Happy Halloween From Sleepy Hollow’s Spooky Yet Charming Legal Advisor

In case there was any chance of us forgetting just how amusing and well-written Sleepy Hollow is, they’ve put together a little late-night mock infomercial to celebrate Halloween. After all, there is nothing “more frightening than finding yourself without proper legal representation in your darkest hour”. Though just like Sleepy Hollow itself, this spoof video has layer upon layer of depth.

So let’s pause for a moment and listen to John Noble aka Henry Parish – aka Jeremy Crane aka the Horsemen of War – enlighten us as to what legal services he is best prepared to deal with.

Charmingly Dated:

Between the dramatic angles, go-to Halloween soundtrack and over the top special effects, this video looks like a cross between cheesy music video and a late night infomercial. I guess the 1980s didn’t come to Sleepy Hollow until fairly recently. Now throw in John Nobles always charming yet creepy tone and there is nothing else you need in this video. Though even then, there’s tons of little Easter Eggs – candy corns? – to be found.

Hilarious & Self Referential:

As Henry Parish (John Noble) talks, he not only uses a lot of references to the show’s plot points; but also some direct quotes. For example, when he says he too knows “how it feels to be trapped, helpless, terrified”, he’s citing how he – as the son of Ichabod and Katrina Crane – was buried alive and imprisoned as a young child. Additionally, his line about war being “an instrument of justice” is a line from the show – specifically the episode “Go Where I Send Thee”.

Henry Parish Halloween 2Though the greatest moment of this fun little video has to be when Henry starts listing all the things he can help you with. Sure they start of normal enough (ie: “injured in a horrific accident”, accused of a crime you didn’t commit”, etc); but soon they take a turn for the dual meaning (tortured by the monsters of society) until finally diving into ridiculously hilarious inside jokes of the show. Whether you’ve had “an obnoxious coven bury you alive” – like Henry – or you’ve been “run off the road by headless driver” – like Jennie Mills -, Henry is here to help you.

Future Plot Points:

Since it scrolls by so quickly, it’s hard to make out the different legal dilemmas listed here; but if you freeze frame you noticed that in between the common, hilarious and self referential, you notice that some things listen seem plausible. “Accidentally signed your name in blood” was something that just recently happened in the episode “The Kindred”, so it’s possible that many of these are mini episode plot points yet to come.

We know a Wendingo and Succubus will be appearing this season, so we can assume that “cursed into becoming a wendingo” and “succubus attempted to suck your soul” are all going to happen very shortly. As for “sliced up by the sword of Methuselah”, we’ll have to wait and see for that one.

Subliminal Messaging:

With commercials there’s always some feared notion of subliminal messaging. Well this one follows suit when a well-timed split-second “Moloch Shall Rise” flashes on screen right before the clip closes. I guess Henry is trying to recruit new clients and followers of Moloch all at once.

Moloch Shall RiseCharming accents, creepy tones, layers of depth and a couple laughs. Should we expect anything else from Sleepy Hollow? I don’t know about you, but this video totally put me in the Halloween spirit. So from Sleepy Hollow and The Insightful Panda – Happy Halloween everyone!

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