A Closer Look: The Flash/Arrow Crossover – “Legends Of Today (Part 2)”


And so the final chapter in this year’s Arrow/The Flash Crossover was written! Although just because the crossover is done, the repercussions are just beginning. With devious plans returning as well as multiple Flash and Arrow plot-points making their returns as well, “Legends Of Today (Part 2)” was the perfect way to end a Crossover event and kick off many new battles for The Flash, Arrow and the Legends Of Tomorrow.

So let’s take a Closer Look at the greatest Superhero Team Up yet … sorry Avengers 1 & 2 😦

The Flashbacks We Were Waiting For – Hawkgirl, Hawkman & Savage’s Past:

In perfect Arrow fashion, we got our flashbacks; but this time they were less about the “five years on a hellish island” but rather what occurred in Ancient Egypt millennia ago. Besides discovering more about the history of Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Savage, this also paired Savage’s origin story much closer to that of his usual origin story.

As it turns out, Savage’s powers were granted from magical space meteorites. This lines up well with his usual origin as a caveman who became immortal after exposure to radioactive meteorites. Sure a few things were changed; but the far extent of his power and history were just as poignant as ever. As for Hawkgirl and Hawkman, it’s unclear whether the meteorites also caused their powers as well – causing their desires to come true much like Savage’s – OR if there really is a God Horus out there who granted their dying wish.

When You Mess With Time, Time Messes Back – A Flash Device Enters Arrow:

If you’re well versed in The Flash or read my weekly analyses – seriously, you should be doing both – then the moment you saw Barry “ghost” alongside himself you knew what was coming. No matter what Barry did or didn’t try to do, there was going to come a moment when he would travel back in time by accidently running too fast. But Savage obliterated literally everyone on both shows! Why would Barry “accidentally” travel back in time instead of purposefully? Well again, if you follow The Flash – again, or my articles – you know why.

The Flash Arrow Legends Of Today Part 2 Everyone Dies

On Season 1 of The Flash, Barry accidentally time traveled while trying to stop Weather Wizard from destroying Central City with a tidal wave. With his newfound knowledge of the future, Barry was indeed able to avert the disaster; but also caused many more. The two episodes in question were “Out Of Time” and “Rogue Time”; and as we learned in the later episode: everything that happened in “Out Of Time” happened to someone else in “Rogue Time” – full explanation here. So when Barry travels back, he knows that all the bad that happened in Timeline 1 will find it’s way back in a new and horrifying way in Timeline 2. This is why he tries to make sure Oliver doesn’t change too much; but of course Oliver will keep a secret and something even worse may indeed happen.

Who’s In The Grave – New Evidence For Felicity, Thea Or … HIM?:

For most of this season of Arrow we’ve been wondering “Who’s in the grave?”. It’s been about two months in show-time since the season premier, so there’s still 4 months to go for that person to die. Although this episode gave us three hints as to who might be in the grave. For starters, we heard how Malcolm threatened to punish Oliver like never before if his stubbornness gets Thea killed. So what if down the line, Oliver’s stubbornness does do exactly that and that’s Thea in the grave. Would Malcolm return as lead villain in Season 5?

That last one is of course a stretch; but the true hint this episode points towards the grave being for Felicity. As I said earlier, changing time has horrible repercussions and it usually leads to new ways or sorting itself out. In Timeline 1, Felicity and Oliver were basically broken up because of his lie. So if that is destined to happen, what if their relationship ends in Timeline 2 because his lie gets her killed.

The final option here could be that the identity of the person in the grave is Oliver’s son. His mom made quite a big to do about how “no one” can find out about this and how she wants her son away from Oliver’s world. Could Darhk find out about Oliver’s son and kill him? Will this make the mom’s worries come true. Is the death of Oliver Queen’s son the final nail in Damien Darhk’s coffin? Guess we’ll find out in a few months.

The Flash Arrow Legends Of Today Part 2 Hawkgirl

Seriously, props to how far the Special Effects have come!

In A Rapid Fire Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • “Bunch of superheroes in a farm house, I feel like I’ve seen that in a movie before”. OUCH Yes, that was indeed an Avengers jab from Thea.
  • The 80s references continued with yet another Indiana Jones references as well as Cisco calling Hawkman “He-Man”
  • And Oliver uttered the famous words before he died “Run Barry, Run.”
  • So that’s how Malcolm always got those meetings. He knew Savage; but what does he have planned next? Are they actually friends or is Malcolm simply looking for a new means for immortality since Nyssa destroyed the Lazarus Pit.
  • Like last episode, this episode featured heavily into now being afraid to be who you are. Cisco stepped up and helped Kendra complete her transformation, which is all the more powerful considering the path he took this season.
  • So Savage was also Machiavelli and Nostradamus?
  • Favorite Quotes – Winner:
    • “Well, while the Geek Squad works”/ “I heard that honey” (Oliver/Felicity)
    • “I’m sorry, but when it rains I can still feel where you shot me with those arrows” – Barry
    • “I already spoke with fleet feet, he’s on his way” – Malcolm
    • “I just told you not to say it!” – Cisco. Don’t you love how Barry and Cisco play off each other?
    • “It’s actually kind of a classic story of boy meets girl, boy gets girls, girl sprouts wings and flies away with her reincarnated soul mate” – Cisco

Next week we’ll have the midseason finales of Arrow and The Flash. Judging from the preview of Flash, it looks like the midseason finales might be kind of chill. Although I’m willing to be the final moments of each will still have a bombshell reveal for the audience. I guess we’ll find out next week. But just remember that it makes sense that each show might now end on a massive cliffhanger considering both will team up again for the start of Legends of Tomorrow starting in January.

Perhaps that’s the darker future that’s in store for Timeline 2. Savage might not have killed everyone in the present; but maybe he might be aiming to do that in the future – and THAT is exactly what the Legends are trying to prevent. But as we already know – twice now – changing the future is dangerous work. Could the Legends just make things worse? Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. So for now, I’ll see you all next week for the midseason finales of The Flash and Arrow.

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