Galavant: “My Cousin Izzy”/”All In The Execution” – Satire, Songs & Easter Eggs

And so the final part of Galavant Season 1 came to a close. There were laughs, songs, a return of past jokes/references; but also a few things we didn’t expect. So let’s take a closer look at all the fun and laughs this episode – as well as the one thing we wish would have been slightly different.

Now That’s More Like It – Cursing, Game of Thrones References, Etc Return:

Last week during Part 3, we noticed a few recurring elements that were nowhere to be seen in the episode. Well they’re all back this week! The usual one ‘censored’ word per episode was back for Part 4. Additionally, this episode featured a ‘previously on’ song – even if it wasn’t finished – which was something noticeably missing from Part 3.

10926807_1583692268538019_8750616399967965172_oThe final ‘returning reference’ this was the Game Of Thrones one. Now the reference here wasn’t as blatant as a sign pointing towards “Winterfell” or referencing “Castle Black”; but we did have a spoiled child ruler – a drastic mockery of King Joffrey – as well as the whole idea of trial by combat with someone choosing their champions. As the episode ends we find our heroes separated in 3 different lands. Where are they all in relation to each other? We’re going to need a Game of Thrones style opening to see where all of these places are.

Considering all the things present here that were absent in Part 3, I kind of want to re-watch Part 3 to see if there really was one that I missed. Either way, these references were all here this time around so it was a great set to close on.

The Boys Who Never Grew Up:

As I spoke of back in my analysis of Part 1, Galavant and King Richard actually have a lot in common. This episode the two finally acknowledged that in terms of them both being scorned by the same woman; but there is something much more telling about these two’s similarities – their long waited refusal to grow up. As Part 4 begins, we see how Galavant first learned about waiting for ‘his moment’. In fact the entire episode we see Galavant ignoring obviously chances to escape – breaking out, sneaking out, beating the throne room guards, not killing the kings, not moving quickly after knocking our Gareth, etc. These are all chances Galavant had to make a move and live in the moment, and yet he ignored these given moments in hopes of setting up a different moment – and got no where for it.

“A little guy time between frenemies burned by the same flame, bros before hoes and all that.” – King Richard

King Richard has done similarly, yet surprisingly not as bad as Galavant this episode. The thing Richard hasn’t abandoned is his kindness and allowing others to walk all over him. Yes, like Galavant he does have moments in the episode where he finally steps up – challenge brother, telling Gareth he’ll face his consequences, etc – he ultimately submits to Gareth’s orders and flees. It’s very fitting that these two now find themselves together, and hopefully they can break out of these stigmas in Season 2 and learn to live more in the moment and follow through with their actions.

The Importance In Finishing A Song:

Despite there being quite a few musical moments in Part 4, there were only several songs. “Moment”, “Secret Mission, “Good Night My Friend” and the Jester’s “Welcome Back’ and closing song. Though only the last two were actually fully performed with “Moment” and “Welcome Back” being interrupted – some constantly. This is the fulfillment of the growing trend this season of characters getting more annoyed with the musical numbers. Heck, even the Jester jokes about the songs hurting their ‘Neilson ratings’. In the end, the only full/uninterrupted song is “Good Night My Friend”; and considering its subject matter, it’s plain to see why.

10828112_1583733701867209_6273829980227207178_oAs King Richard sings this song, you can see how people suddenly become happy and stop killing/beat each other up. Even Madalena is moved by this song. So how could this song be so powerful that it brings everyone together? Simple, as the song goes “good night, sleep tight, we’re gonna be alright”. Galavant has thus far reminded us of the original purpose of fairytales – ‘to teach a lesson’; but this song brings out the idea Disney fairytales that show us everything will be alright. A very simplistic idea tobe sure; but it does remind us all that we don’t have to worry because eventually everything will be alright. Maybe not now or tomorrow; but eventually things will be. This is easily forgotten sometimes, so if any song was going to get a full treatment, this was the one. Even Gareth, the man who will command you to sing but not sing himself, sang a bit of this song in the end.

Why Did Madela Kill Kingsley & Promote Gareth?:

One thing that confused a lot of people is Madalena’s reasoning for killing Kingsley and appointing Gareth. She’s of course not his type; but is Gareth’s Madalena’s? Well we know she wants someone strong and manly. She loved Galavant for his looks; but then realized she wanted more. King Richard gave hr power; but he wasn’t strong willed or physically strong. Kingsley was strong willed and powerful; but he was old.

As far as I can see it, when Madalena sees that Gareth still doesn’t give a damn about orders from his superiors, she sees that he is indeed strong willed and physically strong, now she just needs to promote him. Sure she could have done this when Galavant arrived and named him; but Gareth actually holds power in the court as the King’s Champion/protector. Galavant could only be a “shag hag” to her; but Gareth is already one of the most powerful members of the court. He would only need a ‘promotion’.

Why These Episode Titles?:

As with most shows, an episode title means everything; and this show has been no exception. From “Two Balls” referencing the two parties – as well the eunuch ‘lack there of’ – to “Completely Mad…alena” exploring Madalena’s madness, each Galavant episode has had its title purpose, and these two were no different. For starters, “My Cousin Izzy” introduces the character of Prince Harry, “Ruler of Hortensia and [his] Mommy’s Special Big Boy”. This character introduction not only buys time to ‘reset’ the Galavant vs Gareth duel; but also sets up one of the main antagonists – hopefully – of Season 2.

10899974_1583727825201130_6520947461395206063_oAs for actual finale episode “All in the Execution”, this title primarily refers to all the ordered/planned executions in this episode that go nowhere. King Richard, Galavant and his crew, the Cook, Jester, Kingsley, Gareth and even some random guy at the hangman’s noose all escape their ‘planned’ executions. When someone finally is executed – King Kingsley – it’s a complete shocked. This brings us to the second point of it being “all in the execution”, when we realize ‘to execute’ can also mean a way to get something done. In other words, the way the show itself was ‘executed’ – done – via pacing is what caused this seemingly self contained tale to expand into a second season. Just like how the actual ‘executions’ of characters in the episode were drawn out and ultimately led nowhere, the way the episode was executed – ‘done’ – slowed things down so that nothing really resolved and remained at cliffhangers. Whether or not that’s a good thing, is another story.

Season 2 – Yes BUT. . . :

Since I saw the first episode of Galavant, I knew I wanted a Second Season. Sure when it started it seemed like a self-contained story that once it’s over you can marathon to be one three hour movie; but it was so new and fun that we hoped there could be more. Well judging by that cliffhanger filled ending, it looks like we need a Season 2, which – while helping us breath a sigh of relief at a second season plan – is at the same time not exactly what we wanted.

Maybe it’s just me; but I expected a self contained first season that led to almost everything being resolved except for one thing that showed excellent potential for a second season. Perhaps there could even have been a moment where someone asks ‘what does this mean’ and Galavant smiles handsomely at the camera and say “It means, there is we have a sequel”. I certainly didn’t expect almost every aspect of Season 1 being left off at a cliffhanger.

Galavant All in The Execution

Many things here could just be a matter of taste. For example, after last week’s character growth, I think Richard proclaiming that we would go face his consequences and fight should have been played out. Perhaps Gareth helps him in the end much like he did last episode. Who knows? The one thing about the finale that I will admit I didn’t like was Isabella’s fate.

What happened to the sassy, butt-kicking princess we’ve seen the past few episodes? There’s just something about her being so easily locked away in a – for all intents and purposes – a jewelry box/doll house that doesn’t sit right with me. I would have much preferred a Isabella/Madalena showdown and some more awesome moments with her. Though to make her locked away – with no protesting at all – by a spoiled child is just so WTF! Please, if this show gets renewed bring back the badass Isabella. Karen David shines as the multi-faceted Isabella, so give her moments worthy of the passionate princess powerhouse we’ve come to know and love.

Easter Eggs, Anachronisms & Other Multi-Media References:

  • Kingsley chloroforms Galavant during one of his ‘This is my moment” songs
  • Kingsley continues to ‘take things’ from Richard, his champion Gareth, his seat, etc
  • The Cook – Vincenzo – is handing out foot at the fight like it’s a baseball game. Also, ‘cat tails’ sounds like ‘cocktails’
  • Isabella wishes Galavant “Break a leg” – good luck -, he hopes to break two (of Gareths)
  • Isabella and Harry aren’t the first instance of ‘cousin marriage’ in Galavant. Episode 3, “Two Balls” also made a quick joke about this when someone wished they could be Sid’s cousin so they could marry.
  • Sid puts on a Jamaican accent and says “Kiss the Girl”, a reference to the Little Mermaid.
  • Last episode we saw how the King couldn’t whisper and stay quiet, so it was funny to see how much sneaking they got away with while singing
  • Neilson ratings are ratings every TV program receives which reveals how many watched, demographics, etc. Ergo, these are very important to a Season 2 as the Jester’s finale song suggests.
  • The pirates who take Richard and Galavant back to Richard’s Kingdom are the Land Locked Pirates from Part 2 – no longer Land-locked.

Galavant All in The ExecutionSo there you have it: the final analysis for Galavant’s Season 1. Will we get a Season 2? Who knows? Do we wish it was more self contained and had an ending? Sure; but we must also remember that Galavant is at its heart a satire. Perhaps this massive open ended close to Season 1 isn’t a season finale; but rather an ‘intermission’ as we prepare for Act 2 of a play. Whatever their intent was; as long as there’s good humor, catchy songs, Galavant & Richard shenanigans and more of Princess Isabella being badass, this panda will certainly watch!

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