Godzilla (2014): An Extended Look at Confirmed Monsters and Plot

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a Godzilla update right? Well after a week or so of new mini-looks at the upcoming blockbuster, an extended look was just released; and this extended look not only gave us the missing pieces of the plot-puzzle, but also gave us long awaited confirmation on many of our Muto – Godzilla enemies – theories.

Seriously, if I had a dime every time I said “Oh S#!t” watching this trailer, I’d have my ticket already. It’s so satisfying to have your theories confirmed so let’s just right in and give you guys what you want: awesome monster photos.

The Monster, The Beast, The Legend:


Godzilla is the king of monsters, no doubt about that. From his first creation back in 1954, his look has remained relatively unchanged – aside from the 1998 film with Matthew Broderick. What Director Gareth Edwards has done is simultaneously update this iconic monster for the 21st century, but yet still retain its iconic look and feel. This isn’t human tampering. This is the force of nature that arises to punish man for his arrogance.

2 Mutos Confirmed:

Speaking of which, the so-called “Mutos” in this movie might be the result of human tampering or maybe something else entirely. Either way, they are front and center for this extended look.

Last time I confirmed the existence and look of the “Mantis Muto”, but still hypothesized there could be more. Well, thanks to this extended look, we now know there are in fact at least 2 confirmed Mutos: Mutos 1 & 2 – come on scientist/soldier guys, where’s the cool nicknames like ‘Terror-Saur’ and ‘Mantis-Scythe’.

Blink and you'll miss it. On this screen behind this frightened soldier we have 2 recognized Mutos. Muto 1 and Muto 2 (the Mantis one)

Blink and you’ll miss it. On this screen behind this frightened soldier we have 2 recognized Mutos. Muto 2 – the Mantis one – and Muto 1 – a seemingly winged humanoid.

Although honestly, refraining from giving these Mutos nicknames is probably for the best. Giving them unoriginal reference titles shows that these are unknown monsters and this is actually a very dire situation with no time for affectionate nicknames.

The Final Piece of the Plot Puzzle:

From the moment we first saw Bryan Cranston – who plays Joe Brody – crying over someone behind a closing door, we knew there’d be some sort of tragedy. When he heard him screaming about people “LYING”, we were sure of it. Well now we finally get to piece all those moments together.

There is a “natural disaster” that destroyed the nuclear power plant that he and his wife were working at. We’ve been thinking this for months, but as always it’s nice to get confirmation. Beyond that, we just get to see more interactions between the Brody family connected with more footage of destruction.

No Joe, you're wife is still in there! Never mind, close it, close it!

No Joe, you’re wife is still in there! Never mind, close it, close it!

Although no matter how many times we see this footage – or get a variation of a particular scene – it’s still exciting. We knew there’d be a tsunami, but here we actually get to see some of the moments leading up to it.  The promotion for this movie has done a great job in giving us closer looks and reveal while at the same time hiding the biggest moments – the monster showdown.

The Moment of Truth:

You forgot about that part didn’t you. We’ve seen so much of these monsters destroying everything, but yet haven’t seen a single second of the definitive showdown. That is what truly makes us certain that this movie will be amazing. Very few watch a Godzilla movie for the story; it’s always about the monster battles.

For all intensive purposes, we’ve just been seeing the ‘boring stuff’ until now; and if the ‘boring stuff’ is THIS exciting and heart racing, just think about what’s to come. Godzilla will destroy theaters May 6th, and it can’t happen soon enough.

Check out some more images below and be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ for more updates:

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