Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Trailer Reveals Female Templar & Improved Mechanics

A new trailer for Assassins Creed: Unity has surfaced, and much like with movie trailers, we can break down this footage to reveal what this new game has in store for us. Though it’s not just story elements we’re looking for; but also game mechanics. Never wanting to disappoint, Ubisoft has given us a ton of things to get excited over in this new trailer. So let’s break it down and see just why Assassins Creed: Unity might be one of the best titles yet.

Evolved Obstacles: Crowds:

As Arno starts out on his race against time, we see him seamlessly fly over and under debris and more of the usual obstacles without even breaking stride. It isn’t until he reaches the cobbled street intersection that he discovers the most dangerous obstacle in Assassins Creed unity: mobs.

AC:Unity mobs

In past games we’ve seen how small groups of 20 people can either hurt or help your escape plans; but image that on a much larger scale. With some crowds having almost 5,000 NPCs, Arno’s mobility are going to be limited at times on the ground. If you can master the mob mentality, you can use it to your advantage an escape into the crowd. Just don’t think it’ll always be that simple.

This is no static mob of bystanders. They will act and react to everything around them – and not always the way you think. Drawing your sword and attacking guards might make them take a step back and watch; or it could make them take arms and ‘ignite a revolution’ like we saw in the Co-Op Demo. You might never know what these massive crowds might do, but the side streets aren’t much safer either.

Arno swiftly pushes his way through an active battlefield to find a better way across

Arno swiftly pushes his way through an active battlefield to find a better way across

It’s the era of the French Revolution and there are countless rival factions raging war in the streets. With bullets and blades flying, Arno can’t afford to waste time getting involved – nor risk running through the constant volleys of musket shots. The only option is to take to the rooftops like never before.

Improved Parkour:

One of the defining traits of any Assassin’s Creed game is of course the parkour; but Assassins Creed: Unity brings it to new heights with the improved next gen capability and Anvil-Next engine. This new, more fluid parkour allows you to not only control your descent – rather than the classic leap of faith into a perfectly positioned hay barrel – but also gives you new ways to traverse your surroundings.

In past Assassins Creed game you’d usually have to wall run up and then slowly inch your way over to either side if you wanted to ascend yet not fully reach the rooftops. In Assassins Creed: Unity that all changes as Arno is able to transition from vertical to horizontal movements without breaking stride. This idea of ‘wall running’ has been attempted from time to time in other games – a very primitive form appeared in Vigil’s Darksiders II.

From vertical to horizontal, parkour is much more fluid in AC:Unity

From vertical to horizontal, parkour is much more fluid in AC:Unity

Obviously, if anyone could master this mechanic, it’d obviously be Ubisoft. Between this trailer and the test footage we’ve seen thus far, it’s a safe bet that this will be one of the most realistic gaming experiences you’ll ever have. I honestly can’t wait to try this game out myself; but let’s finish analyzing this trailer first before I gush about how excited I am.

Assassins & Templars? :

When Arno finally arrives at the gallows, we see that the entire time he’s been racing to save a woman who’s … a Templar?!?!?! …. what? This whole race against time has been to save one of the Assassin’s enemies; but it’s not the first time the two have worked together. Whether Connor and his father Haytham in Assassins Creed III or Altair and Maria in the original Assassins Creed, these two sides have had interesting dynamics with each other.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.22.58 PM

This fiery female templar has been revealed to be Elise, one of the main character in Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s storyline; but what is her relation to Arno? Is Elise someone whom Arno must begrudgingly work along side to defeat a greater threat or could there possibly be a romantic interest between the who – whether past or present. Then again they could be sibling.

We might not know Elise’s role just yet; but we do know you don’t want to get on her bad side. She might be in danger; but don’t mistake her for a damsel in distress. As the trailer ends, we find her and Arno back to back about to take on an entire firing squad of soldiers. Though considering the enemies at hand, the Assassins and Templars might just have to work together.

Overwhelming AI:

Though Arno might just need all the help he can get. As you can see from the trailer’s end, Arno and Elise are surrounded on all sides by firing squads. These soldiers are not only fully armed, but are working in perfect sync; and that’s all thanks to the newly improved AI.

The enemies might be stronger, smarter, and more coordinated; but I'm sure you can handle them with a little practice.

The enemies might be stronger, smarter, and more coordinated; but I’m sure you can handle them with a little practice.

Don’t expect the usual old format of chaining counter kill after counter kill. The AI operating behind the soldiers allows them to work in unison and employ much more advanced tactics in order to get the advantage over Arno. In order to combat this, the battle mechanics have be revamped to allow more dodge and parry options. So stay on your toes assassins; and whatever you do, don’t underestimate your opponents.

Look at that smolder! Arno's ready for this fight. Are you?

Look at that smolder! Arno’s ready for this fight. Are you?

Sadly, I’m still using my PS3 for gaming; but when Assassin’s Creed: Unity becomes available October 28, that will be my cue to join the next gen family. Between the graphics, advanced mechanics and tumultuous era, Assassins Creed: Unity will make full use of the next gen consoles and push gaming experience to a whole new level. This game can’t come soon enough; and I am counting the weeks until I get to experience this brand new adventure.

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