AC4 Multiplayer Event – The Flying Dutchmen: Tips and Tricks

Flying Dutchmen 1

Well we’re halfway through the second multiplayer event for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag titled “The Flying Dutchmen”. Have you earned your rewards yet? How about gain any more levels? Here’s some tips and tricks to get the most out of the last day of the event.



Capture an Artifact while using the Glimmer ability (6 times)

Patron Picture

Complete a session in the event playlist

Earn the title “The Flying Dutchmen”

Help reach the community objective

Unlock exclusive Assassin costumes in multiplayer

  Remember that “The Flying Dutchmen” event is a modified version of Artifact Assault, which splits the field into two teams of four striving to capture the other team’s artifact and bring it back to their own base. So what’s different this time around?

  1. No melee kills
  2. All Chase Breakers have been deactivated
  3. Shortened cool down clocks for Abilities

Normally in Artifact Assault you have to closely defend your zone while stealthily leading a crusade to steal your opponents artifact. Although with the changes made to this event, offensive and defensive roles play out quite differently.



This time around, staying in the immediate area of your base is a death-wish . . . or stun-wish. With no melee kills allowed, defensive players are at the mercy of the stun happy opponents.

A much better plan of action is to take some defensive positions on rooftops with clear view of your base and surrounding streets. This way if anyone robs your base, you can fire your pistols. Just make sure you change your positioning once in a while. A sharpshooter near your opponents base is a good idea too.


No stealth required here. Forget about sneaking in and worrying about sticking out. Just run in fists blazing. If you come across any enemies, stun them – they can’t fight back anyway (beyond pistols).

Once you’ve gotten the artifact, avoid open spaces. The more turns the better. No melee kills means you can openly stun any nearby pursuers, but beware being targeted at a distance. Find a corner and turn immediately.


Offensive Support:

Say you took the offensive stance but your teammate already stole the artifact. This is a perfect time to work on teamwork. Find enemy agents and stun them. You’ll rack up bonuses and more importantly hinder them from firing on your friend.

When my teammate has the artifact, I’ll usually make a mad dash towards any roof-bound enemies. They are most likely hoping to pull off a shot, so don’t give them a chance to.


All and all, this is an amazingly fun mode to play that I sticks around in the future. It’s a great way to build teamwork as well as rack up a ton of points.

By using these tips, I helped lead my teams to decisive of 13-2.  If I fought you, I apologize, but now you know the tips and tricks. So I look forward to facing you all on this final day.

Good luck out there Assassins! Happy hunting

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