Analysis Of Avengers: Age of Ultron’s Not So New Extended Trailer

Another extended trailer for Avengers Age of Ultron has been released; and whereas most people are flipping out about it, it’s important to note that the trailer is about 90% the same as the original one released by Marvel only with a new opening. Though if you also considering Marvel’s extended trailer #1 that aired after Agents of SHIELD two weeks ago, then the trailers only about 95% different. Despite all the similarities, there are two important things to note about this new trailer. So here you are.

Opening Scene:

The opening scene is once again another part of the unaired San Diego Comic Con footage; but it is more importantly the footage shown to Entertainment Weekly several months ago. The whole scene itself plays out with Ultron breaking up a Stark Industries afterparty where the Avengers and guests battle Ultron’s summoned drones.

In this trailer we can see Thor and Maria hill already preparing for a fight; but what we don’t see is the actual fight that follows – where Tony Stark is picked up by a drone, which he then impales with a fork. So again, new footage but not exactly NEW NEW footage.

Ultron entrance Mystery Woman:

In the initial trailer, we could get a head count of everyone at the party; but it was still unsure of who the woman standing by Thor was. Many believed this to be Jane Foster – Natalie Portman’s character – but she’s not signed on for the film so this couldn’t be. We now know that this woman is Claudia Kim, a newcomer to the film who’s role has yet to be explained; but there is a lot of talk that she’ll be playing Suzi Endo, a Stark Industries employee for the cybernetics department. What the full extent of her role in the film is remains to be seen; but at least now we have our first look at her.

Claudia Kim Avengers Age of Ultron Beyond this new intro – and a few scenes of Ironman blasting some possible Hydra agents, this trailer was almost entirely the first trailer all over again. In all honesty, it doesn’t even deserve to be called “Extended Trailer #2”. Marvel Studios will release and actual second full length trailer within the next month or so that will be very worthy of more analyses and give us glimpses of even more characters – such as Vision.

I’m just as excited as the next person – maybe even more so – but labeling this trailer as a full on “Extended Trailer #2” is kind of misleading.

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