Jurassic World Trailer Analyzed – Nostalgic Themes, D-Rex & More

Update: The Actual Film has been released, so for a Spoiler Free Review of the film, click here and for the Easter Eggs and Analyses, Click Here!

lt looks like Thanksgiving’s coming early because we just got our first trailer for Jurassic World, the 4th installment/semi-rebooted new installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. Now even though we knew most of what would happen thanks to a ton of rumors getting dumped on the web a few months ago – and the director subsequently confirming all of these in a foolish attempt at containing the leak – it was still great to see all of these visuals start to come to life. Anyway, check out the trailer below; and then we can begin to analyze everything about it – the good, the bad and the genetically engineered.

Heart-racing right? This trailer perfectly brings back the wonder and eeriness of the first Jurassic Park. Even the Genetic Engineering aspect seems promising. Though sadly, there are also a few things in the trailer that aren’t so stellar. So without further to do, let’s jump right into the analysis.

History Repeats Itself:

Almost 20 years after the first attempt, John Hammond’s dream to make a fully functioning park where families can view living breathing dinosaurs has finally be realized. Along the same lines, this trailer uses many of the same iconic sites and sounds of the original film – each with its unique alteration. For example, the whole idea of being welcomed to the park through the massive doors – that now say Jurassic World – is an iconic scene that the past films never dealt with.

When the eerie piano version of the original iconic theme starts playing, it quickjly becomes evident that his film is aiming to make itself out to be the ‘True Sequel’ to Jurassic Park. Though much like the original film though, chaos theory rears its ugly head – as does the arrogance of man. When we see the mom (played by Judy Greer) about to send her kids off to see the dinosaurs at the trailers start, something seems off. They don’t seem that excited and it seems like the mom has to remind them “to be scared”.

Jurassic World Chris Pratt

One of the big things Director Colin Trevorrow wanted to put forward was this idea of this novelty become old:

We imagined a teenager texting his girlfriend with his back to a T-Rex behind protective glass. For us, that image captured the way much of the audience feels about the movies themselves. “We’ve seen CG dinosaurs. What else you got?” Next year, you’ll see our answer.

It’s this idea that we get from these opening scenes; as well as the idea that pushes the scientists to go further with a new more ferocious dinosaur. The idea of gene splicing was there from the beginning. If you remember, Hammond’s team used frog DNA to fill in the gaps of the original dinosaurs, which ultimately gave them the ability to reproduce and grow out of control. It’s been 20 years though, so what the scientists want to attempt now is much MUCH more dangerous

Mystery Genetic Dino – D-Rex?:

Another thing I have to hand it to about this trailer, is hiding the big bad mutant Dino, rumored to be named Diabolos Rex – aka D-Rex. Legendary has certainly learned a lot about organizing their movie trailers from the success of this year Godzilla reboot that didn’t show any of the monsters in full until the film was almost out. Though despite no sustained look at the beast, just like in the Godzilla trailer we can begin to spot some things about D-Rex.

Jurassic World Arms

For starts, we know she – yes she – is incredibly intelligent and has claws sharp enough to help it scale a 40 foot wall of steel and cement. A better look at this beast comes about halfway in when we can see Chris Pratt’s character being chased by it. As we know, T-Rex had laughably small arms; but this creature’s arms hang down to almost its knees and have wickedly sharp curved claws like a velociraptor. Wonderful. Give a T-Rex the one thing it was lacking . . . reach.

The final scene where we can tell something about D-Rex is when we see the little boy hiding from it in a closet? Shirt shop? Anyway, as the creatures shadow passes the boy, we can see jagged ripples, which point to this creature having some sort of defined spines lining its back. So in short, it’s like they combined the 3 big bad Dinos of the past 3 films (T-Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus) and gave it high intelligence. . . yah, they’re screwed. Thank God they have Star Lord!

Less Dino-Realism:

One thing that Jurassic Park has always done – above and beyond the call of duty – is make their dinosaurs as realistic as possible. In fact, they even got real paleontologists like Jack Horner as consultants for the film. So with all of this the look of the raptors leaves me slightly disappointed. Recent findings have found that velociraptors had feathers and were quite bird-like. Now perhaps the scaly raptors seen here are merely purposeful as a sense of continuity with the old films; but I’m still a little let down.

Even if the raptors don't have feathers, this is still a pretty cool shot

Even if the raptors don’t have feathers, this is still a pretty cool shot

Additionally, I not that thrilled about the Mosasaur scene – yes, that massive behemoth jumping out of the water to swallow a Great White Shark has a name. I know it’s a film and everything; but I can’t help but think there is no way remotely possible that the enclosure can actually hold a creature that size – nor the water be deep enough. Heck, I love Mosasaurs. In fact it’s one of my favorite class of deep sea monsters, but you mean to tell me there were no other deep sea dino-like animals they could have gotten. Maybe something that isn’t THAT huge. You know, something that isn’t so massive I could derail the monorail behind it if it decided to start thrashing – or burst out and crush the people ahead of it.

Additional Quick Observations/Bites:

  • Yes, that is Judy Greer in the opening. I’m sure all you Archer fans can appreciate the fact that I can’t hear her voice without thinking “Yup, this movie is going to end with Cheryl burning the park down. OUTLAW DINO!!!!!!!!!” lol
  • If that ‘roar-like sound you hear throughout – specifically first when we focus on the genetic engineered skeleton – sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same sound used for Godzilla in Legendary’s recent remake this past year. Does that mean Jurassic Park Godzilla crossover . . . probably not.
  • Chris Pratt’s character not only gives off a very Nathan Drake (Uncharted) vibe; but also embodies several of the characters from the original Jurassic Park (Dr Alan Grant’s intelligence, Dr Ian Malcolm’s chaos theory, and Robert Muldoon’s game warden presence).
This concept art has been floating around the Internet mysteriously. Could it be the Diabolos Rex? Between the longer arms and small ridge of spines, it certainly matches our hypothesis

This concept art has been floating around the Internet mysteriously. Could it be the Diabolos Rex? Between the longer arms and small ridge of spines, it certainly matches our hypothesis

All in all, I’m still very excited to see this film when it comes out. Am I hesitant? Sure, like with so many dinosaurs out there why do you have to make up one? Then again, even the worrisome factors of this film are far and few in between. I mean let’s face it: no matter how ridiculous it looks to see Chris Pratt on a motorcycle surrounded by a team of Velociraptors, it also looks incredibly awesome! Let’s also remember this is only the first trailer so there’s still some more rendering to be thrown in. So stay tuned for when the next trailer drops, because I’ll definitely be here to break it down.

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