Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – Unicron, Dinobots, Quintessons and More

Dinobots Roll Out

*Update: For a full Spoiler-filled look at this film now that the movie is out, please read my Top 10 Plot Points In Disguise article which discusses everything here and more.*

With a week and a half until Transformers 4: Age of Extinction hits theaters, we are learning tons of new stuff by carefully studying the new TV Spots. Whereas sometimes this could end up spoiling the film, these new TV Spots have done nothing but make me and others more excited for this film. So what’s so important about these little clips that last no longer than 30 seconds? A lot! So let me catch you up one final time before this new Transformers Trilogy begins.

Bridge Scene Reveals More:

Last update I showed you all a scene where we saw the Autobots and Dinobots side by side crossing a bridge. Initially this looked like part of a ‘travel montage’ where they all head to the final battle; but it’s actually something much more. Something apparently intercepts our heroes along the way as they must immediately shift into robot mode to do battle. Whether all of the Autobots and Dinobots pause to do battle, or if they split up and some continue on while others stay and fight is unknown. Though story element isn’t the only thing we learn here.

When I brought up this scene last time, it was solid evidence for a lot of things we already expected: more Dinobots and them working with the Autobots. Once again this scene confirms something we knew for a while, but had yet to see substantiated on film. This time around, it’s solid proof that the Dinobots DO transform in the movie.

So. Badass

So. Badass

Despite the accompanying toy line – and the fact that the Dinobots always transform – many still wondered if they’d assume their robot modes in the film. As we watch the end portion of one if the new TV spots, we see what looks like the Dinobots getting thrown around on the bridge; but this is actually then transforming.

If you watch closely, you can see Grimlock roar with a burst of fire before he transforms into his immense robot form – but that’s not all. To the right of him we see Slug transforming mid run. As he stampedes away, he turns/flips and his body begins the transformation into his robot form as well. Strafe can also be seen here; but it’s unclear if he’s flying up to transform as well or continuing on with the other Autobots while Grimlock and Slug stay behind to handle the new threat. For a brief second, it you can see Crosshairs (the Green C7 Corvette Stingray) run into the frame as well so it may in fact be a big fight – or again he stays and fights as well while others continue on.


Last time we took note of a very feral-looking mystery bot, which many thought was Slash – the only Dinobot toy that has yet to find a film counterpart. As I said, this beast couldn’t be Slash due to its vastly different design and appartent fur. In fact this creature looked more beast that bot, which is why I affectionately named him Wolfy. Well, it turns out I was hilariously close.


Thanks to a card game released in conjunction with the upcoming film, we now know that this thing is in fact called ‘Wolf’; and is a ‘Decepticon’. Whether it’s labeled as Decepticon because it actually is, or just because its evil has yet to be seen. Due to these new enemy transformers appearing to serve a higher motive, I doubt these are actually Decepticons – though for arguments sake, let’s call them as such. He’s bad; but also many.

During one trailer clip we see Lockdown and several other mystery transformers standing with two of these wolves. We also see Grimlock crush another one in his teeth. This all makes me believe that these are grunt-class/fodder enemies. They’re everyone and are basically what wolves are – pack hunters. This certainly supports the ‘beast wars’ idea since this thing looks more biological than mechanical. Either way it’s nice to have that mystery cleaned up; but where did he come from? Why was he made? – insert more questions here –



A while ago when we first learned that Galvatron was going to be in the film, we – or maybe it was just me – suspected that Unicron wouldn’t be far behind. The Dinobots are tremendously powerful and would decimate a regular team of Decepticons, so Unicron seemed like the only force that could really illicit such strong good guys. Well thanks to a brief clip in one TV spot, we might just have our Unicron – or more.

“You think you were born? You were built; and he wants you back” – Lockdown

When Lockdown spoke these words, we immediately realized that this transformers invasion had much more sinister roots than just the age old Autobots vs Decepticons battle. Lockdown just made this battle so much more, something ancient. Pair this with the other plot point of humans discovering the strange metal transformers are made of, and we have an origin story within this tale of extinction.

  • Origin Contradictions:

First and foremost, one thing that this film/origin story is going to have to account for is the discovery of the strange living metal the transformers are made of. According to the film lore, the Allspark was the thing that breathed life into all transformers. We saw how misfires from the spark could create some miniature transformers; as well as how a single scrape could turn Megatron from hunk of junk back into a new and unpowered form.

If the All Spark could turn anything into a transformer, why is a living metal needed? What makes a transformer a transformer, the body (‘living metal’) or the ‘soul’ (All Spark)? I’ll save the Transformers Body vs Soul debate for another time. The way I see this contradiction working out is that the ‘living metal’ is actually the result of the All Spark interacting with metallic substances.

Lockdowns Real Face

This could even explain the biomechanical form of Wolf if the AllSpark could be introduced into a biological setting. Either way, both metal and spark need a source; and whatever that source is determined the path of this new Transformers trilogy.

  • Option 1: Unicron

Now the All Spark – along with the other ‘sacred relic’ objects in the transformers universe are all connected to Primus, the god-like being in their mythology. Now if there is a god that represents the good, there’s sure to an opposing force. That force is known as Unicron. As I mentioned in an earlier article, the reincarnation of Megatron as Galvatron is the first sign of Unicron’s presence since that’s how the conversion usually happens.

The only problem with this arrives when we wonder who Lockdown is talking to. If he’s talking to Optimus Prime, Unicron as his creator doesn’t make a lot of sense. On the other hand, if Lockdown was talking to Galvatron, then that absolutely means Unicron.

  • Option 2: Quintessons

Another possible explanation for Lockdowns words is if he’s talking to Optimus Prime. Lockdown and the rest of the invaders could be from the Quintessons, who in the original story were the race of aliens who developed the transformers as weapons. This idea could also explain how new transformers with the enemies seem to be much more advanced – ie: biomechanical wolves and the many powers of Lockdown.

The Quintessons as they appear in Generation 1 Transformers

The Quintessons as they appear in Generation 1 Transformers

In the end, Unicron/Primus and the Quintessons aren’t mutually exclusive as far as what can be involved in this film. Many time the tales of Unicron/Primus have been interwoved with the Quintessons. Also, considering the Quintessons have fleets of ships – something the planet sized Primus and Unicron never needed -, its safe to say that all of these players will make an appearance sooner or later in this new trilogy.

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction drives into theaters June 27th so we’ll get our answers soon enough. Be sure to check back once the movie comes out for a spoiler-free review and my spoiler-filled Top 5 article. I’m hopeful that this will be the Transformers sequel we’ve all been waiting for. With a new cast and possible adherence to source material – and Dinobots -, this will certainly be the revenge of the fallen franchise.

*Special Thanks to Jung Ji Ho for sending me the ‘wolf’ card and the higher res .gif image

*Update: For a full Spoiler-filled look at this film now that the movie is out, please read my Top 10 Plot Points In Disguise article which discusses everything here and more.*

12 thoughts on “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – Unicron, Dinobots, Quintessons and More

  1. What Lockdownn actually said was, “and ‘THEY’ want you back.” So if he was indeed speaking to Optimus, my guess would be, as you mentioned, the Quintessons. But if he was talking to Galvatron, the humans could be another option, since they’re apparently his primary creators in this version.

    • The humans make Galvatron in this version? I doubt it, humans have never made a Transformer and they certainly wouldn’t be responsible for someone as powerful as Galvatron. Quintessons made all the transformers so it could be them either way. Guess we’ll find out Friday – or today . . . or next week depending on what country you’re in lol

      • I’m from Hawaii. We get everything late 🙂 Lol!
        The humans ARE actually building their own robots, and Galvatron is supposed to be one of them. I’m guessing it eventually gains its own consciousness somehow. Another one is that new Stinger robot that Stanley Tucci’s character built modeled after Bumblebee. It apparently ends up joining the Decepticons as well. But getting back to the point, I’m with you on this. I can’t think of any reason Lockdown would even give a damn about the humans wanting Galvatron back anyway. Unless Galvatron is some annoying nuisance that he just wants to be rid of. Just kidding 🙂 Lol!

      • Ahhh, that actually makes sense because I pointed out a while ago how Stinger’s transformation was very . . . unnatural. Human hand in creating him would explain it. This could also lead to how the Dinobots are made. Either way, I’m excited for this film. I’ll most likely be seeing it Friday at some point – with my usual Spoiler Free Review and Top 5 articles to follow through the weekend 🙂

  2. you do relies that Lockdown is a bounty Hunter I don’t think he cares who work for so long as they can pay him Although I doubt human would have his type of Currency or/and could afford him.

    • With recent trailers giving him more time and seen with other transformers – and those wolves – I think he’s much more than just a simple bounty hunter. General of a bounty hunter army sounds more like it. lol So yah, someone’s paying him for the long haul and I doubt he’s desperate enough to do a job for the humans.

      Then again, maybe the Transformers are in a recession hahaha

  3. The Dinobots are actually supposed to be ancient Cybertronian warriors, and the Autobots go to reawaken them or something. I think that’s how it goes in this version.

    • Some of the toy bios also call Grimlock a champion and describe his power as being able to either turn the tide of the war in the Autobots’ favor or seal the earth’s fate. I have a feeling he and Optimus are gonna face off before they become allies, as shown at the end of one of the earlier trailers. That sorta kinda happened between them at some point in G1, right?

      • Yup. I spoke about that a long time ago when Grimlock was first shown. Grimlock and Optimus will clash at the start, but will become allies in the end. That’s how they always work with each other. Grimlock favors strength and power and feels he’d be a better leader than Optimus, BUT at the end of the day he does respect Optimus and Optimus him. They quarrel from time to time, but Grimlock always falls on the side of the Autobots.

  4. Awesome. It’s cool that they’re paying them that bit of homage. It’s only a matter of hours before I get to see it! I wanna scream right now! I’m getting more and more anxious by the minute, and soon by the second! 😀

  5. Just saw the movie..really awsome!!..there are some parts which will make you cry like a girl however I have some questions I want to get cleared out so if anyone has watched the movie please reply to my comment as I do not want to spoil it to those people who haven’t seen it yet

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