Sleepy Hollow: “Deliverance” Recap

Halloween might be over, but this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow – “Deliverance” – was quite possibly the most heart-racing and creep-tastic yet. In the end, ‘Deliverance’ didn’t only refer to the plan for Katrina to ‘birth’ Moloch into the human world; but also to Ichabod and Abbie’s race to ‘Deliver’ her from his evil plans. Throw in some more Benjamin Franklin twistory and confirmation on an earlier theory, and you have a closer look at this week’s episode.

Alienating A Horsemen:

Katrina Sleepy Hollow DeliveranceSo it turns out Moloch’s new plan for Katrina didn’t have to do with a binding ceremony at all for her and Abraham – The Horsemen of Death – but in fact sought to have Katrina literally give birth to Moloch. This explains what Moloch yelled at Henry for a few episodes ago when he referenced her role as a Hellfire Shard, since the ones behind this were the occult scientist group known as The Hellfire Club. By concentrating the power of a jincan, the club had been able to birth demons into this world many times in the past; but this time it was meant for Moloch itself.

There’s just one small problem with this plan; and I’m not talking about Ichabod and Abbie’s will to save Katrina. The true problem with this plan was Moloch and Henry going against Abraham. The whole process would have certainly killed Katrina; and as twisted as Abraham is, he couldn’t let that happen. Abraham stood against Henry and the other members of the Hellfire Club so that Katrina might escape. Abraham took a lot of injuries through the battle via his weakness to sunlight; but it’s sure he might receive more when Moloch catches up with him. Does this make Death an ally of good now? Probably not, but he is at the very least an agent of chaos now who will side with neither Moloch nor Ichabod.


Once again, the twistory present in Sleepy Hollow never ceases to amaze me. The Hellfire Club is an actual mysterious club that partook in immoral activities; but I doubt not as evil as the ones in this episode. Additionally, we once again return to Ben Franklin who not only infiltrated this secret society; but stole quite a bit of their research. It is because of this that Ben was able to get his hands on the Key to Purgatory as well as how he was able to concoct a plan to save anyone inflected with this jincan-powered incubus.

Tablet Sleepy Hollow DeliveranceBenjamin Franklin actually did write at great lengths about the Northern Lights; and whereas there are no hidden codes that tell of its ability to banish evil – that we know of – he did indeed write about it. By using this crystal hidden within the tablet, Ichabod was able to purify Katrina and banish the evil growing inside her. It’s doubtful that this actually eradicated “The Horrid King” Moloch himself; but at least it saved Katrina.

The Frightened Child – Saving Jeremy:

A few episodes ago in “The Weeping Lady”, we saw how Henry isn’t the brilliant mastermind behind everything; but is actually still just a frightened child. This isn’t a side of him he likes to show others; but when Ichabod grabbed Henry’s hand while begging for his help with Katrina, he caught a glimpse into the childish Henry. Whether this means Ichabod is part sin-eater too is unknown; but either way, Ichabod glimpsed into a part of Henry’s life he’s been trying to hide – a vision of a frightened Henry running through the woods as a child.

He might have done some awful things; but Katrina and Ichabod are certain that good still remains inside him. He might have chosen to stand by Moloch’s power; but there was hesitation, no matter how slight. We have to remember that for the longest time, Henry had no parents. He only knew fear until Moloch resurrected him. Though now that his parents have returned, there is still hope. Though Henry still have a couple of evil tricks up his sleeves.

Voting Sleepy Hollow DeliveranceAt episode’s end we see Henry concocting a very colonial looking experiment by which he captures a bolt of lightning in order to make something begin to grow. Is this a new way to summon Moloch or is there something else about to be born? Next episode shows a succubus at large in Sleepy Hollow who is drawn to people with hidden desires – and she’s set her sights on Hawley. This could confirm that Hawley does indeed like Abbie; but the more pressing issue is what is the succubus’s purpose?

Since an Incubus path to birthing Moloch couldn’t work, will they now try a Succubus? We’ll find out soon enough; but one thing is for sure after this episode: the forces of good are making progress. Katrina has been freed, Abraham is no longer with Moloch and there’s still the Kindred somewhere out there – hopefully still good. Additionally, this episode FINALY got Abbie and Ichabod into the new Sheriff’s good graces, with Ichabod’s new identity as a ‘criminal profiler with an emphasis on acts of historical imitation’. So TAKE THAT MOLOCH!

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