A Closer Look: The Flash – “Rogue Air”

With only 1 episode left until the Season 1 finale, this episode of The Flash had a lot to accomplish; and that is exactly what it did. Though some could wonder if the pacing of this episode was the best planned. Well at first look it might seem so, but we’re here to take a Closer Look; and that is how we discover just how appropriately planned this episode was. So let’s begin.

Placing The Episode – Continuity:

The hardest part of the Flash/Arrow-verse lately has been placing WHERE these episodes take place. Thankfully though, this crossover has a much easier to find point of access. In this episode we learn two key facts: First of which is that Lyla simply says Oliver is in Nanda Parbat (not that he’s a lying traitorous son of a B). The next fact is that Oliver is in his Al Sah Him uniform and asks Barry for an upcoming favor. Based on all this info we know that this episode takes place BEFORE Oliver kidnaps Lyla in Ep:21 “Al Sah Him” of Arrow.

The Flash Rogue Air Team Up

If we want to get more specific, then we’ll have to factor in how Oliver would have to ditch the League as well as how he was basically held captive for his weeks of training. Taking this into account, the moment of Oliver’s arrival in Central City most likely happens on his way to fight Nyssa the first time at the start of Al Sah Him. He could have thrown the League off his tail by saying he was going to inspect Central City for clues of Nyssa’s whereabouts. This trip would have been the only time he would have been alone enough to duck out for a few minutes to help Barry.

Then again, the presence of Palmers suppressor arrows means that he could have swung by Starling first. This could have all been an excuse to head to Central and get some info from Flash about Nyssa. The excuses aren’t really important though. The point of the matter is, this crossover happened sometime between the time before his fight with Nyssa and before kidnapping Lyla.

A Hint of Rogue In The Air:

When Well’s plan involves turning the particle accelerator on, Barry know this means the death of all the inmates they’ve locked up there. Barry can’t let this happen and with no one answering his call, he enlists the aid of Captain Cold. After promising his services if Barry erases all traces of Snart, Snart joins forces with Barry. Though despite these promises, we still can’t escape the smell of ‘rogue’ in the air.

The Flash Rogue Air 3We knew Snart was going to betray Barry and out think him. Seriously, the minute Barry delivered all of his end of the bargain we knew Snart was free to do as he pleased. It was now safe for him to deactivate the containment fields and let the assortment of Metahumans going knowing full well that they now all OWE him. This of course will return as we find Captain Cold’s Rogues Gallery growing. This might be the last we’ll see of him this Season, but the Rogues will return Season 2.

Knowing Who You Really Are – Barry & Iris:

A recurring theme this episode was people – namely Barry and Iris – momentarily running from who they are. Much like the last Oliver crossover, Barry found himself trying to act more like the Arrow. The Flash can’t beat the Reverse Flash so maybe a darker Flash that is willing to walk the line between good and underhanded could. This of course blows up in his face and Barry remembers what kind of hero is truly is.

Iris on the other hand still insists upon her loving Eddie, even though he knows differently. Eddie tells Iris that she’s meant to be with Barry, to which Iris says that she’ll decide who she does and doesn’t love. True words to be sure, but you must remember that we’ve already seen Iris’s true intentions. We know she loves Barry. We know that she would use the emotional momentum of Eddie to marry him and regret it latter. So when Iris says she decides her own fate, we know just as much as Eddie that she isn’t being honest with herself. When she’ll come to her sense, that remains to be seen.

The Match Of The Century – Reverse Flash vs Flash, Arrow, Firestorm & Atom:

Despite being the title match of the century, this huge plot point only took up the last few minutes of the episode. This was a great episode, but this last moment really seemed rushed. Then again, we must remember that Oliver can’t exactly sit around and shoot the breeze. He has League business to finish. All in all, this fights pacing makes sense in a way since it had to come squeezed before the season finale otherwise it would have been too far away from the Arrow Season Finale, where the Flash crosses over.

The Flash Rogue Air

As for the fight, it was spectacular. Barry might not be able to beat the Reverse Flash, but as a team these three are more than capable – or should I say four. At first it looks like they get in each other’s ways, but then the gloves come off and they find they stride. Oliver shooting the Reverse Flash in the leg was the same trick he used against Barry in their last fight. Though this time came the added bonus of Palmer’s nanites to drain the Reverse Flash of his speed. This doesn’t last long, but it does buy enough time for Barry to set up Firestorm for a fiery finish as Oliver again delivers a massive dose of nanites.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & More:

  • Take a moment and think about all the things that define your life … and now imagine if one day in a flash all of that vanished. Would you simply accept your new life, continue on, or would you do whatever it takes to get back what was taken from you because I can assure you, I will get everything that was taken fro m me” – Wells/Thawne starting off the episode with a potentially HUGE theme for the Season Finale/ Season 2 (ie: Barry changes the future and has to set it back)
  • So that’s why Wells was in the wheel chair, to charge his speed back up. But what’s the Particle Accelerator for?
  • Whenever Wells is near, liquid floats. I guess that makes him like the Reverse T-Rex of Jurassic Park
  • I hate to break it to you Barry, but Lian Yu isn’t that impenetrable.
  • When Barry visits Snart “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner is playing
  • “Really not enjoying being one of the good guys this week, really not!” – Cisco is just getting more and more amazing
  • Also, Caitlin’s reaction to Lisa Snart say Barry called her uptight and learning Cisco kissed her. HA!
  • Apparently Deathbolt (from the Arrow episode “Broken Arrow”) owed Snart money
  • Apparently Oliver dies when he’s 86 years old. JEEZ WELLS, Spoilers!
  • When Well’s Reverse Flash costume flew out of his ring, this is a homage to the comics where the Flash kept his costume – in a spring loaded ring.
  • Ferris Air, why does that sound familiar? And a pilot disappeared, this is all starting to ring a bell. Oh that’s right, Hal Jordan used to work for Ferris Air until he disappeared an became… The Green Lantern. Season 2 cameo perhaps?

So … is it over? Is that it? Wells might still have one final trick up his sleeve, but I think the purpose of the season finale wasn’t THIS fight with Wells; but rather Barry traveling to the past to win THAT fight with Thawne. Next week is the Season 1 Finale, and I’m predicting either a massive set for Dystopian Future Season 2 or a self-contained Dystopian Future Season Finale.

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