Sleepy Hollow: “Root of All Evil” Recap

War Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow continued it’s powerful second season this week by not only adding a new character; but also revealed just how deeply the town of Sleepy Hollow is under War’s control. Though in an episode filled with the theme of fragile allegiances, we can’t help but feel there is a bombshell betrayal/confrontation coming – possibly within Moloch’s own ranks. From possibly sinister back-stories to the most interesting occurrence of ‘Twistory’ yet, you’ll find all this and more in this week’s recap for “Root of All Evil”.

The Twistory of Betrayers – Benedict Arnold & Judas:

What if I told you that some of the most famous traitors in history weren’t traitors at all; but rather were controlled by dark forces to do the unthinkable? Well that was the premise of this week’s Sleepy Hollow ‘twistory’. It apparently all started over 2000 years ago when Judas was given 30 pieces of Tyrian Silver to betray Jesus. Though according to this episodes tale, Judas didn’t sell out Christ for the money; but it was the money that drove Judas betray his friend and teacher.

Now fast forward to the Revolutionary War where Ichabod and others were tasked with recovering a set of coins from a band of counterfeiters who wished to destroy the colonial currencies – or so they thought. It was actually a far most sinister plot to reintroduce those cursed pieces of silver and sew chaos and discord in order to turn the tide in the favor of evil. The plot was of course foiled; but not before it claimed one of the revolution’s bravest and most loyal fighters, Benedict Arnold.

Benedict Arnold

Now the coin’s effects do wear off after a period of time or if lost; but by then the damage is already done. We see how in later life, Arnold regained his senses; but continued to fight with the British anyway because he knew he had caused his former friends so much harm. There was nothing that could redeem him so he continued along his path, each step bringing him more and more regret. This moment of ‘realization’ could also be applied to the Judas story since after betraying Christ he threw away the coins and killed himself because the guilt of what he had done was too great.

Sleepy Hollow has had some great twistory before; but this one is quite possibly the most brilliant yet. It not only combines two people separated by over 1700 years; but also seamlessly blends in the background motif that this is biblical. Additionally, this revelation explicitly shows that the battle between good and evil started even further back than the Revolutionary War.

30 Pieces of Tyrian Silver:

As for these pieces of silver themselves, knowing not to touch them isn’t enough as they appear to mesmerize anyone close to them, making them want to touch them. Additionally, these coins don’t so much make you betray the one you trust most; but actually take hold of any feelings of mistrust in you and magnify them exponentially. The only thing that can contain them is stained glass since that was one of Tyre’s lead exports.

Tyrian Shekels So thanks to some church vandalism and Ichabod’s hidden soccer skills, this coin of chaos is safely contained. The problem lies in the fact that there were ’30 pieces of silver’. Was this the only remaining coin or are there 29 more still out there ready to cause trouble in the town of Sleepy Hollow? Either way, we’ll have to keep an eye out for them. Thankfully, we now have a new set of eyes.

Nick Hawley – Ally or Sell Out?:

We were originally told of two new characters emerging this season, one of course being the new Sheriff. Well now we meet the second, the “arms dealer/bounty hunter” named Nick Hawley – played by Matt Barr. With his knowledge of rare items and history, he could certainly be a valuable ally. The true scope of his presence has yet to be revealed; but will he be friend or – as Ichabod put it – nothing more than a self serving privateer?

Nick Hawley

According to some bits of info we got from San Diego Comic Con and Entertainment Weekly, there’s rumors that Hawley might fit the role of Abbie Mill’s romantic foil. This might break the hearts of a lot of ‘Ichabie’ fans; but considering Ichabod IS married, Hawley could in fact prove himself to be a fan favorite very quickly – again depending on his true allegiances (greater good or self preservation). Though with him returning to give Ichabod a fake ID, perhaps he can be trusted.

Murky Allegiances – Horseman vs Horseman?:

It’s not just the forces of good that have issues as we learned this episode. We just assumed that having the status of ‘horseman’ immediately made you buddies. Well, it’s starting to seem like there is a BIG difference between brothers-in-arms and actually liking each other. While War and Death were discussing their plan, you could see how there were already some seeds of conflict between the two. So much so, that it’s hard to tell which will act in the greater favor of good.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.55.08 AM

Katrina is playing Death perfectly and is starting to play with his feelings of inferiority, loss and jealousy when she points out how he is confined. She then goes one step further by pointing out that War- her son – does still have a connection to her since he chose to reside in the house he was born in. War advises Katrina to stop messing with Death; and Death advises Katrina to stop trying with War. Though despite the two trying to point out Katrina’s attempt, her attempts are indeed driving a wedge between them. Will Death rebel against War or does War still care for his mother and his past life – as we can gather by the emotional/pained look on his face when he burned the bed he was born in. Katrina might side with her son – as Abbie fears all mothers do – ; but War/Henry/Jeremy might side with his mother – like sons do.

Mrs Mills – Same War, Different Time:

While we wait for the new Sheriff’s defining moment, right now we are still between not knowing if she’s a hard nosed good person, or up to something sinister. She certainly seems to rubbing in the whole “I knew your mother” aspect into Abbie and Jennie; but it is actually the revelation about their mother that took some importance this episode.

It’s not simply that Sheriff Reyes put their mother in the mental ward; but what the mother was put there for: demons. After reading through her mother’s case files, it seems as though Mrs Mills was haunted by Moloch as well. Early attempt to get the ‘witnesses’ or something else? There’s no doubt that their mother’s past will play more into this season because as we’ve learned in this show time and time again: if you know your history, you can advise future.

 Episode Quotes With Double Meanings?:

Henry Parish

Sleepy Hollow is becoming infamous for simple passages/quotes that could have multiple meanings. It’s too many to break them all up into different sections, so I’l compiled this episodes best quotes that can be taken in more than one way – and possibly predict what they tell for the future.

  • ‘I can always make time for family’ – Jeremy Crane/ Henry Parish/War

On the outside, this quote can simply be Jeremy making a joke about how he’s now a lawyer and could ‘help’ his father since he’s family. On the outer level this Jeremy simply joking that he will represent his biological family at some point since he’s done it for others in town. On a deeper level, he is referring to those he’s given the Tyrian Silver too. Up until now he’s just been planting it to random people in town; but now he will target Abbie’s sister Jennie. All and all a pretty straight forward/immediately revealed double meaning.

Where the tell tale mischievous smile. Could Jeremy still have love for his family deep inside?

Where the tell tale mischievous smile. Could Jeremy still have love for his family deep inside?

  • “I’m glad you survived that box I put you in so that way you too can witness first hand peoples true nature”

On one level, Jeremy is telling Ichabod that he is happy his father survived so he can see how frail the alliances of good are. On a deeper level, he COULD be hinting at his own remaining goodness – something we got a tiny hint of this episode. We know Jeremy still has a connection to his past and this could eat away at him. He could see Moloch as the person who actually broke up his family. This is a much more hypothetical read than the first; but considering we were told that Jeremy might see some redemption this season, we should keep a look out.

  • “Just as a coin magnifies people darkest impulses, War magnifies their allegiances and loyalties.”

Much like the last one, this quote could foretell Jeremy’s remaining goodness. In the context, Ichabod means war in terms of battles, etc; but what if the same could be true of War – as in the Horsemen of War. What if Jeremy’s/ Henry’s goal isn’t to destroy Ichabod and the others; but to make them stronger? Again, nothing definite here; but certainly something to watch out for.

Did Ichabod really get ID'd? He doesn't look under 21

Did Ichabod really get ID’d? He doesn’t look under 21

Our heroes certainly we through a lot of trial this episode. Though thankfully with Irving now filled in on who Henry really is, the stage is set. The only problem now is seeing where the characters will land. Who will make the sacrifices for good; and who will sell out for evil? I guess we’ll just have to wait for next week to see what happens.

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