A Closer Look: Walking Dead – “Now”

While we’re still waiting to find out whether you know who is dead or alive, The Walking Dead introduced a much more pressing issue as the remaining half of the Mega Herd has finally made its way to Alexandria. Will the residents rise up and be consumed? Are there more threats out there or inside? This and more will be answered in this week’s Closer Look at The Walking Dead “Now”.

The Meaning Of “Now” – Episode Timing Back To Normal:

Thus far this season has played with time in almost every way possible. From episodes filled with flashbacks to entire episodes acting as puzzles pieces wedged in between others, the timeline of this season is filled with overlap. That is of course except for this episode. “Now” picks up basically immediately after last episode and doesn’t take a single step back; but rather moves forward in real time with the majority of characters all gathered back together. Next week of course will fill in the puzzle piece of what’s been happening to Darryl, Abraham and Sasha; but that’s then and this is “NOW” – in more ways than one!

Walking Dead Now

Two New Fighters Or Traitors? – Spencer & Ron:

When we first met Spencer, he was the gung-ho leader of the runners who turned out to be nothing more than a coward. So when we saw him this episode not only owning up to past mistakes after defending Alexandria, but also keeping the Alexandrian’s hope alive, it seemed like he redeemed himself. That of course faded quickly as we learned it was all BS as he’s stealing food because he’s feels he deserves it. So at the end when Rosita tells him that he should keep doing what he’s doing, she thinks she’s encouraging his bravery. Instead we see that he is INDEED still doing what he’s doing: stealing more food rations.

Similarly, Ron has always shown signs of distrust. This episode only furthered that as we saw him very eager to leave Enid outside the walls – seemingly more out of anger than rational. This as well as his constant pity for his awful father shows that there could be quite a bit of Pete in Ron. This becomes complicated because Rick has a blind eye when it comes to Jessie and her kids. He’s always been the one who’s slow to trust people and give them chances and now we find him all to eager to each Ron how to shoot a gun when he asks.

Will Spencer’s thievery continue? Will his warning to the Alexandrian’s prove ironically true as HE begins thinking more and more of himself and causes their downfall? Is Rick’s desire to be a father figure blinding him? Is Ron learning how to shoot a gun to protect his family or get some vengeance? The answer to these questions could signal some new internal problems the group will have to deal with… that is, AFTER the sea of walkers break through.

Playing With Glen’s Death – Continued Evidence & Parallels:

We of course have to wait until we fid out about Glen’s fate; BUT the writers wouldn’t let us forget this is hanging over our heads as this episode gave us support for both sides. And they did so in the most referential of manners. We of course saw Maggie wrestle with the idea of him being gone or not – as well as Rick – ; but in the end Maggie decides to erase his name from the wall revealing she hasn’t given up hope yet.

Though what you might not have noticed is the added Glenn parallels during all this. Maggie taking unnecessary risks and descending into an underground lair filled with soaked walkers calls to mind MAJOR Season 2 déjà vu as Maggie yelled at Glenn for going down into the ‘Well Walker’ territory. Additionally, this is the second time Maggie had to hunt for Glenn. Remember when the prison was destroyed and we thought he was on the bus full of sick passengers? He survived all of these, so why can’t he survive the odds on this one too?

Though looking towards the future, we heard how Glenn or a part of Glenn would be seen again; and the reveal that Maggie is pregnant could very well be that part. HOWEVER, I still refuse to believe that. A bay isn’t closure and something more has to happen. Whether it’s Ghost Glenn, mangled Walker Glenn or actual Glenn remains to be seen. Although with Neegan sure to appear later this season or early next, Glenn might not be back for long. At that point a baby could indeed carry on Glenn’s ray of light.

Swamp Walker

Quick Bites – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Aaron stepped up and reminded everyone – even the viewers – that what’s following isn’t Rick’s fault. The quarry would have collapsed and let the walkers out either way. Rick’s plan too half of them away and the other half would be gone too if it wasn’t for the Wolves, which Aaron takes full responsibility for.
  • The last time we saw an almost completely skeletal walker was last season when Bob was bitten – again, by a walker that was found in water. Guess this level of decay would have happened to the infamous ‘Well Walker’ from Season 2 had more time passed.
  • The turned Alexandrian that Jessie put down was Betsy, the wife of David who took her life after her husband didn’t return home and there was no note to read
  • Yes Deanna’s repeated stabbing of the walker in the chest seemed out of place – since only headshots work on walkers – BUT it does directly mirror Jessie’s rage stab a few episodes ago on the wolf. Considering Deanna and Jessie are the only two ‘sheltered Alexandrians’ who get what the world has become, this makes these scenes more of a moment of cathartic release/ transformation
  • The Wolf Walker that attacked Deanna was the one Carol shot trying to get into the armory but got away before she could finish him.
  • Considering the Walls of Alexandria are acting as a Damn holding back a sea of walkers, it was a wonderful image seeing the walls literally start to ‘leak’ blood as the episode ends. The walls will break and the flood of walkers will overrun Alexandria.
  • Adding more fire to the ‘Spencer Doesn’t Care’ pile, it can be assumed that Deanna was returning home with the groceries when she was attacked. That means Spencer was the one who had the lights on and TV blasting.
  • The Latin Deanna wrote down was “Dolor hic tibi proderit olim.”, which is from the poet Ovid. The full quote is “Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim”, which means “Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.” As you can see, this is very telling of the current situation and scene as Deanna prepares for the future even as death circles them.
  • Early in the episode Rick said that the damaged wall can hold; but can you (the residents). This episode kept both mirrored as certain residents showed strength at the start but then started to crack later on, much like the wall.

Next week we will catch up with Darry, Abraham and Sasha as they make their way back – hopefully to divert the remaining walkers – but will they all be too tired? What trouble could they have run into? With only 3 more episodes left, we have a little time left to set up a massive midseason finale battle – which hopefully sees Glenn returning to save the day! Hey, a panda can hope right?

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