Assassins Creed: Rogue – Tablet Locations & Computer Puzzle Solutions

Assassins Creed Rogue Computer Puzzle

Computer Puzzle Solution for far end of the lobby (right side)


As with any Assassin’s Creed game, there is always the present day component. Following the path of AC: Black Flag, Rogue’s present day takes place a little while after that of Black Flag where you once again are a test subject for Abstergo Entertainment. With the company hacked and mostly evacuated, it’s up to you to restore power and solve some puzzles along the way. Here are some tips for solving those server/computer puzzles as well as a list of ALL the Tablet locations – in numerical order.

Repairing The Computer Servers – Tips & Video Guide:

Many of these puzzles are straight forward, others not so much. The hardest of which is at the end of the Lobby on the right side (Level 3 access needed). Almost everyone is finding this one nearly impossible or getting lucky. What’s important to remember here is that the entire X and Y axis rings must stay constant. Each has one possible combination within its own axis, so all you have to do is determine how the X and Y intersect.

That just made no sense right? Yah, this is almost impossible to explain without picture; but luckily First Try Gaming has an excellent video that illustrates every solution – something other tutorials and guides have not done. So check out their video below; and if you were wondering about the Level 3 puzzle I mentioned above, that can be found at 18:17 in the video. Enjoy!

Abstergo Tablet Locations:

In all the chaos of the hacking, many employees left their tablets lying around. So pick them up and see what you can learn like the nosy little recruit you are. Though it’s important to note that some Tablet will not only hidden behind Restricted Access doors; but also be harder to see early on in the game due to the power outages. Here is the full list of Tablets to find as well as their locations.

  • Tablet 1 – between the elevator & front desk of Research Floor
  • Tablet 2 – CCO’s floor, go to the Lv 2 Room you had a mission objective in. Its to the bottom right of that square room by some tools
  • Tablet 3 – on the couch in Berg’s office at bottom of Research Floor Map
  • Tablet 4 – right side of Research Floor map walking towards security door (where camera icon is)
  • Tablet 5 – Lv 2 room to the right of the Research Floor elevator, on a white couch in a reddish rectangular booth
  • Tablet 6 – CCO’s balcony to the far left
  • Tablet 7 – left side of lobby behind the lounge chairs (Parallel to Tablet 13)
  • Tablet 8 – Animus Work Station on left side of Research Floor
  • Tablet 9 – inside the Lv 3 door on the right at the far end of the lobby, under the computer screen (same one I referenced above in Computer Server section)
  • Tablet 10 – outside the elevator in the Lobby

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 10.52.37 PM

  • Tablet 11 – Basement floor, behind the large cylindrical server where you uploaded the video of Shays memories to the Assassin Network
  • Tablet 12 – On a chair in the rectangular room to the left of Research Floor Elevator
  • Tablet 13 – Right side of lobby next to the lounge chairs past the security room (Parallel to Tablet 7)
  • Tablet 14 – Bottom left of Research Floor, on sink in mens room
  • Tablet 15 – in the corner to the right of CCO’s Office behind a little thingy
  • Tablet 16 – Lv 3 door to the left of the Research Floor elevator, next to the printer on the far wall workspace
  • Tablet 17 – When you come to the crossroads in the Basement, go up and its in the corner where you make a left.
  • Tablet 18 – Far end of the Lobby, to the left before you head down the stairs
    Tablet 19 – Lv 3 door to the right of Research Floor elevator, on the floor near a gray circular rug
  • Tablet 20 – the X-shaped grouping of rooms to the right on the Basement map, find one on the bathroom sink in the bottom left room.

After you have discovered all of these tablets, you will get “Tablet Document Final” which is a picture of a covered bridge and a church. Look familiar? It should because that is Sleepy Hollow. Head there and go to the left side of the church to find where X marks the spot. This is where you’ll be rewarded the English Percussion Flintlock Pistols.

42 thoughts on “Assassins Creed: Rogue – Tablet Locations & Computer Puzzle Solutions

  1. what if… I completed all the repairs/puzzles, but forgot to collect all the tablets: is there a way to return to abstergo and get them? I’d even do the puzzles again to unlock those pistols. (yes I did go to sleepy hollow and there was no digging available) Please tell me I don’t have to start a NEW game again… HELP!!!

    • Fear not Linda! Just go to the menu, select Quit and then “Exit The Animus”. This will allow you to go outside the animus as you wish – with no need for story to force it.

      As for Sleepy Hollow pistols, yah the dig spot – much like the Templar map dig spots – won’t appear unless you have the corresponding map. So collect all the tablets and the dig spot will appear. FYI, its also a stones throw away from the Templar Map did spot for Sleepy Hollow too – so 2 birds, 1 stone.

      Hope this helped 🙂

      • hi, I collected all the tablets and read every single one of them, yet when I go to sleepy Hollow, THERE’S NO X??!!! What should I do? Help

      • Did you also get the ‘Tablet Complete’ photo with the shot of Sleepy Hollow. If you got every Tablet and that photo then it should appear. If it’s not and there is no marker then definitely try to contact Ubisoft with the link in the article. Though I also recommend reloading – shut off and on/fast travel away – once or twice since that seems to be the fix of most problems in this game

    • Hi,
      please help. I have completed the game and I thought I would leave all the repairs until the last modern day sequence. When 2 weren’t showing anywhere I thought “well maybe I need to finish the game” for them to show. But they are nowhere! The only areas I still cannot access are the security areas. Have I done something wrong?

      I take it back! I should’ve double checked the basement! Great guide though thanks!

      • Haha Glad I could be of help Alex! And yes, the basement is really tough sometimes due to the awful lighting. If there was ever a place to miss it, it’s there. Or the security level by the CEOs office

  2. Hi, yes i did get the tablet photo and spent hours looking at it and fast travelling away then back but it doesn’t work…

  3. i have done that and typed my question a few days ago, but it says my question does’t match any documents? What should I type in?

    • Go to ‘My Questions’ and once you log in with your Uplay account, you’ll enter your game and ask your question. It’ll then ask if your question is answered by any of the ‘preexisting’ FAQs and you say no and post your question

    • You type in the name of the game, it has drop down menus. So you pick your console then the games will be listed when you click on the next section. You only type in a title for your question and the question itself

      • yes i have done that but then after i submit it it gives a few answers and then have two choices: to submit or my question is solved.i clicked the ”submit” one and it just took me to where i was filling out the form, everything was completed like typed it except the product. So when i typed Assassin’s Creed Rogue it said no match…

  4. How do you access all the security rooms (rooms with cameras and the doors marked “error”) in the building? I’ve repaired all servers and I have all tablets.

    • Hmmm, you mean those doors with security guards outside. I don’t think those are accessible. They’re just left overs since its the same map from Black Flag. Since the reasoning for all this is because the building ‘got hacked’ thats why those security doors aren’t accessible – as they were in AC4 Black Flag

      • Well that sucks lol! Oh well, I guess I wouldn’t have known that because I am one of the procrastinators that never bought or played Black Flag (or Unity), but I own every other AC title. I still have to get a PS4 too lol!!!

      • hahaha Oh don’t feel bad. I haven’t gotten a PS4 yet either. Which is why I have so many articles, Tips/Tricks and Glitch Fix articles for Rogue . . . and nothing for Unity lmao

  5. Hi um…i am new to acc rogue,i finished all the sequence which is the missing memories combined but the % shows 52% did i do sth wrong? And i also finished collecting the tablets and repairing everything…am i missing sth…pls help

    • Hmm, do you mean ‘how do you get 100% sync for the missing memories (played in Paris) or how do you get 100% completely?

      If #1, then remember that these missing memories have some additional objectives themselves, which are needed for 100%.
      If you mean #2,thats because 100% game completion is based upon more than just memories and objectives played through; but also animus fragments, upgrades, maps, etc.

      You can always check your progress tracker to see which memory is what % done. and if it isn’t 100% you can go in and see what’s missing.

      Hope this helped! If you have any trouble on certainly challenges and additional objectives, I also wrote an article for assistance with that too.

      • Tee hee thanks,and yup it helped sorry for being such a burden,i am noob so i will need help…

      • haha No worries bud. We all start somewhere. I’ve been following the series since ACI; but ever since AC:IV I’ve made it my point to go for 100% everything all the time lol It’s fun but can be tedious at times

  6. I just think it is kinda disappointing to play Rogue. Since “I” have always been an Assassin. I feel ike a traitor. I’d much rather swashbuckle as Kenway on my 100 percented Black Flag than complete Rogue, even though Edward didn’t really follow the Creed.
    Man… I miss Ezio 😦

    • Agreed on missing Ezio, Brotherhood will forever be my favorite. And Black Flag was incredible. In fact I’ll probably rebuy it for PS4 when i get it because it was THAT good. But honestly, I liked Rogue more than I thought i would.

      Originally I thought like you, and doubted i’d like playing a traitor. But the way the story played out, yes Shay might have betrayed the league. But in the end he did do the right thing. He’s more of an anti-hero than a villain; and the story did a good job of making that distinction. He isn’t like Daniel Cross – a crazed and brainwashed traitor. He actually regrets his path of actions; but know it has to be done – at least as far as the main game events are concerned.

      • Love your tips but the grammar is atrocious. Reboot not rebut. Also, in an earlier response you said, “do to the awful lighting” where it should be due. Keep up the good gaming tips.thank you.

      • Thanks, and oof. I do hate autocorrect. Though i didn’t mean ‘reboot’ or rebut there; but rather ‘REBUY’ I liked the game so much i’ll probably re-buy. In fact, just typing it now it almost made the same ‘autocorrect’. Apparently my computer likes ‘rebuy’ as re-buy lol.

        And yah, the ‘due to’ was indeed meant to be ‘due to’. Sorry.

  7. As far as I see, the ass. league went very corrupt, and causing trouble with earthquakes… it`s an interesting turn – look like the templars are more the good guys in “Rouge” .. ?

    • More or less. It’s not that the Assassins were corrupt; but rather they didn’t understand. Achilles refused to listen to reason and the recent death of his family made him all the more unwilling to let go. He just moved forward without thinking of consequences or anything. That’s why the story found a good balance. It didn’t make the Assassins evil nor you yourself evil. You were just trying to stop them from inadvertently causing another disaster.

      In the end it was more of Achille’s pig-headedness that caused the early demise of the first colonial Assassins. Not Shay’s actions. Shay’s actions helped stopped there being even more deaths

  8. Hi, I completed the main story line but I noticed I never collected all of the document tablets. So while collecting the rest of them, about 4 or so, my final document missing was document 15. I tried to search for it but couldn’t find it. Then I researched it’s location, followed the directions to the right corner of the CCO’s office but it wasn’t there. I tried restarting the game, restarting from checkpoints but everytime I went back, it still wasn’t there. Do Yu think it could possibly be on a different location or did I mess up?

      • Yeah, sadly I never see anything. I’m not sure what it could be but for some reason the tablet doesn’t appear. Lol I’m really at a loss.

      • That’s a shame. Try to contact Ubi-support because that is definite glitch territory. I feel like they might say uninstall the game and then try again, but I’ve never done that. I’m too afraid that it would make me lose save data. Perhaps go back into the animus for a while. Play there for a bit, shut off give some time, etc etc and then search Abstergo building at a later date. I did the opposite when some of the Native Pillars weren’t accepting the puzzle solutions

      • Ok thanks, I was wondering since I purchased the full game from the PS Store, do you think that has anything to do with it? This is the first time I’ve encountered any type of trouble from any game I’ve downloaded from PSN, just wondering if that has any effect but I’ll try to contact them. Thanks

  9. there is no final tablet it doesnt show up so i just went there to the place and played around a bit and nothing happened i just pickpocketed a drunk killed him out his body on top of a grave went to find some tips found this website a few guards were alerted i beat them up then out of of nowhere sleepy hollow shows up with his big axe n’ shiz so i shoot the highighted pumpkin he falls to te ground i loot him find he only has 14 pounds to his name throw around his body for a while but yet no dig site or tablet what do i do other than phone ubisoft and then get advice to uninstall then re install and then proably find that all of the data has gone and then i cant be bothered to go and then collect everything in the gme gain including the fleet missions so what can i possibly do. 😦

    • Which tablet do you mean. You can look through the documents and find exactly which number is missing. As for if you’re in the right place and it still isn’t showing up, then as Ive said before – try jumping back into the Rogue part of the game, play around a bit. Shut game off. Give it a few days break. Come back, and try again in the ‘real world’ to see if its there.

      I don’t know why but it sometimes happens in this game. And i got that advice too – uninstalling, etc – and had the same fears. I just gave the game a break, played around in other areas and fast traveled a lot. And then boom the glitch fixed itself. Try that. I hope this works and please keep me posted when you retry and which tablet it is.

      On the bright side, OMG your Sleepy Hollow experience must have been epic. This is actually the first time I heard about it. I want to go try it right now. Not many players have seen him so bravo! 😀

  10. Hi,
    could you explain and help please:
    ive got all notes, repaired all computers, digged the guns, but I don’t have 100% sync in Simulation part of Abstergo missions. What should I do more to get 100% in Simulation?
    Thank you.

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