TeeTurtle Shirts – Where Cute, Nerdy & Awesome Meet

Tee Turtle ShirtsWhether a gift for the Holiday season, a birthday present or just something you get for yourself on an ordinary Tuesday, if you’re looking for something awesomely unique, then look no further than TeeTurtle. So what’s a TeeTurtle? Well, a TeeTurtle is “a very special and rare breed of turtle that is known for being particularly soft and cute.“ Or in other words, one of the most adorably awesome things you will ever wear!

TeeTurtle was founded back in 2012 by designer RamyB. After putting up a lot of designs on deviant art and submitting some shirt ideas to Shirt.Woot, Ramy decided to start his own brand of “cute, funny, and popculture-y shirts”. As for where the “Turtle” came from, that was one of his initial designs that he toyed around with and sooner or later it just stuck – and we’re glad it did! Though in a market where so many websites try to sell shirts of some kind, how do you set yourself apart? To put it simply: “quality, consistency and love”.

Despite having well over 100 different designs, all of TeeTurtles designs share a similar artistic look. Even more than that, it’s not just about putting a character on a shirt; but mixing that character with references to other types of fandoms – which is what I love most about TeeTurtle. Do you like Assassins Creed and Star Wars? Then check out their “Ultimate Assassin” design, which dresses up Bobo Fet in Assassin garb. How about Final Fantasy, Guardians of the Galaxy and Dance Dance Revolution? Then check out their “Dance Party” design where you can see Baby Groot and a Cactuar dancing side by side.

Want something even more “insightful”? Then check out their #007 design. Sure, it’s a Squirtle with a water gun in the classic James Bond pose. It even turns the classic gun barrel framing the picture into a Pokeball. Though this shirt goes from amazing to incredible when you realize that Squirtle is actually Pokemon #007 . . . Truly, this is a match – and design – made in Heaven. With some shirts that focus on cool and others that focus on cute, TeeTurtle has a shirt for everyone!

In the end, that’s probably their greatest asset. Sure TeeTurtle has amazing products; but the people that work there are just as cool and outgoing as the designs they make. They know they wouldn’t be here without their fans, so keeping in touch and engaging with their fans is always on the top of their list. In fact, they attend over 100 conventions a year just so they can meet their fans face to face; and it is these fans that have inspired TeeTurtle’s latest venture – plushies!

Some shirts even glow in the dark for added effect

Some shirts even glow in the dark for added effect

In the past, fans could submit a design and if it were clever enough, TeeTurtle would work on turning it into a print. Though recently a lot of fans have been falling in love with some of TeeTurtle’s past designs such as Bad Kitty, which is actually based off the love-hate relationship between Ramy and his cat – something I’m sure most cat owners can identify with. Though it’s the Turtle, Penguin and Red Panda designs that have gotten the most love and now have their very own plushies. With so many people asking about plushies, TeeTurtle decided to look into the possibility; and after a lot of product development and finding who could get the stitching JUST RIGHT, the Plushies Are Here!

Seriously! What else can I say about TeeTurtle? Well if you’re reading this in time for Black Friday, GET READY! The entire staff has been working none stop to prepare for this year’s Black Friday sale where every shirt will be on sale for $12 all weekend; and two selected shirts will be discounted even further each hour in their Cool Vs Cute competition. As for Cyber Monday, they will be debuting 12 ready to buy – not pre-order – new designs.

So seriously, go out there and buy some of these shirts for friends, family and of course yourself! You can even follow them on Facebook to be a part of the community and learn about new sales. As for me? I’m going to go do some holiday shopping for my friends, and pick up a plushie or two. Especially a Red Panda for me . . . because obviously! :p

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