Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 1 – Every Easter Egg Organized By Episode

marvelRight before the release of Marvel’s Daredevil – the first in the series of Netflix exclusive that will culminate in a crossover event called The Defenders – we were promised that there would be TONS of Easter Eggs in their new show; and they certainly delivered! From simple connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe to brilliant comic parallels – and much more – this show’s First Season was overflowing with Easter Eggs and references. So without further to do, here is every Easter Egg from Season 1 organized according to Episode. Episode 1: “Into The Ring” Easter Eggs

  • “The Incident” is of course a reference to The Battle of New York featured in The Avengers. This is much more than a mere reference; but is actually a driving force in most of this shows plot – but I’ll discuss that more in depth in a later article.
  • Leland Owlsley mentions having their next meeting at Per Se, an actual restaurant in NYC – and one of the most expensive
  • Owlsley says “Heroes and their consequences are why we have our current opportunities.” Considering Daredevil takes place before Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, that makes this show still Phase 2 in a sense; and the theme of Phase 2 is all about “Heroes and their consequences”.
  • Fogwell’s Gym is a famous gym in Marvel Comics in general, not just Daredevil
  • The comic book version of Father Lantom also has connections to Cloak and Dagger – two other NYC-based heroes that would fit in quite well here.
  • Turk Barrett (Rob Morgan) is a long standing minor Daredevil villain
  • Wesley’s comic counterpart was also a Kingpin henchmen; but here there is much more prestige and friendship between them.
  • The ‘Mr Rigoletto’ mentioned here is most likely Don Rigoletto, the Kingpin’s predecessor in the comics – we’ll address him further in Episode 8.
  • “If theres a stunning woman with questionable character in the room, then Matt Murdock is gonna find her and Foggy Nelson is gonna suffer”. Aside from being a hilarious line, this is actually very true about Daredevil’s romantic life in the comics (ie: Elektra, Black Widow and … Karen Page)
  • The prison guard tasked with killing Karen is named Mr Farnum. In the comics, there was a man named Frank Farnum who was Nelson & Murdock’s first landlord. Unlike his show counterpart Frank Farnum wasn’t a blackmailed henchmen; but rather led a double life as the villainous mastermind ‘Masked Marauder’. (Thanks to Christine in the comments for this one)
  • The punching bag moment here is very reminiscent of Captain America’s intro in The Avengers. Though instead of him thinking back to things he’s done and missed, Murdock is thinking of the things he’ll have to do

Daredevil Easter Egg Boxing

  • At the time this was being filmed, there were major concerns about NSA wiretappings and a possible reemergence of measles in NYC. Both are mentioned in this episode.

Episode 2: “Cut Man” Easter Eggs

  • For all you Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans, Carl Crusher Creel is none other than the Absorbing Man featured in the Season 2 premier “Shadows”. Though this is pre-powers, and the loss is probably what spurred him to take a less legal approach to making a living
  • Claire calling Matt “Mike” is a fun reference to the comics where Mike Murdock was Matt’s imaginary twin brother… basically he had 2 alter egos
  • Total coincidence probably, but I couldn’t help but think of Hydra’s famous ‘cut off one head, two more will take it place’ chant when Fisk’s man told Daredevil if he killed him someone else would “take his place”.

Episode 3: “Rabbit In A Snowstorm” Easter Eggs

  • In the comics, Ben Urich worked for the Daily Bugle and played a part in many famous story lines. Though since this was all filmed pre Marvel/Sony deal, they had to change his place of employment to something not Spider-Man related.
  • Don’t worry. Fisk is going to get that date with Vanessa. In fact, she’s the future Mrs Vanessa Fisk of the comics.

Episode 4: “In The Blood” Easter Eggs

  • “If he had an iron suit or a magic hammer maybe that would explain why you keep getting your asses handed to you.” Seriously henchmen, he’s not Ironman or Thor lol
  • Urich’s quick comment about looking into Karen’s ‘dark past’ is the first hint at Karen not being as innocent as Matt first thought. More on this later; but if you want, check out the ‘Born Again’ story of Daredevil – one of the greatest daredevil comics of all time. Spoiler Alert: It’ll ruin your opinion of a certain character.
  • The Mr Potter mentioned here is Melvin Potter (aka Gladiator), a costume designer turned villain turned Daredevil friend. More on him later

Episode 5: “World On Fire” Easter Eggs

  • This explanation of ‘a world on fire’ is the closest thing we’ll see to a ‘Radar Sense’ form the comics.

Daredevil Easter Egg Radar Vision Fire

  • “You have a job or something to get to or are you one of those billionaire playboys I’m always hearing about”. Nice little Tony Stark reference Claire. Although considering Daredevil’s style and motivations, Bruce Wayne might be a more apt – albeit different universe – reference
  • How is Karen so fluent in Spanish? Could it be part of her ‘dark past? Fun Fact: It is.
  • There’s a poster that reads “You don’t have to reveal your identity to stop violent crime”. A good showing of Daredevil’s own mentality, or set up for Civil War – you decide
  • Remember when Vanessa talks about the man in the white suit and ascot … well that’s actually how Kingpin dressed in the comics. And in a later episode you’ll see how his suit color starts to get lighter thank to Vanessa

Episode 6: “Condemned” Easter Eggs

  • Take a closer look at the bag belonging to the Faceless Sniper and you’ll see what appears to be a playing card. If only there was a famous Daredevil villain with awesome marksmanship, was associated with Kingpin and liked playing cards. OH WAIT, there is! He’s named Bullseye

Daredevil Easter Egg Mystery Sniper Episode 7: “Stick” Easter Eggs

  • St Agnes Orphanage (where Murdock is left as a child) is most likely the same St Agnes where it’s revealed that Skye from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was left.
  • Whereas its FAR too soon to tell what “Black Skies” is, he is certainly a powered individual – one of many it seems – and could become the major threat the Defenders will face. As for theories on him, you can check out my Season 2/Defenders Predictions article for that one
  • The man Stick is talking to at the end is most likely Stone, a former/ favorite pupil of his and as you can imagine, he’s quite invulnerable. Though this time around it seems Stone is the master and Stick is taking the orders.

Episode 8: “Shadows In The Glass” Easter Eggs

  • Kingpin’s predecessor Mr Rigoletto is mentioned in Fisk’s flashback as the man his father owed money to. Fun Fact: In the comics, Rigoletto is murdered by his body guard, who was none other than Wilson Fisk himself. Based on this past history, it’s safe to assume Rigoletto suffered a similar fate in this universe and DIDN’T “retire to Florida” as many suppose.

Daredevil Easter Egg Gladiator Saws

  • While in Mr Potter’s shop, we see a poster on the back wall called “Revenge of the Gladiators”, subtle allusion to his comic alter ego “Gladiator”.
  • Additionally as commenter Zauriel pointed out, in the same scene where we see the “Revenge of the Gladiators” poster, we also see a bunch of buzz saw blades lined up on the bottom left. Why does a tailor need so many large buzz-saws? Well this is actually another reference to his “Gladiator Alter Ego”, who used saws as his primary weapon. But keep an eye out, because this won’t be the only time we see Mr Potter using saws.

Episode 9: “Speak Of The Devil” Easter Eggs

  • “Yah I could say I’m Captain America, but that doesn’t put wings on my head” No it doesn’t Foggy.
  • The logo on the Heroine packets is the same as Steel Serpent (aka Davos), who is a major enemy of Iron Fist – another upcoming Netflix series.

Daredevil Easter Egg Steel Serpent

  • We’ve been hearing hints about the ‘people Nobu represents’ for a while now. Considering the red costume, advanced martial arts and his name POSSIBLY being a reference Kagenobu Yoshioka, he was most likely a member of The Hand – a very dangerous and powerful Daredevil villain organization

Episode 10: “Nelson V. Murdock” Easter Eggs

  • Foggy comparing him and Matt in college to “Maverick and Goose” is of course a reference to the movie Top Gun
  • Purposeful or not – we’ll see in Season 2 – but the ‘Greek Girl’ Foggy mentions during their College days just screams Elektra.
  • The framed articles in Ben’s office are Battle of New York – again, The Avengers – and Terror in Harlem. This is a direct reference to The Incredible Hulk film, which IS cannon despite the role of Banner changing.

Daredevil Easter Egg Incredible Hulk

  • The case that made Matt and Foggy leave Landman/Zakk was for Roxxon oil, a shady company mentioned in Ironman and Agent Carter
  • As you could guess, Senator Randolph Cherryh is a corrupt senator from the comics
  • Owlsley mentions Cornelius Van Lunt and his ‘crackpot astrologer’. In the comics he’s a businessman turned villain named Taurus who dresses up like a minotaur… not kidding

Episode 11: “The Path Of The Righteous” Easter Eggs

  • In the early stages of their comic relationship, it was Fisk who had a near death experience – not Vanessa – although later on Vanessa did end up in a catatonic state for a while.
  • This could just be me; but aside a hilarious/adorable shot, when Karen gives Matt that balloon and stresses it’s of a monkey, I can’t help but think of Fitz from Agents of SHIELD who really loves/wants a monkeys
  • While Daredevil is inspecting Mr (Melvin) Potter’s workshop, he passes by a strange diamond design. This is a reference to ‘Gladiator’s chest symbol.
  • We get another ‘Gladiator’ reference when Potter throws a saw blade at Daredevil – one of Gladiator’s weapons was buzzsaw arms
  • Overall, Potter follows his comic story quite nicely as after the fight with Daredevil reveals that Fisk is holding someone named ‘Betsy’ hostage, and agrees to help Daredevil if he can save Betsy.
  • The Betsy Potter is worried about/in love with is Betsy Beatty and is someone who helped him rehabilitate from his former criminal life in the comics and whom he later married.
  • “Do you really think this is the first time I’ve shot someone” I told you Karen had a dark past! But wait… there’s more to come

Episode 12: “The Ones We Leave Behind” Easter Eggs

  • Remember Karen’s comment about giving up drinking and moving onto the hard stuff? Well be careful what you wish for. By now you can recognize the hints at Karen’s ‘dark past’; as well as the hints about her dark future.
  • The place across from the Nelson & Murdock office is named Atlas Investments. Atlas was the name of what would later become Marvel Comics
  • Here Vanessa is much more supportive of Fisk’s criminal activities than she is in the comics; but their love is just as strong as the comics. At one point in the comics, he even gives up crime for her!
  • Ben Urich is brilliant and in the comics deduced that Matt was Daredevil. Here we see hints that he already figured it out. Ie: ‘sounds like a boxer’, nobody would look at a blind man twice.
  • We get confirmation that the heroine with the Davos/Steel Serpent symbol on it is indeed called ‘Steel Serpent’.
  • The enigmatic Madame Gao has been shown to speak ALL languages and fend off Daredevil with one palm strike. Could her homeland that is a ‘considerable distance farther’ than China be the mythical land of K’un L’un or one of the other Heavenly Realms – another Iron Fist reference. Considering her heroine is also an Iron Fist reference, it’s quite possible. Though I’ll go into more detail about Gao’s possible identity in the Season 2 Predictions article.

Episode 13: “Daredevil” Easter Eggs

  • By now you should have realized that Matt Murdock’s identity as Catholic is very important to his story. Sometimes he’s overwhelmed by moments of crushing guilt; but other times he uses it to portray something beautifully haunting. If you’d like to know what I mean about this, then see the comic panel below from Marvel’s famous Civil War storyline. Here’s hoping we see this SOMEHOW someway in the MCU
  • We’ve seen Kingpin’s ‘invulnerability’ played out in his suits, but his pure physical bulk being an asset has only shown up offensively. Here we see it defensively when he withstands a taser to the head – the same taser that knocked the wind out of Daredevil when pressed against his chest.
  • We hear a reference to the 1970s film ‘Serpico’, which was based on a cop who called out police corruption. Interestingly enough, Showrunner Steven DeKnight spoke about wanting to adapt Punisher at some point. I bring this all up because the Ultimate version of Punisher didn’t loose his family by a mob killing but rather as retribution for exposing corrupt NYPD cops who had in the employ of Owlsley. Seriously, this writes itself!
  • While in Potter’s workshop, we can see a pair of iron legs in the corner. These aren’t Stark tech; but actually prototypes for a character named Stilt Man … I know
  • Right before Potter shows Daredevil the new costume, you can see plans on the table for Gladiator’s famous buzz saw arms.
  • The song that plays during the raid is Pavarotti’s “Nessum Dorma”, which is one of his most famous songs. If you eat in enough Italian restaurants, the knowledge is just second nature lol
  • It could just be me, but the highway fight scene with the line of corrupt SWAT reminded me of the highway fight scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the line of corrupt agents
  • In the final moments, we see a yellow reflection off Daredevil’s new helmet. This glare is actually a fun little reference to Daredevil’s Yellow and Red costume, which featured a Yellow helmet (Thanks to Bryan in the comments for this one)

BONUS: Stan Lee Cameo It’s not a Marvel product without a Stan Lee cameo, and Daredevil waited for the last episode to throw it in. Whereas Stan Lee didn’t cameo live, a photo of him as an honored cop can be seen hanging in the Police Station during Episode 13 “Daredevil”. Daredevil Easter Egg Stan Lee Well there you have it, over 50 different Easter Eggs from Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1. There’s only so much you can do with the patented Marvel method of ‘They mentioned an obscure name/place, I should research that name in the Marvel Database”. So if you found something that I missed, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list and credit you. I hope you enjoyed this Easter Egg List. If you want a Closer Look at this Season as well as what to expect from Iron Fist, The Defenders and Season Two, check out my article on that. Otherwise, stayed tuned here and follow me on Facebook for the latest!

22 thoughts on “Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 1 – Every Easter Egg Organized By Episode

  1. Wow – binge watched Daredevil Season 1 Sat and Sun…caught some of those EEs, but missed many due to a pretty shallow knowledge of MCU. Watching out for them will make watching the episodes again entertaining. Look forward to more insight! Much appreciated.

  2. In the first episode, the prison guard approached by Wesley (and who later tries to kill Karen) is named Mr. Farnum. Frank Farnum was Nelson & Murdock’s first landlord, and also a villain who went by the name of the Masked Marauder.

  3. I may have caught one that everyone seems to have missed, at least I can’t find any other reference online.

    In the garage scene where Fisk/Kingpin is confronted by Leeland Owlsley about his embezzling (right before he’s killed) the building outside of the garage door sure resembles an OWL; including wings and glowing eyes! Maybe the Owl will be making an appearance next season after all?

    Thanks for this great list!

    • Well Leeland was the Owl in the comics if i remember correctly, so maybe it was just a reference to that. I’ll have to rematch the scene. But… wait a second. Didn’t he mention ‘a son’? Ohhhhhh, perhaps he’ll become the Owl at least for a brief moment. If this is true, then great catch!

      And thanks Kerig3 😀

  4. Madame Gao is less likely to be a citizen of K’un L’un than one of the other Seven Kingdoms, particularly Ku’n-Zi.

  5. I noticed two things that aren’t on the list. I’ve never read the comics, and am new to Daredevil. Matt and Foggy’s new office has a worn, art deco style name on the glass . You can see it in reverse, under the sign they taped over it, when they are in the office. I tried to search back through to double check, but if course can’t find when I saw it. I’m pretty positive it says Van Lunt Real Estate. Clue? One of the early episodes, they go to the M Tuths Wing, which is on a blue banner over the hallway, the camera pauses for a second so you can catch it. Michael Tuths is a clearance coordinator on the show. I have NO idea what that’s about!

    • Well I’m not sure about the second one, but the first one I did mention. In episode 10 Owlsley mentions Van Lunt and his “crackpot astrologer”. In the comics, Van Lunt was a businessman turned villain named Taurus who dresses up like – you guessed it – a minotaur… HA! So it would seem Van Lunt owned that office/building before our favorite avocados- i mean lawyers lol

  6. I think it’s in Episode 8 i don’t remember for sure: while at melvin’s workshop, the panning shot that introduces us to the place, first gives us a glance of all the buzzsaws, aligned in the front table…. I think that’s also a reference for gladiator.

  7. About the use of “Nessun Dorma”- it’s the most famous aria in the Puccini opera “Turandot.” In the story, the haughty Princess Turandot has agreed to marry only the man who can solve her riddles, but then reneges when the protagonist actually does so. He tells her she has a single night to guess his name- if she can’t get it by dawn, they’ll be married.

    Her decision? Nobody in the entire kingdom is allowed to sleep until they find out his name. “Nessun Dorma” – literally, “None Shall Sleep” – is about a man proclaiming that nobody will know his name, even though everyone is searching for his identity, and that he will prevail. The last lines are literally “I will win!”

    Seems like a pretty solid choice considering so many of Matt’s storylines revolve around his successful concealment of the Daredevil identity.

    • Beautifully put! And yes, The whole season didn’t only deal with keeping people from discovering who the Daredevil was; but also with him ‘unraveling’ Fisk’s convoluted and intricate network of plans/accomplices. Quite the perfect choice indeed!

  8. Not necessarily an Easter egg, but I couldn’t help but notice the emphasis on the word “Stark” in Episode 9 when Matt visits the art gallery and talks with Vanessa. He says he was told by [his] guests [his] apartment’s a bit… stark.”

  9. I agree with Jillian too. But, clearly it’s not a reference to Tony or whatsoever since stark means severe or bare in appearance haha

    I really enjoyed reading your stuff The Insightful Panda. Keep it coming:-)

  10. When the priests asks Matt how he’s holding up he says like a good catholic boy this is a reference to what his wife tells his priest about Matt and their marriage

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