Arrow: “Lost Souls” – Looking Ahead

Arrow Lost Souls Analysis

With DC’s Legends of Tomorrow quickly approaching, Arrow and The Flash have spent some time bringing all those chess pieces together. This episode was no exception as The Atom has finally returned to the land of the… normal sized. Although just because this was a “Bring The Atom Back” episode doesn’t mean that was its only focus.

From setting up White Canary to some strong Olicity moments/ hints – and even some new details on this seasons “magic mumbo jumbo”, “Lost Souls” perfectly captured the humor and gravity of this season of Arrow while also looking ahead to future crossovers and series. So let’s take a Closer Look at this week’s Arrow and Look Ahead at what’s to come!

Episode Meaning – “Lost Souls” & Lonely Hearts:

With a title like “Lost Souls” you’d think this was better served for last episode when Sarah literally had lost her soul. Although upon closer inspection, this episode actually embodied the phrase “Lost Souls” on multiple levels. For starters we have the obvious interpretation of Ray Palmer, someone who was long considered dead but has actually been alive the whole time – just lost and held against his will in an unknown place.

The next example/meaning of “Lost Souls” returns us to the previous notion of Sarah having LITERALLY lost her soul a little while ago. Her soul might have returned; but she is certainly far from being normal. The usually controlled and tested Sarah is now consumed with Bloodlust and despite all her efforts and training, she isn’t able to mentally overcome it just yet – if at all. Sarah leaves in the end to become a “lost soul” trying to find a new path; and that’s where we find Thea too. Thea sees what’s become of Sarah and doesn’t want this for herself. Training might not stop the darkness, so maybe a new light can.

Arrow Lost Souls Speedy Black Canary

This brings us to the final aspect of “lost souls”, ‘those who loose their souls in someone else’. At first this episode looked like trouble was brewing for Olicity; but then we learned about how it was okay to loose yourself in someone else because you’ll also find yourself in them. In this regard, being a “lost soul” doesn’t sound too bad. Although considering all the romantic and aww moments between Oliver and Felicity this episode, I can’t help but think we just got some more support for the “Felicity in the grave” theory.

Expanding Upon Future Characters – Legends Of Tomorrow & Mr Terrific:

I already spoke about how this episode was predominantly about bringing The Atom back into the fold. Not only is he back to normal size; but he is still keeping the status of “dead man” which would make him an asset to leave public eye and time travel a bit when Legends of Tomorrow comes into play. Additionally, this episode set up the next part of Sarah’s journey from Black Canary to White Canary.

If you noticed her fighting style was calmer than usual. She even used a gun more than the hand-to-hand, high-flying tactics. Even her costume seems a little out of place now that Laurel is the new Black Canary. This is all to show that she isn’t her normal self and has a lot to deal with between the bloodlust and returning from the dead. The episode ends with her leaving to forge a new path, visit Central City and visit a “few somewheres”. She’s going to have to learn even more control and basically start from scratch; and this will lead her to becoming the White Canary when she reappears in Legends Of Tomorrow.

The final character set up for this episode wasn’t for Legends of Tomorrow; but actually Arrow itself as we learn another trait about Curtis – he’s an expert basejumper. Thus far we’ve learned that Curtis is a genius and has quite a few Olympic medals. Brains and brawn? I’d expect nothing less from the soon to be Mr Terrific!

Lost Souls

A Lucky Or “Destined” Meet? – Quentin Lance & Donna Smoak:

“Isn’t luck just another word for destiny?” After hearing Darhk say these words I am even more suspect of everything that happens now. So when by episode’s end we saw Detective Lance bumping into Donna Smoak, I can’t help but feel this isn’t just a lucky coincidence. Earlier this episode we saw how Quentin offered to be more involved with Darhk’s plans – to help Oliver and them of course. Additionally, we now know that Darhk knows about Felicity’s involvement with the Palmer rescue. Considering the Arrow became involved, I’m sure Darhk might make the connection pretty soon and will want someone to pay. Maybe he’d want some leverage over Arrow and he’s taking the roundabout way.

Now to be fair, this could just be a simple hilarious circumstance. I mean wouldn’t it be hilarious if Quentin and Smoak got married, and then Quentin would STILL turn out to be a potential father-in-law for Oliver? Is it likely? No way. Considering all the ‘find yourself in each other’ talk of this episode I can’t help but worry about the fate of Olicity – much like how I can’t help but worry that this Donna and Quentin scene wasn’t just “luck”.

Rapid Fire – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • For the – I lost count – time on Arrow, KORD Industries was mentioned. Seriously, when are we going to get Ted Kord and Blue Beetle
  • We’ve actually seen the code “4587” used before in Arrow. Last Season in fact in the episode “This Is Your Sword” Flashback with Shrieve.
  • Did Ray just compare HIVE to SPECTRE – the famous Bond organization. Well considering SPECTRE is now in theaters, REALLY NICE reference Ray!
  • HAHAH Chatty Cathy
  • There has been so many Egyptian symbols lately on Arrow. Wonder where this could lead us or what Baron Reiter is looking for.
  • The purpose of this week’s Flashback was to not only move forward the story of how Oliver first learned of Magic but also to parallel how he really doesn’t leave people behind (aka he does want to save Ray)
  • There comes a point in a character’s history whenever they say something we IMMEDIATELY know they’re wrong. Laurel reached that point this episode when Sarah nearly beat someone to death right after Laurel said “She’ll be fine!”
  • Oh how I too have missed “that trunk with the bottle of Russian vodka in it”. Though I will agree that “Tennessee Whisky puts hair on your chest” lol

Arrow Lost Souls Atom and Green Arrow

  • If you’re wondering how did Oliver escape from Darhk’s magic chain chokehold, it was from the flash bomb. It broke Darhk’s concentration and thus allowed Oliver to untie the chains and escape.
  • “No side effects from the … microsizing” HA, Felicity was trying not to say “shrinkage” lol
  • Odd that Felicity gave Diggle the nickname Spartan as he’s an incredibly obscure DC character and an alien … Random Easter Egg or something more?
  • When Oliver left the city, Quentin fell into Darhk’s hands. And now we learn when Felicity left the city, she let Ray fall into Darhk’s as well. . . Hey you two, there’s some things couples DON’T need to have in common -_-
  • Favorite Quotes – Winner(s): Felicity & Curtis
    • “You’re married. He’s straight” – Curtis
    • “You have been texting with my mother? How long has that been going on!” – Felicity
    • “I can see where felicity got her … uh … blond hair” – Curtis
    • “This would be the same level of delusion that made you think my mother coming to town would make me feel better!” – Felicity
    • “The Green Arrow is going to kick us some ass tonight!” – Curtis
      • “If I don’t kick his first!” – Felicity

Next week on Arrow, we’ll learn that Diggle’s brother Andy might not be as dead as once thought – but he may have indeed been turned. What’s the true story behind Andy Diggle? What are Darhk’s plans? Stay tuned!

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