Sleepy Hollow: “Go Where I Send Thee” – Recap

Ichabod Cappuccino  With Ichabod learning to drive and our heroes putting an end to a centuries old curse, it seems like the forces of good are finally starting to win this war. Though sadly, appearances are not always what they seem to be: and the tides are about to turn for the worse. With War controlling Irving’s soul and Hawley’s finances, a larger plan is coming into focus. So let’s take a closer look to see what sinister plans are awakening in Sleepy Hollow.

The Pied Piper: 

What happens when a skilled piper and assassin sells his soul to Moloch? Well, you get a new demonic Pied Piper – as opposed to the original Germanic version. When a former Red Coat Loyalist Daniel Lancaster saw the British getting too handsy with his daughters, he hired the Pied Piper to slaughter them. A treasonous and cowardly tactic to be certain; but who would be the wiser after he killed the only witness – the very Piper he’d hired.

Ichabod, Abbie Hawley

Sadly Lancaster didn’t know the man he hired was a soulless assassin of Moloch. As retribution for his backstabbing, the Piper would return each generation when the first-born daughter turned 10 to steal her away. If the Piper were denied his prize, then he’d strike down all the remaining children of the house.

Irving’s Soul:

As expected, never sign a document you haven’t read with your own blood – especially if it’s presented by the Horsemen of War . . . or a lawyer. It turns out that by signing, Irving forfeited his soul to Jeremy/Henry/War and it’s already having some consequences. As if Bibles bursting into flames when you try to read it isn’t enough, Irving also had some visions of –possibly – the future.

Rambo Irving War Sleepy Hollow

Aside from Irving displaying his best Rambo impersonation, it looks as though war might literally erupt in Sleepy Hollow at some point and Irving will be on the front lines. If the powers displayed by the Pied Piper are any inkling, selling your soul gives you vastly improved abilities; and we can see them in full affect during this vision.

Even if Irving was to resist, he has his wife and daughter to worry about being used as bait once again. Hopefully Irving can alert Ichabod and Abbie before it’s too late.; but War/Henry/Jeremy is already starting to mix words and try to turn Irving’s allegiance completely to himself. Though is War trying to recruit Irving for Moloch or is he truly “an instrument of justice” and has his own bigger plans? Either way, it doesn’t look good right now.

Hawley’s Allegiance & Henry’s Plan:

 As if matters weren’t bad enough as it was, it turns out Hawley’s employer works for War/ Henry/ Jeremy. That being said, Hawley now knows that there are dark forces in Sleepy Hollow and his conscious could slowly get the better of him. Though at least one dangerous item has already fallen into Henry’s hands – the Pied Piper’s flute. Broken or not, the flute was merely needed as part of a potion or worse to eat. Why is eating part of it worse? Well remember that Henry is a Sin Eater. I’m not sure what he could gain from absorbing the sins of the Pied Piper; but it can’t be good.

Henry War Sleepy Hollow This was overall a very straight forward, stand-alone episode; but it did help to drive some upcoming side plot points. Remember that we do have a whole Season to go, so don’t expect too much closure on things lately. That being said, we can expect a mid-season highpoint coming in the next couple of weeks. So let’s stay vigilant and see what twists and turns arrive this season on Sleepy Hollow.

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