Arrow: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak – Looking Ahead

With an episode name like “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”, you’d think Felicity was a superhero or something; but that is exactly what this episode of Arrow explores. She might not have the training that Oliver, Diggle, Roy or Sara had, but she is still an integral part of the team; and that is episode explores just how she became our favorite computer wiz.

The Past Return – Felicity’s Origins:

Oliver isn’t the only one with a past that can come back to haunt him/her. This episode taught us almost everything we wanted to know about Felicity Smoak. From how her dad left when she was young, to how her mom – despite seeming like the exact opposite of Felicity – worked hard to give her daughter everything she could need to pursue her dreams, this episode was all about Miss Smoak. Though it wasn’t just Felicity’s mom that came for a visit this episode; but also a dark secret from her past.

Goth Felicity Just as Oliver was responsible for making Slade into the villain he was, Felicity’s is responsible for creating a computer virus that can seize control of almost any system and go virtually untraced and unblocked. Despite her insistence that her ‘hacktivist’ ex boyfriend couldn’t be behind it due to him committing suicide in prison before he was sentenced, Oliver isn’t convinced. He’s knows what its like to both fake a death as well as think someone from you past is dead. Additionally, we know that her ex was working for the NSA so there could always be the potential that he crossed paths with ARGUS at some point.

Felicity As Hero:

Regardless of how Oliver knew her ex was the one behind this – gut or experience – , he was able to find Felicity and her mom and save them. Though it’s important to note her who took down the villainous Cooper It wasn’t one of Oliver’s arrows, but Felicity herself. Felicity isn’t only better at computers than her ex; but she’s also had some groundwork training if you remember Season 2. Some of this training was of course from Oliver and Diggle; but the most defining person of her training was Sarah.

It was Sarah who spurred Felicity on and became such a role model to her – smart, strong, confident, etc. By having Felicity turn the tables on Cooper, we see her as not only putting her past behind her and becoming the hero; but also keeping Sarah’s spirit alive. Though she’s not the only one keeping Sarah’s spirit alive – but certainly the one adapting most positively to it.

Getting Reckless – Laurel:

We know Laurel is trying to follow in Sarah’s footsteps; but things just seem to be escalating more and more – and not in the good way. This episode we saw her a little drunk with power and call in the riot police, which resulted in escalating a situation. Additionally, she still refuses to open up to her father; but instead to her trainer. Why she’s opening up to this trainer – a character she doesn’t know that well yet – about wanting to avenge her sister’s death, etc I don’t know.

Laurel FighterAll in all, Laurel’s situation seemed like a good move for character growth at the start; but lately she’s drifting more and more back to her norm of overplaying a situation – much like she did in Season 2 with her crusade against the Arrow. More and more Laurel is flying off the handle and it makes one wonder if the canary she’ll become will be as controlled and disciplined as Sarah’s. By trying to honor her sister’s memory, she could end up destroying it if she isn’t careful.

Roy’s Guilty Dreams:

Though as poorly as Laurel is handeling Sara’s demise, Roy might be suffering from something much worse. In the closing moments of this episode we see Roy dreaming about throwing arrows into Sarah on that rooftop. WHAT?!?!?!

This has to be a dream right? HOW could Roy be throwing the arrows at Sara? Is the mirakuru acting up in him again? Well considering he knows where Sara’s wounds were and where she fell from, he could have easily recreated the situation in his mind. This could all just be one imagine dream of guilt rather than a repressed memory. We’ve seen how everyone else is dealing with Sara’s death except Roy. So he probably is internalizing a lot of the guilt of losing her.

Roy's Dream ArrowWe’ll find out what happens next week, as well as what becomes of Malcolm. Oliver and Thea seem to be working through their problems, and it seems like Malcolm isn’t too happy about that. Why can’t everything just work out for our heros? Oh yah, cause it’s almost immediately followed by something horribly tragic.

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