Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer – Meeting the Unusual Cast

On Jimmy Kimmel the other night we got our first look at the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy movie set to hit theaters August of this year. The fanfare surrounding this movie was actually so intense that a 15 second teaser trailer was released only hours before the actual reveal. So why all the craze over a group of heroes you’ve probably never heard of before? While some might say that anything with the Marvel Studios logo on it causes mass hysteria, its actually a lot simpler than that.

The reason there’s so much fanfare over a relatively unknown group of heroes is simply because we don’t know them – and Marvel knows that. Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe have been patiently anticipating this movie so that they might figure out why Marvel was so set on making this film. In true Marvel fashion, they responded to their fans’  needs by making an entire trailer that basically asks “Who are these a-holes?”

“What a bunch of a-holes!" - one of the security guards remarks

“What a bunch of a-holes!” – one of the security guards remarks

Marvel knows this is a much more outlandish movie than its other titles – notice the gun-wielding, talking Raccoon – so they’re not going to try to make it a super serious trailer about inner demons, family drama, or ancient evils. They are going to steer right into the skid and present these new heroes as exactly what we see them as: a bunch of misfits who we know nothing about. So let’s break this trailer apart and get to know these unusual – yet instantly memorable – characters.

Drax the Destroyer:


First up is Drax the Destroyer – played by Dave Bautista – who we learn recently lost his wife and family and has been on a galaxy-wide rampage to seek vengeance. Thanks to the holo-file police reports, we can also learn some more about this character. The units of height and weight make no sense, but the ‘enhancements’ do tell us that he has “enhanced musculature, impact-resistant skin, and augmented cellular regeneration”. In short, he is a tank. He’s incredibly strong, almost invulnerable, and if he were to be injured, he’s a fast healer.



Next we meet the assassin Gamora – played by Zoe Saldana. Not much is said about this red haired beauty, but her holo-file reveals that she has “cybernetic appendages, ocular & respiratory implants, and an enhanced neurological system”. In other words she’s incredibly smart, can see and breath in situations that others can’t, and can rip your arm off and beat you with it if you cat-call her. Considering she’s being locked up in a predominately male prison, that last ability should come in handy.

Rocket Raccoon:

IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!! . . . . Fun Fact: You probably will.

IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!!!! . . . . Fun Fact: You probably will.

Meet Rocket Raccoon – voiced by Bradley Cooper – the most adorable, yet crazed of the entire group. Between countless charges of arson, escape and vehicular theft, he is basically a game of Grand Theft Auto. Upon looking at his holo-file we learn that he has a “cybernetic skeletal structure, enhanced phalange and metacarpal bones, and a genetically augmented cerebral cortex”. In other words, he’s exactly what he appears to be: an intelligent, bipedal raccoon that can hold a gun.



This tall, dark and imposing fellow is Groot – voiced by Vin Diesel – who has been traveling with Rocket Raccoon as his personal “house plant / muscle”. His holo-file shows no sign of enhancements, but think about it: does a gigantic tree man need any enhancements? Between Rocket’s brains and enhanced trigger finger, and Groot’s size and strength, these two make an excellent team for not only waging war, but also for reaching the top shelf.

Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord):


Finally we meet Peter Jason Quill – played by Chris Pratt – the charismatic and self appointed  “legendary outlaw” known as “Star Lord”. In many ways he seems to be a mix of Jack Sparrow – I mean “Captain Jack Sparrow” – and Indiana Jones. His origins aren’t known as of yet, but he is certainly the most human of the bunch. With his holo-file mentioning how he has a “translator implant in neck”,  he’s certainly not from around here. Also, don’t take his headphone!

Expanding the Universe in the Marvel Universe:

Aside from Thor not many Marvel movies have dealt with anything beyond Earth. With Ironman, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk all being based on Earth, Thor’s main purpose was to explore other worlds more and more. The first dealt with only 3 realms, but the sequel explored various other planets and locations across the galaxy.

New Worlds

After sufficient lead up, Guardians of the Galaxy will most likely deal with everything but Earth. It will still be tied to Marvel Universe through the use of Infinity Gems and ‘The Collector’ whom we met in the post credits scene of Thor 2: The Dark World, but overall the scale of Guardians of the Galaxy will be much larger than anything we’ve seen before.

The Third Infinity Gem: 

Regardless of any possible lead-up Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier might offer, Guardians of the Galaxy has already had its character tie in via Thor 2: The Dark World. In the post credits scene we met The Collector, a powerful and ancient being who has an affinity for ‘collecting’ things and people. He is specifically interested in ‘The Infinity Gems’ which Thanos will eventually get his hands on for Avengers 3.

The Collector returns (left) as the 3rd Infinity Gem is found (right)

The Collector returns (left) as the 3rd Infinity Gem is found (right)

We’ve already found 2 Gems: The Tesseract (in Captain America and Avengers) and the Aether (Thor 2: The Dark World). In the opening of this trailer we see Quill trying to steal a spherical object that – according to some film summaries – is an object of great power. Considering this is the last movie until Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, there’s a good chance this is actually an Infinity Gem.

As for how this film will lead into Avengers 2 remains to be seen, but I’m sure there will be a post credits scene or two that will tie into Ultron or the Avengers themselves. Perhaps it’ll depend on what powers this new gem has. Either way, Guardians of the Galaxy will prove to be a very different movie for Marvel, but none the less a great film. They haven’t let us down yet, and personal I can’t wait to see what kind of banter Rocket Raccoon and Tony Stark will have in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

Edit: Guardians Of The Galaxy will not lead into Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, but rather Avengers 3. Updated details here!

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