Declassified: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – “Ye Who Enter Here”

There’s only one more episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this year; and it’s the midseason finale. The stakes couldn’t be any higher as SHIELD and Hydra get ready to face off with the hidden city as the finish line. Though with complications galore, old faces and new revelation, there was a lot about this episode to follow. So let’s take a much closer look and see everything this episode brought to the table.

A Chance For FitzSimmons:

It’s no surprise that we love FitzSimmons and just want these two to be together. Heck, they need to be together! Whether as a couple or friends, they need to be a thing again; and we’re not the only ones who think so. Last night we saw both Mack and Bobbi talk to Fitz and Simmons respectively about being honest and talking with the other. More importantly, we finally learn Simmons side of the story – what happened immediately following Season 1.

agents-of-shield-ye-who-enter-here-image-600x399With everything happening so fast underwater and Fitz then going into a coma for 9 days, Jemma never got to even process what he told her. She’d never thought of him as anything other than a friend; but yet she can’t imagine her life without him. Bobbi isn’t able to give much advice since she’s never started as friends with someone; but the overall message was ‘take the chance’. We see how they are together, even now. Fitz might think about pulling away; but this might only lead Jemma to pull him close. COME ON YOU TWO! If you don’t do it for yourselves, do it for us! #TeamFitzSimmmons

Skye’s Path – Forced Nature Or Chosen Nurture:

More and more Skye is being pushed towards her father by Ward and Raina. So much so that it’s not even much of a choice on her part anymore. Ward of course could have his selfish reasons that call to mind ‘him and Skye being monsters together’; but it is Raina’s dedication that truly disturbs. This episode we learned how she had nothing until she met Skye’s father and that is who first made her feel special. This all explains why she’s so brainwashed into this idea of evolution no matter what. So much so we even see her run willingly to Hydra Agents if it means she can cause evolution. It’s this moment more than anything where we see Raina as little crazy – and she doesn’t even have GH-325 in her blood.

Though while some are pushing her towards her murderous – yet still tragic father – there is another path that Skye is choosing all on her own: Coulson. We’ve seen Skye grow that past few months and it’s all thanks to Coulson; and now May. Skye’s dream showed Coulson and May as her parents; but gave her up due to the ‘poison tree’ she comes from (her father). The Nature vs Nurture debate is raging inside Skye right now. Her father/Raina etc claim they know her because they saw her born. They never consider that ‘seeing her grow’ and being there for her has any sway. This is why her father hates Coulson. He sees Coulson as moving in on his territory and doesn’t understand the power of nature. He still clings to Skye ‘not being her name’ which locks her in as the child and nothing more of what she’s already become.

agents-of-shield-ye-who-enter-here-image-2It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out; but it’s safe to predict Skye will choose Nurture (Coulson) even if she does evolve. Her dreams reveal that she fears losing him and May, which is why she hugs him so tightly before they part. Skye’s struggle between who she was (her father) and who she’s become (Coulson) will take a huge step next episode – the midseason finale – but there’s no telling when this immense struggle will be completely resolved and Skye realizes who she IS.

Kree, Attilan, Terrigen & Xerogen Crystals:

Ever since we first saw that blue Guest House alien in Season 1, we knew it was Kree, which led us to suspect Coulson and Skye might become Captain and Miss Marvel – since they’re usually the product of human mixing with Kree tech/bio. We of course learned that that isn’t their ultimate fate; BUT we were correct about the aliens identity as Kree as last nights episode confirmed via Raina’s tale. Though what the Kree’s role is in this film would not only turn out to be something quite different; but also set up for a Marvel film a few years down the line: Inhumans!

A couple of very insightful people hypothesized this a while ago, and each episode has brought us more and more support – and this was no exception. Raina’s story of the Kree coming down ages ago to leave something behind for humans fits in with the story of the Inhumans, a race that developed after Kree experimented on early homo-sapiens. What exact path this MCU version will take is unknown but will probably be a bit different due to this possibly being the ‘abandoned city’ of Attilan and further Terrigen mutation not taking place yet. Either way, we do have more pieces of the puzzle.

As I’ve said in a previous story, the obelisk / Diviner is most likely a Terrigen crystal, which has the power to either help evolve people or kill them outright if deemed unworthy/dangerous. In the comics there was also something like this called a Xerogen crystal, a crystal that as opposed to the Terrigen ones could devolve anyone exposed to it into something called an Alpha Primitive. Even though the Diviner appears to have a ‘defense’ purpose like the Xerogen crystals, it doesn’t devolve; but we DID see someone devolve tonight: Mack

After touching some of the sand on the ground, Mack immediately began to convulse and lose all reason; but gain incredible strength. Mack went full beast and turned on his allies, which could very well be a new, more ferocious incarnation of an Alpha Primitives for the MCU. All we know for sure is: Mack wasn’t deemed ‘worthy’ and whatever was left WASN’T him.

Turmoil For The Team:

With Agent Triplet still recovering from his injuries, he sat out most of this episode. Though while he’s recovering, the rest of the team found themselves in hot water with Hydra, Agent 33 and possibly one of their own. After working to extract Raina and fight of Agent 33, it was Raina’s very presence that would spell even more trouble. With a tracker on her – and Ward knowing how to read it – Hydra catches up with everyone and forces their hand to return Raina. Ward however – acting on his own apparently – takes in Skye as well in exchange for the crews protection. Whitehall sees this as him overstepping his bounds and orders the Bus to be shot out of the Skye.

PATTON OSWALT, MING-NA WENNow since we saw shots of Agent May in the preview, we know they’re safe for some reason or another. Though there is still more dangers on the way as they enter the Devil’s Sentry. Though it seems one of the members of the team might get hurt from something a little closer to home – Bobbi. Last episode Hunter went off about not knowing what her angle is this time – which led to her saying ‘you’ and then them hooking up in the backseat of the SHIELD van – but what if this was all a distraction by Bobbi. Mack and Bobbi know something no one else does apparently; and now with Mack dead we have to wonder what it is that Bobbi’s hiding? During her conversation with Coulson, he jokingly asked if she knew him as far as how different he and Fury are. Was this a joke, or is there something decidedly changed about Bobbi?

Who IS Skye? – Possible Identities Narrowed Down:

This episode Raina told Skye that they are just human, but have the potential to be more. Now on one hand this could absolutely turn towards full blown Inhumans; but on the other we have to remember that this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stories can be fused and split however they seem fit. So just because a lot of Inhumans characteristics are present, it doesn’t mean that Skye and her family are Inhumans. One theory is that Skye could be one of the Inhumans, specifically Crystal which in a way could work out if they then make Raina Medusa (Crystal’s older sister) considering Raina does see Skye’s father as a father figure as well.

Though in Skye’s dream this episode, we got clues to someone completely different and even more appropriate. I already showed how Skye’s dream showcased her fear of losing her new father and mother figure; but the music box kind of is out of place. Well the song being played is called “Daisy Bell” – apparently a popular music box song – and that reminds us that – as her father keeps reminding us – Skye ISNT her name. So is there any characters in Marvel named Daisy Bell?

MING-NA WEN, CHLOE BENNETWell no; but there is a character named Daisy Johnson who was recruited by SHIELD early on and later became known as Quake. Hmm, okay. Well Skye doesn’t have powers – yet – so is there anything else? Oh yah, Daisy has a father named Dr Calvin Zabo but found herself in adoption agencies not long after birth. THAT is a pretty big similarity. Imagine if Daisy’s father also had crazy temper tantrums. Well you don’t have to; because the other name Dr Zabo goes by is “Mister Hyde” – as in Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde. With Skye’s father being an insanely bipolar Doctor, it seems as though this is the most substantial theory as for who Skye is.

Easter Eggs:

  • Have you ever wondered what paranormal mysteries take place in the Bermuda Triangle? Well don’t worry about it, SHIELD solved that in the 80s.
  • When Coulson and Bobbi were discussing how he and Fury are different, we see how Coulson’s ideals line up closer to that of Steve Rogers – no surprise – rather than Nick Fury’s method of “acceptable losses”. Capt might have had his differences with the old SHIELD; but it seems like he could really get on board with how the new one is operating. Perhaps they could be his support for his face off in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.
  • In OTHER Marvel news, a variant cover has been released in celebration of Inhumans anniversary and the cover shows markings incredibly similar to those on the Diviner/ as well as the ‘Writing On The Wall’.
  • Each of the Koenig brothers seem unaware of their situation as each claims ‘the other is the shorter one’. Whether Life Model Decoys or not, the look on Triplets face was priceless when they joked there’s 13 of these ‘brothers’.

There’s only one more episode this midseason; and it will finally answer the question we’ve been asking all season “What Will They Become”. So stay tuned to next week’s explosive midseason finale.

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