Godzilla (2014) Battles It Out At WonderCon – Exclusive New Monster Photos

I originally intended on taking today off for Easter, but then, something amazing happened! As some of you may know, this weekend is WonderCon, and much like the larger San Diego Comic Con there are tons of things being revealed to a select few. This time around, there was one name bigger than the rest: Godzilla.

Bridge Battle

Director Gareth Edwards has really out done himself. Since its first teaser was released late last year, this film has constantly outdone itself with every preview. After having watched 6 full minutes of the film, I can tell you that it is glorious! In fact, that might be an understatement!

Beyond setting a terrifying scene, this footage gives us something we’ve been waiting to see from the start: a good old fashion monster battle. I had mentioned last time how excited people were getting for this film before they’d even seen the monster battle – the go-to thing of Godzilla movies. Actually, it’s not even a full fight yet. It’s just Godzilla and Muto #2 entering Honolulu Airport, the site of their battle. And when these combatants enter, they enter with style! – and millions of dollars worth in damages.


Contrary to what most reports about this footage is saying, this isn’t a new monster – and especially not ‘a remake of Mothra’ as one hopeful put it. This is the Mantis-Muto I’ve been calling since the beginning. From that initial trailer to the last trailer, we’ve seen this Muto many times.

Muto 2 Revealed

As for the other Humanoid/winged Muto, that remains a mystery. Maybe there’s more than one Mantis Muto and this is an evolved form. Either way, it’s nice to keep some mystery alive – which again the PR crew for this has been rocking! Unless footage is officially released, the clips of this online are ridiculously poor quality and will probably be removed very soon – if they haven’t been already. After a lot of cleaning up, I was able to come up with a few photos from the preview to get you excited – which you can see in the gallery below.

Though trust me, nothing compares to seeing these monsters move and what they sound like. The amount of detail Edwards and his crew have out into this is stellar. They actually look like two realistic animals about to quarrel over territory. Move over Animal Planet, I’d rather learn about the animal kingdom from this movie.

Godzilla rampages into theaters May 16th, and I am literally counting the days.

For now, check out these photos of the exclusive Wondercon footage. I apologize for their poor quality, but they’re better than nothing. After some editing I was able to refine them a bit. If I get access to higher resolution versions, I will update them accordingly.


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