LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – Everything You Need To Know About This Avengers Celebration

After attending the LEGO Avengers panel at NYCC and chatting with Game Director Arthur Parsons himself, I’ve learned that we have seriously underestimated this game. Between its attention to detail and larger than life scope, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers isn’t just the worthy successor to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes; but is truly “burdened with glorious purpose!”


New York Comic Con 2015: Highlights From The Weekend

New York Comic Con has come and gone, and quite frankly most of the weekend was a blur. The weekend was full with many returning greats as well as some new things that were a truly wonderful surprise. Though while all this great stuff was happening, a few things seemed different. We’re the crowds just…

LEGO Marvel Superheroes – As Smart As It Is Cute

LEGO has done it again! From Lord of the Rings to Indiana Jones, LEGO has become quite skilled at turning some of our favorite movies into adorable block-built adventures. By no means though should you think that this game is only for kids ages 8-14 like most LEGOs. Despite its child-focused medium, there tons of…