Lost Girl: “End of a Line” Recap

In possibly the most heart-wrenching episode of Lost Girl ever, we didn’t catch a breather for even a second. Between mysterious revelations, new/old evils, dark pasts, and the tragic death of a beloved character, I honestly don’t know where to start on this one.

Kenzi’s Tragic Life:

Despite the countless important parts of this episode, everyone will agree that the main focus of this episode was all Kenzi. I really have to give it to Ksenia Solo for being the actress of the year with this episode. Since season 1 Kenzi’s always been an add-on whose story never really got center-stage, but with this episode that all changes as we truly see how the past can always come back to haunt you.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.36.08 PM 1

Being the old fashion gent he is, Hale sought out Kenzi’s family to ask permission for her hand in marriage. What at first seems like a horrible turn of events for Kenzi looks like it might actually get better, but then only gets worse. We learn how Kenzi’s mom was a drunk and dated an abusive man named Bodgen who hurt Kenzi so much she was forced to live on the street.

“Your boyfriend ruined my life mom…. I was a little girl mom. And I was living on the street because you chose that bastard over me. Do you know how long it took me to feel normal again… I lived off what I could steal and I was in some situations that not only am I ashamed of but I just can’t believe I survived.” – Kenzi

At first it looked like Kenzi’s mother had kicked him out and was trying to make amends, but thanks to an ill timed phone call it turns out it was all a front. She only came because Bodgen wanted money and knew he could get it from Hale. Kenzi then kicks her awful family out, but not before putting her Shadow Thief training to good use and easily catches her mother’s hand as she is about to strike her daughter.

“You know I always thought you were a victim. I always thought you were scared, but you’re not scared. You’re just a coward who doesn’t value herself so how could she value her own children.” – Kenzi

With so much pain in this episode from Kenzi’s past, you would expect that to be the end of it. That it would end in a happy note with her and Hale now being engaged, beginning their new life together, and leaving the past behind them. Sadly, you would be wrong. The past isn’t done torturing Kenzi yet.

The Leviathan’s Warning Fulfilled – Hale’s Death:

Mossimo has returned with a personal vendetta against Kenzi and Bo – and a fuzzy memory considering he thinks they burned him when he’s the one who jumped into the lava pit. After attacking Kenzi in her kitchen, Hale swoops in and beats Mossimo senseless before blasting him with probably the most powerful Siren whistles we’ve ever seen him use, but to no avail.

"Consider us paid in full" - Massimo

“Consider us paid in full” – Massimo

Hale – apparently struck deaf – can’t hear Kenzi’s warning as Mossimo gets back on his feet and runs Hale through with Kenzi’s sword ‘Geraldine’. As Kenzi hurries to Hales side, she learns that the reason Mossimo survived both the lava and the pummeling was because she gave him the Twig of Zamora, a magical twig that grants its holder immortality which she had given it to him earlier this season for her temporary Fae powers.

As Bo find Kenzi with Hale now dead, Kenzi begs Bo to revive Hale like she did when Dyson died after Bo’s Dawning. Considering last time Bo had 2 Fae and 2 humans to revive 1 Fae – and Kenzi and Lauren both collapsed – and we don’t know how long Hale’s been dead for, it seems impossible for Bo to recreate this ability. All she can do is use her powers to calm Kenzi who regrets that she never got to say ‘yes’ to Hale’s marriage proposal.

Hale notices his ears are bleeding after his struggle with Mossimo

Hale notices his ears are bleeding after his struggle with Mossimo

During the Hale/Mossimo fight you might have noticed Hale’s ears bleeding. Now true, this might have been overexertion caused by the ferocity of his attack. Or maybe it was a rebound caused by the twig itself. Either way the real importance of his ears bleeding is found in “Of All The Gin Joints”. Hale’s ears first bleed after he heard the Alkonost’s Death Song. This makes not only the Leviathan’s prophecy come true, but also has the Alkonost’s song take its final victim.

Bo laments her helplessness as all she can do for Kenzi is subdue her with a chi train/touch

Bo laments her helplessness as all she can do for Kenzi is subdue her with a chi train/touch

I’m not a violent person, but I think everyone will agree when I say I hope Mossimo meets the most horrific fate imaginable. Maybe Lauren still has that self-mutilating parasite she threatened Hugin and Munin with two episodes ago. As long as it’s something fitting for the most horribly awful character ever. So watch out Massimo! You put Kenzi in debt over fake Fae powers and killed the love of her life. You aren’t even close to being ‘paid in full’ … not yet.

The Love Triangle Ends – Bo, Dyson & Lauren No More:

When Bo first showed up at Kenzi’s at the start of the episode, we could see her grasping at straws. From her blaming Lauren for hanging out with The Morrigan – who is her new boss and gives her resources to help her friends – to still faulting Dyson for giving up his love for her – which he sacrificed to save her in her fight with Aife – Bo tries desperately to cast two people who have done everything for her in a much less favorable light.

I’ve said it for a while now and I’ll say it again: Bo is in Rayner LaLa Land. Everyone sees it, even Tamsin who once loved everything about Bo. Bo claims to have this deep knowledge and compelte trust in Rayner, but it’s almost a slap in the face to everyone else that she puts him on the same level as people who have known her for years. She claims it’s better with him because she can contribute, but she doesn’t realize that she’s the only one contributing.

Dyson drowns his sorrows as he prepares to move on.

Dyson drowns his sorrows as he prepares to move on.

After avoiding conversations with Lauren and Dyson, she finally speaks to Dyson – after Tamsin called him in to help with the Revenant mission. This cold exchange has none of the chemistry we’ve usually seen from these two. Dyson feels hurt and betrayed, almost as though the Bo he knew was dead. And Bo is so blinded by Rayner, she can’t listen to anyone’s point for even a second.

With Lauren, Dyson at least knew she loved Bo. He doesn’t know Rayner and trusts him even less. He vows to always stand by her, but if Rayner turns out to be the villain like everyone knows he is, then he won’t help. Bo’s made her bed, now she has to lie in it. The clincher is when Bo – the unaligned Succubus who has been fighting fate for 3 seasons – blames this all on “destiny” and says how you can’t always choose your path. Dyson coldly reminds her that she seems to.

Rayner – The Imposter?:

We all know Rayner is evil – okay maybe except for Bo – but things just got a whole lot more confusing. With Rayner back in this plain of existence, the memories of him also return as he is written back into history – which we can see when Trick’s history book literally grows in size on the shelf. When one of her History of the Valkyrie books opens, Tamsin finally sees Bo’s new Beau as his image appears in the book. The only problem is that that’s not the Rayner she knows.

Tamsin tells Bo that that isn't her boss.

Tamsin tells Bo that that isn’t her boss.

So if ‘Rayner’ isn’t Rayner, than who is Bo’s new bf? Is ‘shapeshifter’ another one of Rayner’s powers? Why did Trick and the Una Mens recognize Rayner, but Tamsin didn’t? And what connection could he have with the Pyrippus?

The Demon Steed Pyrippus – True Evil:

In the season 3 episode, “Ceremony” we see Trick look at a painting of a horse and exclaim “Not him!” right as The Wanderer music starts to play. Originally I thought this was Sleipnir – Odin’s 6 legged horse – but seeing this image again, it is no heavenly steed. It’s quite the opposite.


This is a Pyrippus, a little known mythological chimeric creature that is for all intensive purposes a hell-horse. Looking at the photo its hard to tell whether this beast is burning its helpless victim, or draining their chi – like Bo has been shown to do occasionally.

This being is most certainly Bo’s father, which would make him the real Wanderer, but what about all the inconsistencies? If Trick did erase him from his memory, how come he remembered him in Season 3? Also, Trick makes a point of distinguishing between Rayner and the Pyrippus. Whatever this means – besides a lot of headaches – we’ll have to wait to see, but I’m fairly certain one of those beings is a shape-shifter. All we know for sure is he’s coming and the Revenant leaders are afraid for good reason.

The Mesmer’s Anguish – Vex’s Lineage:

We once again get a glimpse into Vex’s past when he sits down with Trick for a drink. Vex never knew his father that well. He just knew him as the man who felt “children should be seen not heard”, but Trick knows a different man. Vex father was once one of the Blood Kings most trusted generals. What follows are a bunch of tales of Vex’s father, including one where we hear of how he stood on his horse and threw his blade at an enemy soldier and used his Mesmer abilities to force the man to ‘welcome’ the blade with open arms.

"And like the March Hare, 'I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!" - Vex

“And like the March Hare, ‘I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!” – Vex

The real reason for this unlikely meet-up is that Trick wants to know who has stolen the 6th Una Mens seed. He warns that whoever has it doesn’t know what they possess and could cause untold suffering to all. Trick pleads with Vex to tell him, but Vex leaves claiming that he doesn’t see any good in himself. Vex is one of my favorite characters – let alone the funniest – so I hope he has some good plan in all of this.

Revenants – Hope or Despair for the Future:

ZOMBIES!!!!!!! Ok, not really. Revenants might be the reanimated corpses of dead, but these undead Fae don’t spread a plague. Instead they are tools to hunt down and settle old scores. Besides the usual zombie-kill method of decapitation, revenants can also be stopped if someone drinks the blood of the head revenant – thus gaining dominion over them.

Dyson stands to face a small army of Revenants.

Dyson stands to face a small army of Revenants, reanimated dead Fae.

As Tamsin and Acacia said, “dead doesn’t always mean dead”. With Bo unable to properly chi-revive Hale like she did with Dyson after her Dawning, is there any chance that we could see Hale again? I certainly hope this doesn’t mean Revenant Hale, but Fae have certainly come back before. Anything is possible, but what sacrifices must be made in order for him to return?

Surmounting Obstacles – The Druid, Vex, Una Mens et all:

What are Mossimo’s big plans? Do they have anything to do with The Morrigan’s plans from earlier this season? Is Vex involved in them? What about that black sludge box from episode 1? Who really has the seed? And what does the Pyrripus’s coming mean for everyone?

Mossimo lives and has big plans according to Acacia.

Mossimo lives and has big plans according to Acacia.

With so many dark forces and unanswered questions left – beyond the whole Wanderer/Rayner fiasco – the forces of good are looking more and more outmatched.

Tamsin & Dyson – A New Romance:

With Bo pissing everyone off with ‘team crazy train’ – as well as pushing them away – even Tamsin has jumped ship and is moving on, or maybe she’s moving to where she wanted to go in the first place. After some ‘wolf puppies’ remarks from Acacia, at the end of the episode we find Tamsin kissing a drunk Dyson. Personally, I wanted this couple from the start. They had a great chemistry back in Season 3, and now with Tamsin acting more Light than Dark, it could work.

Tamsin kisses Dyson at the Dale, revealing where her true feelings lie - if you can believe what Acacia said about her wanting 'wolf pups'.

Tamsin kisses Dyson at the Dale, revealing where her true feelings lie – if you can believe what Acacia said about her wanting ‘wolf pups’.

In many ways, Tamsin’s become the new Bo. The one to fight against her nature and try to be more than she is. Things are going to blow in in Bo’s face very soon, but lets see what else blows up. The writers have written quite the confusing story with the Wanderer/Rayner and these ‘memories’ everyone seems to have or not have. Hopefully it can all be resolved soon. With only 2 episodes left this season I hope that all these confusing things can be explained and next season can go back to just action rather than this seasons game of 20,000 questions – I also wouldn’t mind 20+ episode seasons again too.

6 thoughts on “Lost Girl: “End of a Line” Recap

  1. I believe we’re looking at two different story lines here. LG’s mo is to work through one story a season and the finale sets up the storyline for the next season.
    So I’m thinking that Rainer may be some kind of “Odin” fae which would explain the crows/ravens, foresight in battle and other references.

    Trick also stated that Rainer “wasn’t evil just defiant like his granddaughter” so I’m not so sure Bo’s under some delusion or spell. It may be why Bo’s never been able to chose, because some how she knew there was a third choice (which is always why she picks the third option (i.e Dark, Light, or Humans; card #1, card #2, the card she picked came from the pile; etc…)

    The Pyrippi are the steeds that draw Hades chariot, and although it’s never been confirmed it’s possible that Bo’s father may be the Dark King that held Aife prisoner, possibly the king of some Hell realm as other Fae in the series (Baba Yaga) have been known to reside outside the norm.

    Either way although I’m sad about Hale and still hoping they find a way to bring him back to life (I heard K.C. was moving on) I’m excited to see the finale. Vex is wickedly wonderful he needs more screen time. Mossimo needs to die a slow and painful death.

    • Very good insights. I agree, but we have to see whom the real Rayner is. Is it the one Bo’s with or someone else? And also, yah Bo’s dad is definitely some demonic evil. Wonder if the Pyrripus is actually him or just signifying him – aka maybe he is Hades? But most importantly, THANK YOU for reminding me of Babba Yaga – cause she’s still alive if you remember the end of that episode. Wonder if she’ll ever make a return. But yah, let’s clear up this seasons mysteries first and await – hopefully – a longer season 5. 14 is way too short.

  2. To me, this entire season has belonged to Ksenia Solo. Her story and her character development have been the only part of the entire season that made sense in a traditional storytelling way. The death of Hale (if he stays dead) is part of her story and development. Brava to Ksenia for her massive talent as an actress.

    Bo’s journey, on the other hand, has been misleading, manipulated, and confusing.

    If this show gets a 5th season, I hope it goes back to a style of storytelling that doesn’t leave so much unresolved tension at the end of each episode.

    • Indeed! Not only did there use to be more episodes, but each episode was more or less a self contained entity, that had a hint of something to come – ONE THING to come. Not each episode answering questions only to make 10 new ones.

      If they plan on wrapping this up in two more episodes, we’re going to have some super condensed episodes like this on. Double edged sword really: Get all the answers we want / Have SUPER fast and jam packed episodes with 20,000 things going on.

  3. > I really have to give it to Ksenia Solo for being the actress of the year with this episode.

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a big Solo fan since the middle of Season 1. Note that I am very late to the party; I didn’t watch single episode of “Lost Girl” until I queued it up on Netflix in early December 2015, at which point I binge-watched my way through the series. I was completely blow away by Ksenia’s performance in this episode (s4.e11) when I first saw in on 29 Jan 2016 (yes, a date I’ll always remember, LOL).

    She was phenomenal from start to finish. I’ve watched it well over a dozen times; there are no cracks, no flaws, not a single wrong note in her performance. Hey, we already knew there was more to Kenzi (and to Ksenia Solo) than the quirky sidekick with the cool outfits and a tendency to say whatever came into her head (LOL) but if there was ever any doubt, this episode put it to rest.

    Anyway, now that we’ve all see the entire series, virtually of the questions that were still unanswered by the end of THIS episode have been answered. And THE question, the answer to which solves most of the mystery of Season 4, is this

    –> Why did Tamsin not recognize Rainer when the drawing of his face popped into that book?

    Was it because Bo’s Rainer was an imposter? NO! It was because Tamsin’s Rainer — her “boss”, the guy who hired her to deliver Bo to The Wanderer (i.e. the real Rainer) was the imposter. Tammy’s “boss” was the guy who needed Bo and Rainer to wed in order to fulfill the prophecy which would allow him to escape the underworld and walk again upon the Earth: It was Bo’s papa, Jack, aka Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

    Once we know THAT, everything else false into place. What Trick said was true: Rainer wasn’t evil, he was merely defiant “like my granddaughter” [i.e Bo].

    There’s an interesting symmetry there, because the very last thing Galina Malikov says to her daughter, Kenzi, is that she deserved Bodgen’s emotional and psychological abuse because she was “defiant”.

    I say “emotional and psychological” because Kenzi herself, at the end of “Mirror, Mirror” (s2.e4) admitted this about her “stepfather” (presumably Bodgen):

    “He didn’t hurt me… hurt me or anything. And whatever, it was a long time ago.”

    That’s Kenzi, realizing why she never tried to summon Baba Yaga against Bodgen when she was a little girl, and letting go of some of her own trauma, as well as that bottled-up fear and resentment she had towards that dreadful man. And part of her creating some more distance along the way is her taking away his title of “stepfather”, which is why she refers to him as “your boyfriend” when she confronts her mother two-plus years later, in the episode under discussion here, s4.e11, “End of a Line”.

    He was NEVER any kind of father to her.

    What we do know is that Kenzi was, in the words of Kenzi’s aunt Ludmila, “Always with the crying and the hiding and the bed-wetting,” all of which Ludmila chalked up to Kenzi’s “imagination”.

    But we believe Kenzi — don’t we?

    I sure as hell do.

  4. This is all very familiar territory to me. One of the most important people in my life is a Kenzi. She’s physically quite small, but very bright, spirited, resourceful, and loyal to those who deserve it. She grew up in an abusive home; as a young girl she was a bedwetter; she tried to hide; she even put glue in the keyhole of her bedroom door so that nobody could come in at night after she locked the door from the inside, but her abusers were able to get in anyway…. This all started when she was seven years old. (Seven. SEVEN. It still makes me furious,)

    When she was a girl, she tried to tell her much-older sister, who assured her that whatever she’d thought had happened was her imagination, that she’d been “dreaming”.

    She eventually ran way…. but not ’til she was 18. As a teen and a young women she buried the trauma (and her undeserved shame) under risky, sometimes illegal behaviors, she hid behind a devil-may-care attitude and a risque, irreverent sense of humor, she blunted her feelings under chronic alcohol abuse….

    Sounds like Kenzi, right? Young Kenzi, at least. (Kenzi hits the bottle pretty hard the first couple of seasons… by season 4, she has matured and stabilized noticeably.)

    When my friend finally ran off, she cut herself off from her entire family for several years. Her later attempts to reconcile with her mother (and others, even the perps) were frustrating, and she eventually gave up. But ALL SHE WANTED was an admission that the perpetrators had DONE WRONG, and for her mother to side with HER instead of the perpetrators. She couldn’t even get that. So she cut the cord for good.

    So…. Kenzi’s utterly final words to her mother — “You’re just a coward who doesn’t value herself so how can she value her own children,” could have come out of my friend’s mouth in her last goodbye to her own mother. Truer words were never spoken.

    My friend’s mother was not an opportunistic sociopath like Galina Malikov but, like Galina, she failed to protect her daughter from the monsters in her own home, and refused to honestly admit any real culpability.

    There are some important differences in her story versus Kenzi’s, but abuse is abuse. Physical, sexual, emotional, psychological…. on some levels, the details don’t matter. Abuse is abuse. Trauma is trauma. Scars are scars.

    There is much about Kenzi’s past we will never know. Looking back, “Lost Girl” didn’t really do Kenzi’s past justice; but what little came out — like in THIS episode, and in “Mirror, Mirror” — was very compelling indeed.

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