Sleepy Hollow: “Mama” Recap

This week’s Sleepy Hollow certainly took a departure from the usual episode format; and that is exactly what we loved about it. Sure Crane was adorable while coping with being sick; but he action wasn’t front and center for much of the action this time around. Now I’m not saying this is something I’d like to continue; but it was very refreshing to be reminded of the other important relationship in Abbie life – the one she has with her sister Jennie.

With Jennie and Abbie were front and center this episode – and Katrina looking after baby Moloch – you can be sure the episode’s themes would revolve around motherhood. So let’s take a closer look at this episode and get ready for the upcoming midseason finale.

A Second Chance At Motherhood – Katrina Crane:

The moment we saw Katrina look upon the baby Moloch disguised as a real baby due to her necklace, we knew things were going to get worse. So when we heard Henry guilting Katrina into nurturing the child in an attempt for make up for her past failings at motherhood, we assumed all was lost. Thankfully, Katrina is a clever witch and was able to spot the telltale sign of ‘Demon Breath’ on her shoulder. What that is, we don’t know; but its probably nothing more than what it sounds like – the mark left behind when a Demon breathes on you.

Sleepy Hollow Mama 2Though just as Katrina discerns this and finishes a potion that could stop the baby Moloch, she discovers that he has already grown into a preteen. If you thought a demon child was bad, just wait until he hits puberty. Why Katrina didn’t still use the potion remains to be seen – since he plays a prominent role in the next episode. Perhaps he’s outgrown the potions power and can only be killed by something else.

Whatever the case of the rapidly growing Moloch is, there is one thing about this whole ‘Katrina Motherhood’ focus that did catch our eye – Henry. When Katrina was holding the baby Moloch, he started to tear up and fight back crying. At first I thought it was because he was watching Moloch kill his mother; but that was just ‘Demon Breath’. Upon closer inspection it looks like he was emotional over the attention baby Moloch was getting that he never did. Moloch of course is growing up faster so we won’t get to see this jealousy manifest itself too much; but this does offer us another glimpse at Henry’s potential to still be good – like how we saw him cry when burning where he was born. Either way, it at least shows us that there are still some strong emotions underneath all that evil. He’s still the denied little boy at the end of the day.

A Second Chance At Motherhood – Lori Mills:

Abbie and Jennie’s past has always been shrouded in tragedy and a little bit of mystery too. We slowly started to get some answers a few weeks ago when Sherif Reyes gave Abbie her mothers case files and we learned that Lori Mills was also besieged by demons. This episode filled in the rest of that story as Lori returned to not only save the inmates of Tarrytown Psych, but also her daughters.

Sleepy Hollow MamaMuch like Henry’s ‘misconception about his mother’, Jennie momentarily remembers a situation where it seemed as though their mother tried to commit suicide with her in the car; but this turned out to be another attempt on their lives by the demons – which Lori saved her from. In the end the daughters finally got to see their mother as the caring woman who wasn’t crazy; but always loved and looked out for them. Additionally, we were also reminded of Abbie’s family history with the Cranes and how her family might have a weapon that can stop Moloch once and for all.

Irving’s Great Escape – Too Easy:

Every time I see Irving in some dangerous situation I just remember Henry’s warning: that when Irving dies, his soul belongs to Henry. So when we saw Lambert trying to talk him into suicide, you knew what the ultimate end would be. Thankfully he survived, but there is something that still doesn’t sit easy with me. Irving escaped the prison really easily; and I can’t help but wonder if that’s really Irving – or at least the good one.

Maybe it’s the constant worry of this shows twists; but I feel like there is more to Irving’s escape than we know right now. Did he perhaps die underwater and was ‘revived’ in time to make it look like Abbie and them got there in time. Is this Irving the one whose soul is completely under the control of Henry? Will Irving become one of the final two Horsemen? Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; but we know there is something more to Irving’s escape than just ‘I decided to escape in the confusion’.

Sleepy Hollow Mama 3Next week’s episode takes a page from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as Abbie and Ichabod must find a powerful sword; but only one is the true weapon of salvation. So brace yourselves because there’s only two more episodes this Fall. The end is coming; but will it also be Moloch’s new beginning. Stay tuned Sleepyheads!

One thought on “Sleepy Hollow: “Mama” Recap

  1. Good post. I know Irving’s escape was very strange. Why then of all times.

    I find very interested in the Katrina and evil demon child storyline. I think the writers were genius for coming up with that. And about the evil kid Moloch. I think he was feeding of Katrina’s witch essence. Let’s not forget as a witch she possesses special supernatural abilities. Even more so she has been shown to be a very powerful witch at that.

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