Netflix, You Have Failed This Series! – Arrow Season 2 Delayed


Arrow Logo

When Green Arrow joined Smallville, he quickly became my favorite character; and yet when the series Arrow began, it was always towards the end of my to watch list. So when I heard Season 3 as well as its Flash spin-off would be beginning soon, I decided to finally start watching. With Season 1 on Netflix, it seemed like a simple enough task, made better only by the revelation that Season 2 was due out September 14th. So when I finished the climactic end of Season 1 on Friday September 13th, I knew I just had to survive the next 24 hours to move onto Season 2. Sadly, someone – or something – screwed up.

Sunday September 14th came and went; but no marker revealing “New Episodes” for Arrow. Fans cried out for a hero; and learned that Netflix would probably be delaying the release a few days until the DVD came out on September 16th. No big deal; that is until we learned that the wait would be much longer.

Say goodbye to any plans you had of easily watching Season 2 of Arrow before Season 3 began. The Netflix release of Arrow Season 2 has been pushed all the way back to October 8th, the same day that Arrow’s 3rd Season begins.


Now there are no set rules for when Netflix has to make a Season/Show available; but to push the date back in the so far back with no heads up is kind of strange. This is especially true since Arrow is such a hot show right now. Again, this was possibly because the CW asked Arrow’s Netflix release to be slowed to help the DVD sales; but pushing it back that far might hurt it. Most fans will wait for it to hit Netflix; but then have to catch up with Season 3.

It would serve the CW much better if they allowed fans to catch up on Season 2 so that when Season 3 began, the fans could watch live and help improve ratings. As for my plan of acting, DVD, iTunes, Amazon, or stream sites. Either way, I will catch up on Arrow Season 2 before the October 8 release. Though now I do so with Netflix’s – and possibly CW’s – name written in my book. A heads up would have been nice as opposed to the ‘get our hopes off/backs off’ approach they actually took. Whether it’s Netflix, The CW or someone in charge of communication  – *vigilante voice* – “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY SERIES!”

Disclaimer: I’m sure the Series will be redeemed as soon as Season 3 starts lol

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