New York Comic Con 2014: Highlights from Day 3 (Saturday)

All your training has led to this, Day 3 – Saturday – of New York Comic Con. Will you use this day to go and see everything, wait in line for Walking Dead, or just go with the flow and enjoy your own cosplay? I personally chose option #3; but that doesn’t mean I can’t recap the best of Day 3. So here we go! 

Marvel’s Daredevil:


One of Marvel Studios most interesting announcements as of late has been their decision to produce some Netflix-exclusive programs. The first of these shows, which will then lead into a Defenders movie, is Daredevil; but despite all the news we’ve gotten in past months about casting, we’ve yet to see any images from the show. Well thanks to the Daredevil panel today at New York Comic Con, we finally have an official image of Matt Murdock and his early Daredevil costume.

10472145_971967499486489_8894548676691617140_o As you can see, this is an early ninja-esque costumes, but is sure to looks closer to the original comic book version as the series continues. Either way, the realistic adaptive approach is always one we welcome, so this series is off to a good start.

The Walking Dead:

If you tried to attend this panel, you most likely know that it was full even before it was close to starting. That is how big the Walking Dead has gotten. So what should we know from the panel if we weren’t one of the lucky ones? Well for starters, this season will feature many moments from the comics; as well as play with time a bit. For example, these ‘time hops’ will help explore Gsreth’s character and show WHY he is the way he is. Though of course it wouldn’t be a panel unless we saw some footage; and we got a sneak peak at the first few minutes of Season 5, which you can find below.

White Ranger Shenanigans:

I decided to get into Cosplay myself for Saturday; and after a few months of work my White Ranger costume was complete. There are plenty of other pictures to come once I get them from my friends; but there are still a few gems I have from my roll. To everyone who stopped me for photos and complimented my costume, thank you! You made Saturday my favorite day by far. More photos ARE coming!

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