Lost Girl: “Dark Horse” Recap

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After a season of misdirection, choppy scene development, annoying characters, and glaring continuity issues, I honestly have never been so relieved to see a season finale in my life. Season finales are usually bitter sweet: sad the season’s over, yet excited for next. I experienced none of that with Lost Girl’s Season 4 Finale. From speeding past important facts to characters conversations that have nothing to do with each other, I don’t know where to start with this one.

Rainer – Well That Went No Where:

We’ve been confused about the whole Rainer thing from the start, then became more confused, next disgusted and annoyed, and now back to confused. Remember when Bo was acting like the love-sick puppy earlier this season over Rainer? Well those feelings do seem to be mutual. At one point Rainer refers to the hand print on their necks as “their” mark, but Bo corrects him to say it’s her father’s mark.

Between this and the flurry of unsupported claims (the train was all Bo’s father’s doing) it seemed like either Rainer was awful at lying or the writers were awful at remember what they just wrote. And as if a last stitch effort to hide their mistakes, Rainer is killed off by Mossimo with no warning at all and in the most unimaginable way – oh don’t worry, there’s more unimaginative deaths to come.

Rainer didn't see that coming . . . too soon?

Rainer didn’t see that coming . . . too soon?

So much is left unresolved with the whole Rainer/Wanderer story that I can’t properly go into it here – be sure to look out for my Top 5 Worst Things of Lost Girl Season 4 – but I’ll hit the main idea here. Earlier this season, “The Wanderer” was revealed to be “Rainer” in Trick’s flashback. Last season – and this season as well – The Wanderer was referred to as Bo’s Father by multiple sources. Even if everyone was wrong with that last part, the Wanderer Tarot Card/the theme song/ etc were all by Bo’s Father. Add in the fact that the book did tell of “Rainer” as a demon with horns and fangs, and you can see why this got soo complicated for apparently no reason at all.

Bo’s Blood:

While talking with Trick and Rainer at the Dal, Bo learns that she has mixed blood that uses her mother’s blood mage powers which were inherited from Trick as well as abilities of her father to take from multiple sources and transfer that chi to anyone she wants. Despite this being one of the few blatant reveals of the season, it’s something we’ve known since Season 3. Rainer lists the good it can do in battle, but Trick reminds him that it can also enslave people if the wrong hand coerces her. Bo promptly objects to this and says she’s not someone to be used – which to quote Dr Lauren is “adorable” considering she’s been used LITERALLY this entire season (setting the Pyrippus free, killing the Una Mens, freeing the Wanderer, shall I go on?).

Hey Bo, remember a few minutes ago when you said no one is going to use you . . . . well this is awkward.

Hey Bo, remember a few minutes ago when you said no one is going to use you . . . . well this is awkward.

Speaking of getting used, when Bo and Dyson go to check out the portal site – after she EXPLICITLY said they should go get Lauren first – she gets baited by her father to chi-drain the revenants that try to attack them which causes her to become Dark Bo.  Dyson is able to snap her out of it with a kiss – again, what is this Disney? – which Bo mocks as corny only to follow it up with another corny line about three some (even though there’s more than three people there). Apparently another trait of Bo’s blood is its ability to channel her father – we’ve seen this in past seasons as well – which calls into question why the handprint marks were necessary.

Kenzi’s Sacrifice:

Despite forcing Bo to unclaim her, Kenzi returns to find that she might be the missing piece of the puzzle in defeating the Pyrippus. By sacrificing Bo’s heart, the portal can be closed. Considering the past seasons, we know that metaphorically Kenzi is Bo’s heart. Though considering what Kenzi and Bo had just went through and how much Kenzi can’t stand Bo right now, it seems a little strange that she just immediately realized that the prophecy is talking about her.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.38.09 PM

Even so, Kenzi steps up – as she has most of this season – to be the true “dark horse”, which is a character that seems outmatched and insignificant but holds the key to victory. I will give credit where credit is due, the episode title referring to both the Pyrippus and Kenzi was brilliant – admit it, you thought they were going to play Katy Perry’s new song, didn’t you.

With Kenzi laying down her life on the battlefield, she is entitled to enter Valhalla – which apparently isn’t for just Fae – and hopefully be reunited with Hale. In a season full of let downs, Ksenia Solo stepped up each time to be truly amazing. From the moment she found that scroll I knew it was going to end in her death, but I still shed a tear when she left. She might have been ‘the dark horse’ in the world of Lost Girl, but to us (or me at least) she will always be the girl we put our money on.

Tamsin’s Redemption:

After getting a second chance to do the right thing, Tamsin brought Rainer’s soul to Valhalla. Finally undoing her exile and bringing her back into the graces of being a true valkyrie. She later continues her newfound – refound – mission by bringing Kenzi’s soul to Valhalla as well, or did she?

Fully transformed Tamsin transports Kenzi's soul to Valhalla

Fully transformed Tamsin transports Kenzi’s soul to Valhalla

It’s not clear why Tamsin was crying at the end with Dyson if she did truly bring Kenzi’s soul to Valhalla, but she tells Dyson that Bo must not find the other Helskór to bring Kenzi back. I’ve watched these scenes several times, and it is still unclear whether:

  1. Kenzi is dead and in Valhalla and the group wants to bring her back despite her wishes to be dead and rest with Hale.
  2. Kenzi’s soul was taken before she reached Valhalla and they must get it back so she may rest in piece.
  3. Both 1 & 2?

If Kenzi’s soul was stolen, they never showed Bo being told of this – nor does she explicitly mention it at the grave. This would mean that whether Kenzi is resting peacefully or not, Bo is going to disturb that slumber and bring her back. Sadly, one must wonder how Kenzi will react if Bo goes through all this trouble to bring her back to life … and not Hale.

Empowered Mossimo – WORST. CHARACTER. EVER:

So despite last episode hinting at a gruesome transformation, no such thing happened. Apparently side effects for eating the Una Mens Origin Seed include premature graying and searing 1 second headaches every once in a while.We first find Mossimo who dragged Lauren outside to dig a grave for her, only to then bring her back inside and abandon this idea. Why he was digging her a grave rather than just kill her like everyone else he has, I don’t know. Beyond listening to some good insults from Lauren and learning that without Hale the Twig of Zamora is losing power, there was no real purpose for this scene. Actually, no, this scene was just for Lauren – you’ll see in a second.

Introducing 'The Mossimo Drinking Game' - drink every time he has a hissy fit

Introducing ‘The Mossimo Drinking Game’ – drink every time he has a hissy fit. (BAD IDEA)

Now an ‘all powerful character whose whole evil complex is based off of trying to make a parental figure love them’ isn’t a bad way to make a villain. Once Upon A Time: In Wonderland did an amazing job of it with Jafar. It’s compelling and yet at the same time makes you feel for them. None of that is true with Mossimo. Oedipal complexes aside, he’s whiny, blames everyone else for his problems, and is just pathetic. Oh, and as far as the Oedipal complexes go, it was actual incest. Evony wasn’t “like a mother” to him, she biologically was his mother as we learn in this episode. So child who grows up with resentment for their parental figure but still desiring to earn their love – good villain. Child who despite growing up still acts like a child and wants their parental figure to ‘love’ love them – creepy, and not in the way that makes a good villain.

Even in death Mossimo is a waste. In what was possibly one of the most unexplainable scenes, one second Bo takes some of Evony’s chi, the next Mossimo is draining Evony dry. So again we have two possibilities:

  1. Mossimo tried to chi drain Bo, but missed.
  2. Bo transferred Evony’s chi to Mossimo
Evony gets chi drained by Mossimo, but how?

Evony gets chi drained by Mossimo, but how?

Well for starters, Mossimo didn’t try to chi drain Bo, so it’s not option 1. Second, Bo can transfer chi but only by holding it within herself as a middle-man. Transfering chi directly from one person to the other is impossible even for her. So why this happened, no one knows. Let’s just chalk it up to another instance of bad writing/cram everything in so no one realizes it’s coming from out of left field.  Bo later restores Evony by taking Mossimo’s chi – a feat that she shouldn’t have been able to do considering it’s the Una Mens powers – and later runs him through after Lauren removes the Twig of Zamora which was … wait for it … in his pocket the whole time. Well shoot, I could have done that. Which brings us back to that random grave scene before. If you are going to talk about the twig of Zamora weakening because of Hale’s death, then you why take the time to show it has to be removed to kill him. When taken together these revelations cancel each other out and kill time.

The Now Pointless Love Triangle:

One of the central point of Lost Girl from season 1 has been the love triangle between Bo, Dyson and Lauren. With the appearance of Rainer, she cast aside both Dyson and Lauren in a heartbeat and made up reasons why the man she just met is a healthier relationship than the man and woman who have given everything for Bo. After turning her back on those who loved her most, its hard to believe that she could ever repair those relationships. Hard, but not impossible considering she is back with Dyson and Lauren less than a few hours after Rainer’s death.

Why do I have deja vu? Oh yah, cause the same exact scene happened literally 10 minutes ago with Dyson. *sigh*

Why do I have deja vu? Oh yah, cause the same exact scene happened literally 10 minutes ago with Dyson. *sigh*

This is frustrating for several reasons. First off, it makes Dyson and Lauren look weak. One of the only redeeming things of this season have been how great Dyson and Lauren have become. Finally standing up for themselves and be able to showcase their extraordinary talents, this tag team have come along way from fighting each other. Though when they pledge their love to Bo/Bo comes crawling back to them, it just makes them seem weak.

The last time there was a huge rift between members of the love triangle, it took half a season to get resolved, now it’s resolved in less than 20 minutes. By skipping all of this, it just seems unrealistic and insincere. It’s almost as though the Love Triangle is based on “Eh, we’ve done it for 4 seasons already, why not a 5th?” rather than any honest feelings anymore.

Tamsin is clearly sad when she walks in on Dyson proclaiming his love for Bo

Tamsin is clearly sad when she walks in on Dyson proclaiming his love for Bo

The second reason this is frustrating is that it prevents – and even undoes – any character development that has developed this season. I kind of touched upon this with the first reason, but my specific example here is Tamsin. Sure, we don’t know when Tamsin stopped being gaga for Bo and started pinning for Dyson, but you can clearly see Tamsin likes Dyson. When she walks in on him pledging himself to Bo, you can clearly see she is upset. This season just shows that there shouldn’t be any happy relationships. First Kenzi and Hale, now Dyson leaves Tamsin – a new possibly amazing relationship – for the drama filled love triangle that has caused both him and Lauren grief for the past 4 seasons.

Where to Next?:

So of all the unresolved issues we got this season (the black ooze box, wanderer/Bo’s dad, etc) it appears that the only ones we are actually going to continue with leading into next season is:

–       Bringing back Kenzi

–       Making sure Bo doesn’t try to get the Helskór

Apparently the gates to Valhalla can be found in a Canadian alley . . .

Apparently the gates to Valhalla can be found in a Canadian alley . . .

Honestly, I don’t think I want another Season. I remember how brilliantly written Lost Girl used to be the first two Seasons. Season 3 was decent, but this season was just awful. Many said it from the start but I held out hope. Well here we are at Seasons end and I regretfully admit I was wrong. Each episode – especially from Rainer’s introduction – made me more and more disappointed.

Between the whole Rainer/Wander/Daddy back pedaling, continuity errors, cop outs, choppy scene progression, and reducing one of the most empowered and admirable characters into a hypocrite who blames the people she herself pushed away, we can’t take another Season like this one. If it were possible to make a new season that could be 22 episodes and make up for everything this season ruined, I would jump at the idea in a heartbeat. Though sadly, the damage is done and I don’t know if I’ll ever love this show the same way again.

4 thoughts on “Lost Girl: “Dark Horse” Recap

  1. I love how upset you are with Lost Girl. You explain your complaints so forcefully and clearly! I wasn’t as upset as you are with the season, and I do hope for a season 5. Not because this was a great season but because I like the characters and have some hope that if there is a season 5, the writers will learn something from the failures of season 4 and try to go back to their more successful approach from earlier seasons.

    A minor plot point on Massimo draining chi from Evony. The Una Mens reflect whatever you throw at them. They sucked Bo’s chi after she tried to drain them. They made snarling wolfie faces at Dyson after he shifted on them. Massimo ate the remaining seed and acquired all the power of the Una Mens. Bo drained his chi, which gave him to power to do the same. He meant to do it to Bo, but she slipped Evony into position instead.

  2. Oh yah, haha I didn’t pull any punches with this one. And as far as Massimo, Bo did push Evony in, BUT watch the scene. He had in no way trained to drain Bo’s chi. He was just standing there. And it wasn’t a rebound from her prior attempt because directly before that push Bo was threatening Evony. So if they did intend a switcheroo, it wasn’t properly set up.

  3. When massimo spoke about keeper and his warning, it was not the same keeper as in dawning. Massimo was speaking about leader of una mens whose name was keeper/arabella

    • Hi Sasu, I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. When did Mossimo speak of Arabella OR the keeper from the dawning? And yes, they are certainly not the same person. Arabella/Una Mens in total was just introduced this season

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