Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Trailer – Glimpses at Moloch, Ben Franklin & The Final Horseman?

“War isn’t coming to Sleepy Hollow; it’s been here all along”. – or at least that’s what Jeremy Crane (aka the Horsemen of War) says. Whether he just got here or has been here all along, War will be fully unleashed upon the quiet town of Sleepy Hollow in Season 2. I already discussed a ton of Season 2 Revelations last week – so be sure to check out the corresponding article here – but there are some juicy points of this trailer that definitely merit pointing out.

Jenny Lives:


Last time I gave my Panda Theory of how everyone was able to get out of their inescapable situations. You can read my full theory there; but in short I hypothesize that Jenny’s death/near death experience will allow her to go to Purgatory to find Abbie and get her out of there. As we can see in this trailer, Jenny is in fact alive and kicking – at some point. We might not know when this happens; but there was nothing to disprove my theory in it, so i’ll still hope I figured it out. Either way, I’m just happy Jenny will be back since she’s an incredibly awesome character and I want to see if anything develops further with her.

Moloch Rises … with Friends?:

You sneaky demon you

You sneaky demon you

As we saw in the concept art for this season, there were some new designs for Moloch, who will now show his face rather than remain blurred. This promo not only reaffirmed that ‘Moloch is coming’; but also gave use a super quick sneak peak at his new look. As expected, he remains close to the proposed concept art form. Though don’t worry. He’s still just as elusive as ever with only his head coming partially into frame or seeing his hand and torso unobstructed. Either way, it’s just great to see him non blurred.

Moloch zombies

There is one other portion in this trailer where we see Moloch. Although you might have missed him among the horde of dead rising from their graves. That’s right, zombies are coming as well. Well, not really the Walking Dead style zombies; but the dead will certainly be raised in Moloch’s coming.

Ben Franklin:

Ben Franklin

As we learned in the San Diego Comic Con panels and discussions, Benjamin Franklin will play a large role this season as will his key to Purgatory – yes the same key that was on his kite. Though despite all these reveals, we’ve yet to actually see this Founding Father. Well it’s only for a few seconds; but we use so happen to see Ben with his faithful kite in the promo. There’s nothing to really talk about besides this since you can’t really get to original with his look. Though it was nice to finally get to see him – as well as that kite and key for which he is remembered best.

The Final Horsemen Revealed? 

As I discussed in my previous article, this season will show the connection between the human element of each of the Horsemen. From what we know thus far, each Horseman has an associated Human form. Death might be a Hessian Redcoat; but in human form he is Abraham Van Brunt – Ichabod’s former best friend and Katrina’s former fiancé. War might be a disembodied suit of armor with a flaming sword; but in human form he is Jeremy Crane – Ichabod and Katrina’s son. In season 1 we briefly saw Pestilence/ Conquest who appeared in samurai-like armor; however his human counterpart has yet to be revealed. The only Horseman we have yet to see is Famine … until now (possibly).

The Four Horsemen

In the trailer we briefly spy a hooded figure running through the woods. Now a hooded figure can mean a couple things (flashback to Katrina fleeing, a different person fleeing, etc); but I’m going to assume this is more than just a haphazard inclusion – especially since we’ve seen a hooded figure before. When Ichabod first had his dream about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalpyse in Season One, we saw a shot of all the horsemen together; and just as we’ve seen thus far (redcoat Death, armored War, Samurai Pestilence/Conquest), the depictions have remained largely the same. Taking this into consideration, we should also expect Famine’s look to remain fairly similar. So how was Famine depicted you ask? Guess. Yup, that’s right, as a cloaked and hooded figure.

Fourth Horseman?

With Moloch making his appearance in this world, it’s safe to assume the other Horsemen wouldn’t be far behind. I’m certain that we’ll see Famine in some way shape or form this season. Whether in present day or past (like Pestilence), Famine will become a known force to fear.

I still can’t get over how surprisingly good this show is; and it looks like people are noticing too. So get excited everyone! It’s only a few more months until Sleepy Hollow returns to Fox. So keep calm; and don’t lose your head.



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