ‘there’s no such thing as bad press’. Ergo, I honestly refuse to write anything about it – good or bad – because even if I saw it for free, that’s time and money I’d much rather spend somewhere else.

      Whether the fault of the studio or the film itself – I’ve heard many conflicting reports -, giving this film any attention is far more than it deserves. Which is a shame because I really enjoy Michael B Jordan as an actor. It failed as a Fantastic Four film, a comic book film, and a film in general. It tried to be so much more than it was, and in the end ended up being none of it. Here’s hoping the sequel – yes, a sequel was already ordered before the first film was even finished production – gets canned and Fox gives that space to a Deadpool sequel, which genuinely made it a point to GET IT RIGHT while also introducing a new generation to the character.

    • Hey David, I posted about this on the Facebook Page; but due to AoS replaying a lot of overused plot lines and conflicts of theirs, I will not be covering it anymore week to week in order to focus on other things (both articles and life wise). I am still watching, but will most likely just cover (Mid)Season Premiers/Finales until it picks up again.

  2. On your Ted 2 review you missed during the library study session they used the song from revenge of the nerds when they are cleaning the house. When they see the marajuana plants ..”no words..so beautiful they should have sent a poet” was direct from the Jodi Foster movie Contact

  3. Hey, just wondering if you had switched careers? Haven’t seen a post for a couple of months now, nothing since Chicago for LOT. Missing my favorite blogger!

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