Transformers 4: Age of Extinction – Autobots and Dinobots Unite!

Since Transformers 4: Age of Extinction aired their first teaser during the Super Bowl this past year, bit by bit we’ve gotten more and more info about the film debut of the Dinobots. Originally only Grimlock (T-Rex) and Strafe (2 Headed Pterosaur) were confirmed for the film, but images from the 2014 International Toy Fair in New York City revealed several more possible Dinobots.

Now Toy lines are always tricky and can either reference something from the film or something that ‘fits’ with the film. Thankfully, new TV spots and footage have revealed that the toys are in fact ‘movie accurate’. So let’s look at some of the new players from this footage and formally introduce you all to the latest additions to the Dinobot team, Slug and Scorn – as well as one peculiar mystery bot.

Just get out of his way

Just get out of his way

Originally a TV spot came out that briefly teased Slug running behind Grimlock in a ruined city; but now, we have so much more. There is footage of not only Slug, but Grimlock, Strafe and Scorn running alongside two new Autobots named Crosshairs (Green C7 Corvette Stingray) and Drift (Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse). This confirms three key pieces of information that past trailers left kind of murky.

  1. All The Dinobots Are Together:

Even though the Dinobots are usually one whole team, some Transformers storylines have had them split up. So in this case we couldn’t really assume until we actually saw them along side one another. This is a very minimal point, but will be much more important when considering Point #2

  1. The Dinobots and Autobots Are On The Same Side:
From Top Left to Bottom Right: Strafe, Slug, Grimlock, Drift, Scorn, Slingshot

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Strafe, Slug, Grimlock, Drift, Scorn, Crosshairs

We know Grimlock and Optimus has some differences to get worked out earlier in the film – which ends in Optimus riding Grimlock into battle – but sooner or later they all get together. Though outside of Grimlock’s and Optimus’s interaction, we don’t get to see the Autobots with any other Dinobots interact aside from the initial shot of Bumblebee and Strafe.

The Bumblebee and Strafe moment could be taken one of two ways. Either Strafe was coming into attack Bumblebee or he was trying to catch him as Bumblebee jumped away from an explosion. It’s hard to tell intent when a two-headed Pterosaur is dive-bombing you and roaring menacingly; but this group shot of everyone confirms that Strafe was there to help – as are all the Dinobots.

  1. I Spy Scorn:

As I said earlier, we saw in an earlier TV spot that Slug would be part of the Dinobot team in the movie. Thanks to this group shot though, you can also spy another Dinobot toy that made the transition to the big screen – Scorn, the three-sailed Spinosaur. You can just see him behind Slingshot. But there is also something else behind Scorn it seems. It could be his tail – doubtful –, or it could be Optimus Prime – more likely -, or it could be absolutely nothing – most most likely. OR it could be the final Dinobot that has yet to see make the jump from toy to film – Slash. Or has he?

Mystery ‘Bot’:

Wolfy Transformer? This mystery … thing was first brought to my attention the other day. After a lot of comparison shots, I’m confident this is not Slash – the missing toy member of the Dinobots. Between this monster having wide horizontal blades flanking each side of its head – whereas Slash has a more streamline design – and what appears to be a tuft of fur at the top of its head, this is something completely new.

Perhaps our original hopes for a Beast Wars storyline is indeed in the works. Also, if you remember Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the Decepticons had some animal-like Transformers at their disposal. Maybe this new invading force has them as well. This idea gets more likely when you consider the fact that some Transformers don’t even transformer anymore. As we saw in another clip, one was able to just morph in a swirl of metal from vehicle to robot mode – which puts into play the theory of what Transformers are made of. As for why I’m guessing this guy isn’t a good guy, he just looks bad, even down to the green acid he seems to be spitting.


We’re getting closer and closer to the June 27th release of this film; and again, I can’t wait. With the Dinobots and a brand new cast, it looks like this film will set off a much better trilogy than the first. I stand by my belief that this will be the Sequel we’ve waited for. All we can do now is wait a little longer – and buy a Dinobot toy or two. I know I am!

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