Lost Girl Rushes To Makes Season Five Their Last & Why We Saw It Coming

Lost Girl say wha?

Lost Girl say wha?

Lost Girl might have been renewed for a Fifth Season; but those celebrations will end very shortly as we learned today that the format is quickly being changed to make Season Five its last season; but are we really surprised? After an exceptional decrease in quality this past, its no wonder this show is ending. Gone are the days when this show gave us an incredibly dynamic female lead; and much like many problems in Season 4, it seems as though the only solution is to sweep everything under the rug.

The Decline of Season 4:

Saying Lost Girl’s Fourth Season was lackluster is kind of an understatement. I’d go into more details; but I covered all of this in my Season 4 Review – The Good, The Bad & The . . . REALLY?. Though in short, Season 4’s writing was a pure abomination. Lost Girl used to be an amazing show with brilliant story lines. Starting around Season 3 though the writing staff started to change and it showed slightly; but there was still enough momentum to push it forward and lead to a powerful cliffhanger ending.

Where Season 4 picked up and took it was just horrific. From moments of incest – both paternal and maternal – to flashbacks that completely contradicted each other, it seemed like there were two completely different teams of writers handling the episodes. One side maintained the original feel of Lost Girl yet progressed the story and characters (ie: Dyson and Lauren becoming strong independent characters). The other side wanted drama, drama and more drama and to keep the love triangle going no matter how much the story itself moved past it (ie: despite a season of being betrayed and treated awfully, Dyson and Lauren not only loose all their character development; but also become even more dependent upon Bo than when they started). Throw in torturing and killing off the most beloved character and you have a recipe to piss off any fans you haven’t already.

Seriously, these two were amazing last season and you spent the entire finale making them go back under Bo's shadow for no reason.

Seriously, these two were amazing last season and you spent the entire finale making them go back under Bo’s shadow for no reason. Making a strong female lead does not mean you have to dumb down all surrounding characters just so she seems strong. To do otherwise is honestly just insulting.

Overall, it was the kind of Season that made you just want to drink heavily. Now some of you might disagree with my review of the Fourth Season; but I assure you the facts are all there. Additionally, these feelings are actually shared by quite a few people. How do I know? Well, that brings us to our next segment. 

What The Season 5 Reveal REALLY Means:

When asked for comment of the news Anna Silk, who plays the main character Bo, says she was confused by the news and hoped that they had another season in them. Some fans will certainly feel this way as well; but as you could tell from their Season 4 run, it’s a miracle they got renewed for a Fifth Season at all. When a series gets renewed for a Season, it basically depends on if the network has anything else of value and the fans reception. Lost Girl was renewed way too soon and only afterwards did they realize how badly fans reacted to their last season. The reason for this is apparent with when this revelation was made.

When a series is ordered, its role as ‘last season’ is usually given up front. This is what happened when Falling Skies announced their upcoming Fifth season and how it would be their last as well. The fact that the originally scheduled Fifth Season of Lost Girl was updated so late in the game to become their last truly showcases – pun intended – that they really didn’t think this through. The majority of the Season was already written before they realized, “wow, we’re losing fans left and right!”

Exhibit A of how this show will basically throw in anything, no matter how unrelated to the story it is.

Fun Fact: This show has made a point of throwing in anything someone wants to do. Fun for the actors, sure. But when you sacrifice screen time and story for things that make no sense, story suffers. Anna Silk even commented on how she wants a laser grid scene like Entrapment. . . . NO! Just no! Acrobatics isn’t one of Bo’s talents, so how about we try to stay in character.

Additionally, contrary to the releases wording, adding 3 additional episodes to the Fifth Season in no way constitutes a ‘supersizing’ of the series. During its fantastic second seasons – when the writing was still brilliant – a standard Lost Girl season was over 20 episodes. All that these additional 3 episodes serve to do is clean up the Season Five original finale – making it basically a 3 episode Sixth Season.

 Is There Silver Lining?:

 Despite all the past mistakes this last minute change shows, it does honestly give Lost Girl’s Fifth Season a better chance than it stood. Again, the Fourth Season really pissed off – and insulted – a lot of people. So if this were just another season, many fans would have actually jumped ship. On the other hand, if they know that this is Lost Girl’s last season, they might try to suffer through it. I can’t speak for all fans as I know some probably have already left the series and refuse to look back. I personally will now give their Season Five a chance.

Rainer is Bo's father and a demon king. I don't care how hard you try to dust it under the rug, you made this apparent for an entire season and a half. Enough backpedaling.

Rainer is Bo’s father and a demon king. I don’t care how hard the new writers try to dust it under the rug, this was the path for an entire season and a half. Enough backpedaling and ‘if Bo says it it must be true, no matter what everyone else and the history books say’.

Though I swear if there’s any more of that Rainer garbage – he’s your father, no he’s my lover, no he’s your demon father, oh wait he’s dead so lets pretend that never happened – I will never look at this series again. Bo will undoubtedly be heading to Hell to rescue Kenzi and then deal with all the repercussions that causes, so it’s a safe bet that she’ll be running into the Pyrippus – her apparent father who was also supposed to be Rainer that they locked in Hell. So yah, this entire Season will be Bo undoing Kenzi’s heroic sacrifice and allowing her demon father’s entry into this world . . . again. On second though, maybe I still won’t watch this season.

 Either way, Lost Girl’s finale season begins airing on Showcase Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on December 7th. The Season will be divided into two eight episode halves. As for when the show will air outside of Canada on SyFy, etc is still up in the air – if it’ll be aired on them at all. SyFy originally said Lost Girl will return; but with some press releases for Lost Girl cite it being ONLY on Showcase, things could still change. With Showcase airing all of Season 4 before it arrived on SyFy – and people being able to stream it online – the ratings suffered horribly when SyFy finally decided to air a few months later. Honestly, I think it’ll make it to SyFy eventually; but it certainly isn’t high on their priorities. 

2 thoughts on “Lost Girl Rushes To Makes Season Five Their Last & Why We Saw It Coming

  1. Even months later after Season 4 finished airing, my friends and I are still trying to make sense of what the hell happened. There were some bright spots, as you mentioned, but it went downhill so quickly. And Rainer should never be spoken by anyone ever again, lol. Talk about a last-minute, left-field, “WHAT THE F***?!?!?” were they thinking storyline. I liked it when it was assumed that the Wanderer could possibly be Odin and we were going to have this epic, Norse mythology-based fourth season. Then the fourth season happened.

    I’m both sad and glad to see it ending. I wish they had at least one more season, but after the cluster that was the fourth season, I hope it ends on a high note and gives all fans something they are looking forward to. Bo went from being badass to anything but in the fourth season, and that disappointed me ’cause she’s my favorite character.

    I kinda wish they would do a Lauren/Dyson/Tamsin/Kenzi spinoff where they solve unsolved and crazy Fae cases, but make it an equal mix of comedic/dramatic. Those are four characters that I would love to see work together and pretty much say “F you” to Bo after the whole Rainer fiasco. They all deserve better.

    • Agreed, no one shall speak the ‘R’ name again. And you and your friends can rest; there is no way to make sense out of it. I tried and tried and couldn’t. Hell, writing my ‘Season 4 review’ to explain all the good, bad and awful put me in SUCH a bad mood. Because there was literally that much to be upset over. Una Mens, Origin Seed changing origin half season, the limbo train. UGH, i need a drink. I imagined an awesome Norse/Odin theory like you – and most people – and what we got was like a Greek tragedy . . . just less writing lol

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