Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer – The Good, The Bad & The OMG!!!!!!

As if that day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday – wasn’t a mad rush as it is with all the crazy sales, this time not even the theaters were safe as tons of fans rushed to the movies bright and early. Though they people didn’t wake up from their turkey comas for sales; but rather to get the first look at the new teaser trailer for StarWars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

So was the trailer worth it? Did the Force truly awaken; or is it still locked in the nightmarish land of prequels – or worse, become like Indiana Jones 4? Well, this is only a teaser trailer so there’s not much to really analyze in terms of story. Though regardless, there was still enough in this trailer to get excited over – and scratch your head at. So check out the trailer below and meet me afterwards for a full breakdown.

The Good:

In an age where the past few highly anticipated trailers – Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, etc – have been leaked prior to their premier date, it’s nothing short of incredible that Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Unleashed has been able to keep this all under wraps. Though this didn’t stop some people from trying to capitalize on the vacuum of footage and make their own trailers. Some were even really good and had even the most dedicated of Star Wars fans confused for the moment.

The Bad Mockable:

Now maybe it’s just me; but there’s some things in this trailer that just seem strange and/or mockable. For starters, the opening of the trailer when we see John Boyega pop up on Tatooine? out of breath and stumbling off just seems like an odd and disjointed place to start. I see this opening and feel like I missed something.

My gripes with the opening continue when our next shot is of some kind of new recon droid scouting an area. Now a new droid is all find and good; but let’s face it – IT’S A SOCCER BALL! Yes, it looks adorable with that little head on top of the rolling ball; but this totally makes me think Star Wars FIFA is right around the corner – which in all honesty would be hilariously awesome to watch. There’s World Cup, so why not Galaxy Cup?

Star Wars FIFAThough what if a Jedi’s gets called for Off Sides? As Luke Villapaz from IBTimes pointed out to me, things could get complicated with Jedi mind tricks on the refs? Would that mean we have to have Toydarians as referees? Then again, they’d have to be disqualified from judging their own games. Either way, LETS GET ON THIS PEOPLE!

The OMG! Exciting:

Once these two little disjointed and mockable scenes play out, the true teaser begins in my opinion. From shots of the newly designed Storm Troopers to seeing the X-Wings, this is the moment when you truly felt like you were in store for a great star Wars film. Even new elements seem reminiscent of the original trilogy as we see Daisy Ridley jump on a speeder that calls to mind Leia racing through the forests of Endor.

Millenium Falcon Force AwakensThough in the end, nothing compares to seeing the Millennium Falcon back in action going up against some Tie Fighters. In fact, if the trailer was only this scene, I think we’d still have been perfectly satisfied with the trailer. As for who’s flying the MF and whether those two Tie Fighters are left overs from the Empire or part of a new larger force remains to be seen. All we know is, we want to see it.

The Lightsaber’s New Design . . . Light Cross?

Since the originals, each new Star Wars has introduced a slight variant of the original Lightsaber; and this one is no different. Though instead of it being dual sided or having a tilted edge, it has a beam hilt as well. WHAT? I can see every way this can go horribly wrong!

Seriously though. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Assassins Creed; but I look at this blade and cant help but think of a Templar Cross. Then again, this would bring the series back to some of the elegant and religious symbolism of the original trilogy. Though upon closer inspection of the blade, it actually doesn’t look finished. Instead of the usual rounded tip, this blade crackles and fluctuates a lot more than the usual unmoved beam. Could this be someone home made or damaged lightsaber? Then again, maybe that’s just the new look for lightsabers; but I hope it’s option 1 and there’s a reason for its more primal and unstable look.

Light Saber Force Awakens

You can visibly see how the light saber crackles light lightning and flares at the ends like a blow torch


In all honesty, this was a TEASER. Besides from the voice over – Andy Serkis most likely – telling us that the Force has awakened for both the light and dark sides, we don’t really know anything else. In fact, we don’t even know what this means. This film is supposed to take place 30 years after Episode VI so perhaps the Force has been dormant for all those years. Stay tuned for more updates and trailer analyses as they come out.

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