Learn To Build Ironman Suits & More with The Heroes Workshop

The Heroes Workshop

Have you ever seen pictures from Comic Con where someone is dressed up in a full ironman suit and wondered: “How did they do that”? Well what if I told you there was a way that you too could make your own costumes? Regardless of how much or how little experience you might have, anything is possible with the right teacher! From building your own helmets to adding lights and motorized parts to preexisting pieces, The Heroes Workshop can teach you like nothing else.

What is the Heroes Workshop?

The Heroes Workshop began a few years ago when Stealth Cosplay noticed a sufficient lack of tutorials and just overall knowledge sharing about the topic. For those of you who don’t know who Stealth is, he’s a ridiculously talented cosplayer that specializes is all kinds of armor making. Whether it’s Ironman, War Machine, RoboCop, Saiyan armor or even the Gold Zeo Ranger, if there’s an armor component to it, Stealth is your guy.

Motorized parts and lights make this a War Machine costume like no other.

Motorized parts and lights make this a War Machine costume like no other.

Though unlike other cosplayers who focus on competitions or just doing it for fun, Stealth gets the most enjoyment out of doing all this for/teaching others. It was because of this that he initially created The Hero Tutorial, which were a series of old step by step YouTube videos that could not only walk you through an Ironman-esque project from start to finish; but we’re also incredibly fun to watch.

“I may have not been the best but at least I made an effort to go the extra mile to help a large group of people find something new and exciting to take up as a hobby and enrich their lives… Something with substance that a father and son can do. You know? something to really get their minds and hands working for something positive and fun. ” – Stealth

The Heroes Workshop wouldn’t just be a return of these videos; but also a complete upgrade with the sole purpose of being the most comprehensive guide to armor making ever created. Once the project is funded, you’ll be able to receive exclusive DVD/Digital Download files to use at your own convenience and at you’re own speed. No more waiting for Youtube to load or worrying about bad WiFi. Your private lessons will always be with you

What Can I Learn To Build?

Ironman Suit Stealth

Foam, paper, cardboard. Make a suit out of whatever you want; and learn which is better for what

Again, the Heroes Workshop wouldn’t be a static venture – ie: fund this and get 7 how-to videos – but will continue to make more and more videos responding to new ideas and requests from fans if fully funded.

“There will be something for anyone on any skill level really… these videos will allow even the least experienced beginner to build something amazing. Something they can be proud of” – Stealth

At the very basic level, you would learn the various methods of building an armored suit. Additional levels could teach you how to add electronics of all kinds to your costume as well as how to mold and cast different armor parts for easy reproduction. Best of all, all of this information would be presented in an easy, fun and fully explained way.

Why Should I Build Costumes?

Stealth shows off his White Ranger speed build

Stealth shows off his White Ranger speed build

Those of you who already cosplay know how awesome this idea is and what it can lead to. Though for those of you who don’t, the reasons to make your own costumes are astounding if not endless.

“You built it, you can wear it proudly. You deserve all the high fives and praise. It can really make someone’s day to see their favourite character come to life. Especially the kids… Plus, it feels pretty badass to walk around and live as that character for at least as day. It’s fun to let go and enjoy being in another world.” – Stealth

Anyone who has ever dressed up as a character before knows these feelings. To look back upon your costume, to see it start to take shape and explain “Wow, I’m making this!” is truly a moment like no other – especially when it’s armored based. The confidence that comes out of this is honestly something everyone should feel.

Final Words:

This project is actually very near and dear to my heart because it’s how I started cosplaying. After watching two to three 7 minute videos from Stealth’s old Hero Tutorials, I was able to create a full Ironman Mk XLII armor. If I could do that with the old videos, just imagine what you can accomplish with the new Heroes Workshop.

If I could learn to make this, imagine what you can do!

If I could learn to make this, imagine what you can do!

Whether to further your existing Cosplay knowledge, to gain a little self confidence/discover what you can create or to just take your mind of things, costuming is an amazing hobby – and Stealth is the one to teach you. Though don’t take my word for it. Ask any armor cosplayer. Ask the tons of people over on the RPF Prop Forums. Chances are, they’ve heard of/already learned something from Stealth.

“I enjoy helping and don’t mind taking the time because I know someone will appreciate it… I’ve gotten quite a few Thank You’s over the years, but some are just incredible. I’ve even had soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan injured, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. They’re just trying to get their mind off where they’ve been and seen. The last thing I would think of would be that they’re watching my tutorials and building costumes. These are the kind of things that make me love teaching this stuff and make it so worthwhile. ” – Stealth

To help fund this project, please check out the Heroes Workshop on KickStarter and donate what you can. Every little bit helps and everyone can benefit. For more about Stealth, check him out on Facebook at  The Heroes Workshop.

Yes, that is an armored Red Ranger. Again, ANYTHING is possible!

Yes, that is an armored Red Ranger. Again, ANYTHING is possible!

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