AC4 Multiplayer Event – Takeover: Tips and Tricks


As the third multiplayer event for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag entitled “Takeover” begins, we find another interesting approach to an old game mode. So here’s another tips and tricks section to get the most out of this event.



Get a kill with a score multiplayer (15 times)

‘Pirate Flag’ Emblem

Complete a session in the event playlist

Earn the title “The Pirate Legend”

Help reach the community objective

Unlock the Fort Saint Mathieu and Plantation maps for multiplayer

Once again, be sure to remember that the “Takeover” event is a modified version of Wanted, so it’s every player for themselves. But as always, there a key difference to promote better play:

  • The game session ends when someone reaches 5 kills

No real offensive/defensive/support breakdown of tips here. ‘Wanted’ is a very stylized game mode where you pick your own ability sets to suit your game style. So being a higher level is definitely an advantage since you’ll have access to more abilities.

Try out one of 3 new characters in this game event

Try out 3 new characters in this game event (Blackbeard, The Orchid, The Jaguar). If you like them, you can purchase them via the PSstore or download for free if you purchased the Season Pass.

Regardless of level or play style there is one thing you MUST remember for this event. One single, non-negiotable tip to follow.


In the game sessions I was in yesterday, people were running all over the map like crazy. Remember you only have until someone reaches 5 kills. By running like that you’re only going to get 100-250 points per kill. Take your time, plan your kills, add stealth, and remember that this event is all about kill multipliers.

If you don’t like playing stealthily, then this event isn’t for you. This event is all about quality of kill, not quantity. So get out there Assassins, try a new play style – come out of your comfort zones – or just go play regular non-event Wanted. Either way, best of luck!

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