Analysis of Final Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer – Quicksilver Lives!

With less than a month until the long awaited release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel has released the FINAL Trailer. Well with there being so many trailers and TV Spots, you can imagine that there was basically nothing new in this one. WRONG!

Whereas this trailer is practically 90% the same as the previous TV Spots, there are two extended scenes that not only gives us some useful information; but also confirms one of our past theories – and puts everyone else’s to rest. So let’s begin.

Capt vs Ultron – Size Comparison:

From previous trailers we’ve seen how a newer version of Ultron awakens from the back of a truck and Captain America goes to fight him. During the battle he loses his shield, which Black Widow returns to him blah blah blah. Though what we haven’t really seen yet were these two actually close in the same shot. When Ultron grabs Captain America, we get our best look yet at just how big and imposing Ultron is.

Size Comparison Ultron

Don’t Blink – Quicksilver Lives … At Least Till The End:

Ever since Whedon teased ’death death and more death’ in this film, people have been wondering who would die; and the likely choice seemed Quicksilver. Eversince we saw the final battle, people immediately felt he was already dead due to him NOT being along with the other Avengers.

I however felt very differently. I pointed out that since Quicksilver is a speedster, him ‘standing’ and fighting with the other Avengers was illogical. Just because we didn’t see him in this final battle doesn’t mean he’d be dead; but probably running along the perimeter.

Quicksilver Lives

Well this trailer confirmed my belief as the final battle segment was extended a few seconds so we could see the blue blur race by Hulk. So rest easy folks, this badass new hero will have some awesome screen time and stay to fight. Now of course he could always die AFTER the final battle; but that’s left up to the mystery of film. At least we know he does survive for most.

Remaining Mysteries:

Vision, The Mark 45, Captain America’s broken shield, the possible additions of Falcon and other heroes, . So many things left out of these trailers; and we’re completely fine with that. Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers might have shown us a lot; but there’s also just as much they haven’t shown us.

So stay tuned here because when the film releases we’ll have a Spoiler Free Review, Top Easter Eggs, and more once the film hits theaters May 2nd.

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