Lost Girl: “Lovers Apart” Recap

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It’s The Governor! Sorry, wrong series. It’s The Morrigan.

Bo is back! For the first time this season, we had a good old fashion Lost Girl episode in the form of Bo helping someone with his or her Fae problems. Throw in a familiar face and a couple of betrayals and you have this week’s episode. So let’s begin.

Bo’s Back:

After she jumped ship (or rather train) last episode, Bo finds herself in the middle of the woods. Eventually she stumbles upon a house where she finds a family besieged by a ghost that has killed their family members for generations. After some very bad choices, Bo discovers that it is actually a Body Jumper that has been plaguing the family by taking over one member and having he or she kill the rest of the family. Now reunited with Dyson, Bo saves the family and frees the vengeful Body Jumper spirit. Even so, is everything really fine?

Dyson: “On death's door and still helping humans, at least you're still you.”

Dyson: “On death’s door and still helping humans, at least you’re still you.”

While staying with the family and helping, Bo constantly fights off a voice in her head that tells her to kill them all. Clio informed Dyson that when you travel between dimensions unprotected non-Elemental Fae get a sort sickness that causes disorientation and death. Dyson was healed by Clio, but Bo had no such luck. Whether this voice was attributed to the sickness or something else remains to be seen, but it is quit possible that Bo’s occasionally seen dark side is becoming more predominant.

Lovers Apart:

While under the control of the Body Jumper, Bo was able to learn why this spirit has so much hatred towards this family. Centuries earlier, the Body Jumper was supposed to be married, but was tried for being a witch. Despite this, her fiancé still loved her and tried to protect her. Sadly they both died at the hands of a band of witch hunters who were the ancestors of this present day family.

Murdered before her wedding day, the Body Jumper's can only be at rest once her and her love are finally together.

Bo learns of the Body Jumpers tragic past (Left) and then helps these forlorn lovers find peace together at last (Right). 

After marrying and then burying these separated lovers together, the Body Jumper was finally at peace.  As a thank you, she revealed that she too was an elemental type Fae and would cure Bo’s dimension sickness. Before she departed once and for all, the Body Jumper revealed that while in Clio’s body, she learned that Clio planned to betray her and Dyson.

Vex’s Problems:

As the gang leaves the family behind, Clio decides it’s the perfect time to kidnap Bo and reveal her deal with Vex. With Bo still suffering from dimension sickness, Dyson has to back off or else Clio wont heal her – or at least that’s what she though would happen. Having already been healed thanks to the Body Jumper, Bo turns the tables on Clio and feeds off her Chi before leaving her passed out on the road.  Bo and Dyson then leave, knowing full well that they owe Vex a visit.

With Clio's betrayal exposed and The Morrigan back to her old tricks, Vex has a lot to be worried about.

With Clio’s betrayal exposed (Left) and The Morrigan’s quest for blood (Right), Vex has a lot to be worried about.

In other news, the Morrigan is back and missing an eye. Whereas we don’t yet know what caused this, it can be assumed it happened in connection to her being locked behind the Vex’s portrait. With a quick visit from Massimo the Druid, she’s regained her eye and has now decided to be less nice. With the news of Bo being out of the way, The Morrigan  has big plans for everyone.

The Druid – Claimed:

I never usually though much of the Druid character, but after this episode I had several thoughts/question. For starters, what are his powers? We’ve yet to meet any other druids, and besides from his inhuman ability to be a royal pain no powers acknowledged.

The Druid: Fae or Human

The Druid: Fae or Human

Secondly, thanks to his interactions with The Morrigan (quips about the past and living with her again), we can see that they had a relationship of some sort – with the Morrigan clearly being the dominant. Also with her new eye, she exclaims: “not bad for a human”. At first I thought she was referring to the eye, but now I have a new theory.

The Druid is actually human; specifically the “claimed human” of the Morrigan – similar to what Lauren was to the Ash. Might be a stretch, but remember that he has been helping Kenzi with ways to pass as Fae, which means that he has experience with this. Either way, we shall see what happens.

Lauren – It’s Complicated:

Well things just got more complicated for Lauren. After a night of drinks, pizza and bemoaning their pasts, Lauren and Crystal ended up in bed together. Now whereas Team Dyson fans took a hit earlier this season with his and Kenzi’s amnesia induced make-out sessions, this season has just dealt a bigger blow to Team Lauren. We’ll have to see how this plays out, but Lauren has bigger problems right now.

After a night of pizza, beer, and commiserating together, Lauren and Crystal sleep together.

After a night of pizza, beer, and commiserating together, Lauren and Crystal sleep together.

Lauren returned to work the next day to discover someone’s been looking for her. After telling Crystal, she decided to leave only to be picked up by Crystal later in an elaborate trap. Who’s behind all this? How did they know about Crystal or was she herself involved?

Automobile Amnesia?:

In the closing moments of this episode we find Dyson and Bo driving home discussing everything that had just transpired, but all of a sudden they forget what they were talking about. In fact, they forget everything about that dimensional train.

A mysterious car pops up out of nowhere behind Dyson and Bo, and disappears just as quickly - along with their memories of that train ride.

A mysterious car pops up out of nowhere behind Dyson and Bo, and disappears just as quickly – along with their memories of that train ride.

Upon closer inspection, one sees a truck pull up very closely behind Dyson and Bo’s car. When it is revealed that Bo and Dyson forgot what they were talking about, the car has disappeared.

With each new revelation, the plot thickens and more questions arise.


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    • Thank you for your kind words. I felt it was a good way for me to put scenes into the larger context and comment more efficiently on them. I just read some of your episode summaries, very nice. I also noticed the lack of ‘Fae’ in this season’s episode titles too – which is why I’ve been trying to insert something like that into at least one topic per Lost Girl post lol

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