A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Fight Or Flight”

This week’s episode of Supergirl picked up immediately where we left off last week, with Grant getting her awaited Supergirl interview. Although rather than the dedicated sit down Superman famously got with Lois Lane, this one was no cup of tea as much of Supergirl’s biography was overlooked as ‘the same old story’ and was instead forced to answer many demeaning questions that her cousin never had to.

Was Supergirl’s coming out in an interview a bad idea? How can she define herself apart from her cousin? What happened to all that stuff about being “Stronger Together”? This and more will be addressed in this week’s Closer Look at Supergirl “Fight or Flight”.

The Mission To Prove Herself – Being More Than A Millennial Superman:

Some viewers might have wondered why Supergirl was so opposed to asking Superman for help when last week’s episode was all about how they were “Stronger Together”. Well that’s because this episode brought back an internal conflict we noticed in Kara Week 1 in the Pilot – her role related to Superman. Her whole purpose was to come to Earth to protect her cousin, so when he grew up and no longer needed protection it left her with no purpose. She was now responsible for finding a new life and purpose and she had. The problem is when that original purpose comes to bite you.

Supergirl Fight Or Flight

Imagine if you were supposed to save someone, and now not only did they not need your saving, but also are the one saving you. Kara is constantly being compared to Superman and is seen as the ‘millennial version’ of him. She not only has to overcome the stigma of being thought of as “weaker” because she’s a woman but also because she’s seen as a “millennial”.

In the end Kara is able to overcome all of this by doing exactly what she learned last week – they’re stronger together. Superman might have fought Reactron multiple times before; but this time Supergirl was the one able to defeat him thanks to James and Alex. She might be overzealous sometime. She might not have as much experience as other heroes. Though like all “millennials”, don’t underestimate Supergirl. She might be a new generation’s hero; but what she has to contribute is just as important as anyone else. And one day, we’ll see that she (and all millennials) will be the ones tasked with saving Superman (the older generation).

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s … Almost A Look At Superman:

We all knew Superman existed in this universe; but did we ever expect HIM to actually show up on the show? Well even though it was just a back and a – I’m assumeing – AIM chat box, Superman/Clark Kent appeared twice in this episode. Throw in the fact that there’s teasing of Supergirl one day having to save him and it looks like we MIGHT eventually have someone cast as Superman on the show.

Who will be cast in the role is totally unknown and for all we know might be kept secret till the bitter end. Although I can’t help but feel they should give Tom Welling a call. This isn’t so much to place Supergirl in the Smallville universe; but more so because Welling’s Superman really brought Superhero shows to life in a new way on TV. It showed us how a Hero show could deal with the character and not just be a ‘villain a week’ show. Either that or make a hilarious joke where Brandon Routh is Superman (Superman Returns) and then do a multiverse crossover with The Flash where Routh’s Superman meets Routh’s Atom.

Up, Up And Away – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • It’s always nice hearing some concurrent real world references in a Superhero show. That was the purpose of the Caitlyn Jenner reference this episode. Speaking of…
  • Admit it, “Keeping Up With The Kryptonians” would be a much better show
  • In case we didn’t already know, Winn is totally the Felicity/Cisco of the series
  • An Earthquake 2 years ago? Anyone else feel like that might have more significance that just a passing mention? Probably just me
  • “Its like riding a bike or severe childhood trauma, you never really loose it”
  • As another mark in the Henshaw is Martian Manhunter is disguise camp, we see him telepathically sense that Alex was up to something. I’d say he ‘sensed the computer’ but that’s more a Brainiac thing than Cyborg Superman
  • It’s always bugged me how Superman and now Supergirl could fly out there window. Like what if a neighbor across the street was window watching and then BOOM!
  • Despite the story of Reactron being one of Superman’s villains, he was actually a Supergirl villain in the comic predominantly. Additionally, his powers were mutant based more than biotech.
  • Is anyone else wishing they eventually cast Tom Welling as Superman #Smallville
  • Lucy Lane? Uh oh, looks like Kara just learned “what’s so bad about falling”

One thought on “A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Fight Or Flight”

  1. I’ve loving how naive and cheerfully youthful Supergirl is. She’s going to grow up and be a powerful woman, but I’m enjoying seeing this adolescent stage in her development. She’s such a feminist, too. More points in her favor.

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