Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Top 7 Funniest Moments

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m listing Top 7 instead of the usual Top 5. Well that’s because Avengers had some of the greatest one-liners and recurring jokes yet of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So why not 10? Well that’s because many of the jokes were in deed recurring or a part of a much large comedic vein.

Don’t worry about the numbers though. It’ll all make sense soon – or at least get you to laugh – as we look back at the Top 7 Funniest Things in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

*Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD! So if you haven’t see the film, read our Spoiler Free Review, see the movie and I’ll see you back here*

  1. Evil Plans & Throwing Up In Ones Mouth – Ultron

He might be a rage/fueled self-aware metal man, but Ultron actually had some funny moments in this film. The moments when he does something horrific – like cutting off Ulysses Klaw’s arm – and then loosely apologizes like he just unintentionally bumped into someone are funny just because they’re SUCH polar opposites. Though the moment he really shined was during the vibranium theft.

Face Off Avengers Age Of Ultron

He might hate to admit it, but he is very much like Tony Stark even down to the humor. From beating Tony to the ‘omelet’ joke to admitting Caps purity – despite being the soldier always looking for a war – makes him want to physically throw up in his mouth (if he could), Ultron’s understandings of humor and irony make him a really fun character. If he weren’t so consumed with human extinction, he’d be a cool guy! Hell, he even jokes about the whole ‘villain explains his evil plan’ stereotype. Well played Ultron, well played.

  1. Please Be A Secret Door … Yay! – Tony Stark:

Most of the comedic moments of this film were either based in interactions or repeated instances of the same joke. Though there is one line that needed no set up, no banter and no one but Tony Stark on screen. While investigating Strucker’s hidden base, JARVIS discovered what appeared to be a dummy wall. WhileTony checks it out he says ‘Please be a secret door, please be a secret door, please be a secret door … Yay!”. Admit it: the next time you’re looking for a secret door, you’re going to utter these lines.

  1. Whimpering & Tales of Sprained Deltoids – Report On The Hulk:

Thor makes quite a few appearances on this list, so it’s fitting that his first moment came in the opening act of the film – well, afterwards. On the ride back to base, Black Widow is trying to comfort Banner who always regrets how ‘exposed’ he is as the Hulk. To help calm him, Widow asked Thor for a report on how the Hulk did on the mission – not even taking into consideration Thor’s usual flare for the dramatics of battle

“The gates of Hel are filled with the screams of his victims” This certainly isn’t the way Banner wanted to feel good about himself. The look of shame on Banner’s face, paired with Widow’s “are you serious face” only add to the awkward hilarity as Thor tries to backpedal. For surely they were just “whimpering screams” paired with a “great deal of complaining” and “tales of sprained deltoids … and gout”. Smooth Odinson, smooth.

  1. No One Would Know – Hawkeye:

Let’s take a moment to appreciate just how big of a role Hawkeye played in Age of Ultron. Unlike the first Avenges film, Hawkeye’s talents and sarcasm were on full display, resulting in an almost origin-like story – but I’ll explore that in a different article. The main point here is that with this character finally being opened up and used to his full potential, it’s only natural that he’d deliver one of the greatest moments in the entire film.

Since their first interaction, Hawkeye and Quicksilver kept on trying to one up each other with “You didn’t see that coming?” This all culminates in Hawkeye drawing back his bow, ready to shoot Quicksilver in the back. “No one would know!” If anyone asked what happened, he could just make something up about how ‘the last time he saw him Ultron was sitting on him’. The downside of this moment is that this quarrelsome banter only made Quicksilver’s eventual sacrifice all the more tragic, but at least for a moment, we were all smiles.

  1. “… I’m Sorry” – Hulk vs Hulkbuster Fight:

Tony Stark Age of Ultron I'm Sorry

Of course most of the jokes in this film came from Tony Stark, some of his best were during the Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight scene. From calling out the Hulk for his “Dick move” of LITERALLY stabbing him in the back to repeatedly punching him saying “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep”, there were plenty of laughs. Though the greatest laugh came after Tony delivered a powerful strike to the Hulk. When the Hulk turns to the camera and spits out a tooth, you know it’s on – and so does Tony. The frightened look on Tony’s face while he frighteningly utters “I’m sorry” was absolutely priceless. It’s probably the only time the words “I’m sorry” have elicited so much laughter.

  1. Language! – Captain America:

Cap’s an old fashion kind of guy, and sometimes “it just slipped out”. It might have been a fun joke at the start, but the fact that it persisted through the entire film made it great! I’m of course talking about Captain America telling Tony Stark to watch is language. Considering there were a lot of really young kids in the theater I saw this (ages 4-6), it was great seeing Captain America as the poster boy for watching your language.

Age of Ultron Captain America Language

For the adults though, it was hilarious! Steve Rogers is the good boy with old-fashioned ways. So if anyone were to make a joke about someone’s language, it’d be him; and it was great seeing everyone else poke fun at him for this. Even Nick Fury got in on the fun, and that’s what makes this one of the funniest moments of the film.

  1. “If He (Or It) Be Worthy” – Thor:

When we first saw the ‘Can You Lift The Hammer’ scene months ago, we knew this was going to be comedic gold. From jokes about Hawkeye not being able to “get it up” to Tony Stark proclaiming that when he rules Asgard he’ll bring back Prima Nocta – the right of king to sleep with any bride on her wedding night before her husband – this scene had it all. Then it got even better when Steve Roger was able to budge the hammer. The horrified look on Thor’s face was priceless!

Though the laughs didn’t end there as we saw plenty of others try to lift the hammer through the film, but only one succeeded: Vision. The way he ran off with the hammer as if it was nothing was spectacular, and everyone’s shocked reactions made it all the better. Although there was one more worthy one: elevators. Hmm, if Thor’s hammer is on top of an elevator and Ironman is flying upwards trying to lift it, does: a) Ironman get pulled down b) the elevator is pulled up c) everything stays where it is . . . .Can we get some physics experts here?

Thor Hammer Uh Oh Captain America

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7 thoughts on “Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Top 7 Funniest Moments

  1. About the elevator, i once heard someone mention(i cant remember where, maybe a friend) that the hammer is kind of sentient, and it moves according to its will, if the hammers is taken by someone who it finds “worthy” then it will move as smooth as the wielder decides, however if someone else who isnt “worthy” tries to take it, the hammer will decide to stay in its actual place and deny to move at all cost. the weight of Mjolnir is relative, because, as mentioned by Vision and Thor, the balance of the hammer is perfect, but thats because the hammer decides to be like that, and so if it was in a elevator, im pretty sure the hammer would decide to move whitow any problem because it isnt being grabbed by someone.

    • . . . . My word, your explanation is GLORIOUS! It makes a ton of sense and even if the hammer weren’t sentient, but could just change its mass depending on the user it still explains it. It’s why the Hammer was heavy enough so the Hulk couldn’t lift it, and yet not so heavy it would make the Hellicarrier fall out of the sky. Bravo! Great explanation.

  2. I think one of the funniest moments is when Quicksilver is running and sees Thor’s hammer and tries to lift it not knowing what would happen next!

  3. Can I just say, one of the funniest moments for me was at the beginning, during their initial fight in Sokovia. Iron Man breaks into that control room, everyone shoots at him, he’s all like “Hey guys, let’s talk”. He shoots at them and everyone falls. After a pause, he says “Good talk”, and from somewhere in the back of the room you hear someone painfully reply “No it wasn’t.”
    I laughed so hard, even moreso the second time I saw it.

  4. There is one thing that’s always bothered me with the “hammer lifting” scene. Why does Hawkeye think it is a trick? He was in New Mexico! He knows it can’t be picked up! He shouod remember that the first time he met Thor! Thor couldn’t pick it up!!!

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