Sleepy Hollow: “The Akeda” Recap 

The first half of Sleepy Hollow’s second season came to an end last night; and while it was certainly action packed and full of suspense, it wasn’t actually that surprising. Now maybe I just analyzed the previous episodes too well; but we have to remember surprised or not, the ending was spectacular and had the perfect lead up when you take past episodes into consideration. So let’s take a closer look at how things ended, what led up to it; and what could possibly come next.

Favorite Quote – Ichabodisms:

Let’s face it, Ichabod is adorable. From his old fashion charm to the way he pronounces Left-tennant, Tom Mison truly brings this role to life by not only what he says but HOW he says it. Every episode has an adorable Ichabod moment that you just want to start using in casual conversation; and this was no different. This episode’s winner was when he got off the motorcycle and said:

“ I WANT one of these. . . as soon as this is over”

Sure he was scared at first and didn’t know where to “buckle”; but he quickly fell in love with it and wanted one all to himself. Then again, the apocalypse is only a few hours away so seeing him backtrack to “as soon as this is over” sealed the deal of this being the best Ichabodism for “The Akeda”.

Runner Up: “Forgive me for not trusting an electronic device during an Apocalyptic storm.”

Irving’s Sacrifice & Badassery:

After everything that Ichabod and Abbie went through to claim the Sword of Methuselah, it turns out that it can only be wielded by sacrificing one’s soul – thus taking a life for a life. Certainly a final precaution from someone using this holy weapon of unstoppable might incorrectly; but there are a few ways to use it without consequence. As a weapon for Archangels and other immortal beings, this weapon can be used by immortal beings and those who have no soul to be claimed. Now whether these runes of protection were etched into the blade after Methuselah or he was soulless/an immortal being, we don’t know.

Sleepy Hollow AkedaWhat we do know is that Henry’s little gambit with Irving’s soul actually worked out for good in the end as it gave Captain Irving the ability to wield the blade without any trouble. In fact, it seemed as though the blade even imbues its wielder with knowledge of HOW to wield it as we see Irving – who admitted to never taking a sword class in his life – wielding the blade with incredible precision. Though despite completely overpowering the War armor, Irving showboating got the best of him and allowed War to strike some critical blows to Irving.

Though this isn’t the last we’ll see of Irving since Henry still has his soul. Though with Henry killing Moloch, could this change things? Will Henry cease to live with Moloch – the one who raised him – dead? Guess that’s something to be explored in the next half of the season.

The Akeda:

For those who don’t know, the episode title is the alternative name for the story of “The Binding of Isaac” in the Bible where God orders Abraham to kill his son as a test; but at the last second stops him and offers a scapegoat instead. The entire episode was thus going to be leading to Ichabod possibly having to kill his son Henry; but forever holding out faith that God would provide something else to be sacrificed. Though the problem with Ichabod’s theory is that Henry hasn’t seen Ichabod as his father for years.

A Not So Shocking Ending:

If you’ve been following my articles thus far, then this finale shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise to you. We saw signs of Henry’s remaining humanity throughout the season; but it wasn’t this that caused the end; but rather his rage. He’s tried to make Ichabod and Katrina’s lives hell for “not being there for him” so it was only right that he’d turn much harsher on Moloch once the deceptions were revealed. In the end, Henry was still a child acting out – something we knew since “The Weeping Lady”  When we see Henry collapsed at the end crying, it’s as if he got sent to his room by his father which he started to see Moloch as.

Sleepy Hollow Akeda More and more Henry would see how Ichabod and Katrina would fight for him and still care despite all he’s done; yet this is what he always ASSUMED Moloch felt for him. At several points this episode, Moloch made it very clear to Henry that he didn’t care about him. He didn’t even pretend. Instead Moloch constantly reminded Henry that this was HIS (Moloch’s) time and everyone else was nothing. There were Horsemen before Henry and Abraham; and there’d be more after him. So when Henry started to tell Ichabod the real horrors of the Abraham/Isaac story and how any father who threatens to kill his son must be killed himself, we KNEW we were right. Heck, one of the “legal matters in the Sleepy Hollow Halloween Legal Video was “sliced up by the sword of Methuselah.

In the end, War WAS “an instrument of Justice” as he defeated Moloch and averted the apocalypse. With these words being revealed not only in “Go Where I Send Thee” as well as the Sleepy Hollow Halloween Legal Video, we knew Henry would find some redemption. Whether he’ll forgive his ACTUAL parents remains to be seen. There’s still some issues there to be sure; but at least he knows who really cares.

Katrina – Purpose?

When Katia Winters said at San Diego Comic Con that we might start to hate her character this half season, she wasn’t kidding. She’s a powerful witch and spy to be sure; but with her getting so little accomplished this season, it hard to actually trust her. Abraham (Horsemen of Death) reminded us – and Ichabod – last week that Katrina always returns to Abraham’s side with barely any hesitation. Though despite her ‘reason’s for returning, she never gets the job done and always ends up in more trouble than she started in. Even in the battle against Moloch’s undead hoard, she could only block a demon and call for Ichabod to kill it . . . even though she had a magically enchanted sword.

I want Katrina to have better stories; but this episode hinted at even tougher times ahead for her and Ichabod as Ichabod overheard her talking with Abraham about how she cares for him. Sure this could have been an act to help turn him; but the look on her face when Irving was threatening him said quite another. With evil “apparently” defeated, it’ll be interesting to see how this progresses in the next half. Will the hold on Abraham’s soul lift and he returns to his clear minded self? Or will he go back to causing trouble? 

Katrina Akeda Sleepy HollowNow this might not have been as shocking a twist ending as the Season 1 finale; but remember this is only a MID-season finale. Though what this mid season finale did accomplish – much like the previous season finale – was leave us off with NO idea of what will happen next. Is evil destroyed for good? Who will fill the void? Will Moloch’s death also mean Henry’s? So many questions and not so much as a hint of what will come next. Guess we’ll have to wait for after the winter hiatus.

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