Lost Girl: “Groundhog Fae” Recap

For those of you who didn't realize it, this episode's opening was actually 'The Love Triangle Endures' short that teased this season.

For those of you who didn’t realize it, this episode’s opening was actually ‘The Love Triangle Endures’ short that teased this season.

Tis the season to party, drink, and then get kidnapped while a mysterious box is sent to Bo. This past episode of Lost Girl saw Tamsin’s return – along with her memories – as well as many other funny moments in the lieu of a traditional Yuletide.

Groundhog Day:

A disoriented Bo wakes up over and over again in this merry-go-round of a day.

A disoriented Bo wakes up over and over again in this merry-go-round of a day.

Taking its title from the 1993 movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray, ‘Groundhog Fae’ puts Bo and others in a similar situation where they must relive the same moments of the same day. Very few know what’s going on, but with a creepy wall shadow kidnapping Bruce and other party guests the race is on to figure out what’s happening before time resets itself – which happens to be signified by a beach ball knocking over glasses and everyone shouting “OPA!”

Tis the Season to be … Krampus:

When Tamsin is stolen, Bo breaks her way into Yule – Krampus’s candy factory lair where he turns sour people into sweet candy. With Christmas puns and references flying everywhere, Bo confronts the little Imp Jeffrey who started all this in an effort to make people respect Yuletide again.

Jeffrey (left) is just a stand in for the real Krampus (right).

Jeffrey (left) is just a stand in for the real Krampus (right).

When the real Krampus appears, we find a much more jollier soul than the ‘Krampus’ Jeffrey was seemingly pretending to be – until he straps Bo to a conveyor belt to be turned into candy. Despite the sadistic and sick initial appearance of this, all of this is actually Krampus getting Bo to acknowledge her guilt, denial and overall darkness she’s been trying to keep inside. Hopefully with Bo accepting these facts, she can be better able to face the coming darkness.

“How can you be pure when you will not confront your fears?” – Krampus

Why Krampus was looking out for Bo, we don’t know. He’s certainly a kind-hearted soul and listened to Bo’s problems earlier in the episode when he just seemed like the funny old man. When Jeffrey said a sacrifice must be made and quote ‘the laws’, Krampus brushed him off.  Krampus doesn’t seem to like the rules either, so maybe he really is Team Bo as far as ushering in a new age.

The years have certainly made this famed tormentor of Yule Time much more tame and … caring?

The years have certainly made this once famed tormentor of Yule Time into a caring – yet albeit weird – soul.

Either way, considering Hale’s warnings and what we saw him do, he’s immensely powerful with his own entire realm to rule. Hopefully he sticks around because Bo might need all the help she can get with the Una Mens and The Wanderer closing in.

The Lives and Time of Tamsin:

After her long journey, it seems as though the memories of Tamsin’s past lives are back – or maybe it was the guilt inducing stay in Yule. Either way, Tamsin confesses to Bo that she is the reason The Wanderer found Bo.

“That THING would have done anything to claim its ideal mate. Even if it meant creating her itself.” - Tamsin recalls her meeting with The Wanderer

“That THING would have done anything to claim its ideal mate. Even if it meant creating her itself.” – Tamsin recalls her meeting with The Wanderer

In a former life, Tamsin was a Fae bounty hunter who crossed paths with The Wanderer.  Frightened for her life at the sight of this “beast”, she accepted his mission thankful that the woman he described – a woman with both brown and blue eyes, virtuous and lustful, neither light nor dark yet both – couldn’t possibly exist.

Dyson and Lauren:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 7.17.37 PM

Seem like Lauren and Dyson are mirroring each other? Get used to it. That happens a lot this episode.

My favorite thing about this episode had to be Dyson and Lauren. Usually seen as opposite ends of the Team Dyson/Doccubus dialogues, but this episode we saw them spend more time with each other than Bo. Between fawning over her car washing skills and debating who knows her best, Dyson and Lauren realize they are more alike than they originally thought. They no longer hate each other. They’ve looked out for each other various times and realize no one really understands what they’re going through more than the other.

“You’re the only one who gets my predicament Wolfy, and you make me laugh.” - Lauren

“You’re the only one who gets my predicament Wolfy, and you make me laugh.” – Lauren

As a thank you to Vex for “organized this little Kumbaya”, Lauren decides to sew his hand back on:

Lauren: “You get your hand reattached by me, right now.”
Dyson: “Drunken surgery … I’ll be the nurse!”
Lauren and Vex: “Oooooh.”
Vex: “This is getting kinky”

As I’ve said before, I am a Dyson fan, but I really loved Lauren in this episode. By episodes end, part of me actually started hoping for a Dyson/Lauren romance – or at the very least a way they can both get Bo. So yes Vex, ‘this is getting kinky’!

What’s in the Box?:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.02.47 PM

Lauren finds a mysterious box in the Dark Archives labeled ‘care of Bo’ in Bo’s handwriting. Dyson immediately knows what it is and feels they cannot tell her about it. Whatever it is could risk them losing Bo forever to “the big locomotive in the sky” – aka The Wanderer.

When the box is finally opened in the end of the episode – because Kenzi saw Dyson and Lauren passed out drunk on top of a box with Bo’s name on it – we find a vial of black swirling liquid in it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.02.53 PM

So we now have two boxes this season with black liquid in it – if you remember the box in the first episode that was meant for the Una Mens that leaked black sludge. Upon closer inspection, this vial’s contents actually looks a lot more like the black fog we saw the Wanderer take Bo with in last season’s finale. What this means we will have to find out, but we know this has ‘Wanderer’ written all over it – well ‘Bo’ is literally written all over it but you know what I mean.

Checking in with Hale and Kenzi:

With no signs of Hale suffering from any more after-effects of the Alkonost’s ‘death song’, it looks like things are going to be okay for the new couple. But what if you want things to be more than just okay?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 7.22.36 PM

Though Hale may seem the ‘horny devil’, he’s actually quite the romantic.

Hale – fully aware of the Yuletide time skip – has been using these repeats to “get it right” and make tonight absolutely perfect with Kenzi. Between messed up lines, slaps, and reading from a poetry book he tried it all, but when Kenzi finds out about all this he decides honesty is his best bet. Judging from Kenzi’s expressions at episode’s end, it was worth the wait.

Can Someone Give This Man a Hand?

Apparently now having the title of ‘Bo’s pet’, Vex is back with all the snarky remarks, crazy outfits and sexual innuendos you could want. Appointing himself as judge in Dyson and Laurens debate over the Bo’s “box”, its hilarious to see him take sides and just get rip-roaring drunk with Dyson and Lauren in what could be described as the funniest threesome this series has ever seen.

“Come now, come to Team Vex. Where Ye shall be judged most worthy of Bo’s “Box”

“Come now, come to Team Vex. Where Ye shall be judged most worthy of Bo’s “Box” – Vex

Amidst the box talk, Lauren decides to sew Vex’s hand back on – I guess the poison was removed from it? At episode’s end it sounds as though this is actually going to happen once she sobers up, which is going to be awesome. We know the Una Mens fear Mesmers – possibly because of the Chimera theory I spoke of last episode and how you can’t counter a power that’s restricting yours – so with Vex back to full strength things will get even more fun.

 “To drunken surgery!” – Vex

“To drunken surgery!” – Vex

We have yet to get many answers this season, but the character development thus far has been amazing. I will forever love this show for the complex relationships – and the action, comedy, romance, actors, writing, mythology, and overall everything. Next episode seems like it’ll be a big one for revelations, so I can’t wait.

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