Arrow: “Draw Back Your Bow” – Looking Ahead

What happens when someone who finds it hard to express love crosses path with someone who expresses love too much? Simple, you get this week’s episode of Arrow. The emotions – and feels – ran high in this episode; but so too did the Easter Eggs. So let’s take a closer look at this week’s episode of Arrow, “Draw Back Your Bow”.

Love Bites & And Then Shoots You With An Arrow:

So who is this mysterious new Archer in Star City? Well as it turns out, she isn’t one of the preexisting ‘highly skilled archer’s on ARGUS’s list; but is actually partly the result of Oliver’s heroic deeds last season. Last season during Slade’s assault, the Arrow saved a girl from being strangled before continuing on to face Slade. We’ve seen the Arrow inspire people before – such as Roy – but in the end it all comes down to the person. All students are not as pure hearted as Roy; and Carrie/Cupid falls VERY short.

A former cop – until she was released due to her getting “too attached” to her partner – Carrie suffers from an attachment disorder in which she pushes away others and focuses solely on one person she believes ‘shares’ her vision/pain/etc. It is because of this that she has stalked the Arrow and began taking down some of his former arrestees – and then dressing them up to look like him.

First Huntress now Cupid, Oliver attracts a certain type of woman lol

First Huntress now Cupid, Oliver attracts a certain type of woman lol

 After a couple of close calls, Oliver finally takes Carrie down; but then saves her when she plans on killing her and Oliver in front of an oncoming train. This action cements it in Carrie’s mind that The Arrow truly loves her. Oliver knows he might not be able to cure her ‘love sickness’; but he might be able to use it – or at least refocus it. This is why he hands her over to ARGUS to join the Suicide Squad. With all of their implanted control devices, it’s the only way to keep Cupid under control – as well as put her skills to use. Who knows, she might even become fixated on the good of the “team” rather than a single object of her affection. Though if she doesn’t, Deadshot and the others are more than capable of handling themselves.

The Tragical History Of Oliver & Felicity:

This season, Ray Palmer has just had a knack of taking things Oliver cares about. Taking over Queen Consolidated was one thing – and then subsequently changing it’s name to Palmer Technologies this episode -; but taking Felicity’s heart is another. Though it’s not just her heart he’s taken; but her mind too. After seeing Ray doing the patented Season 1 Oliver Exercises, it’s all too easy to make the switch in her mind. Further more, when we see Diggle come to talk to her, she even makes notice of the “whoosh” of the new Logo – just as Palmer had. She is completely head over heals/gaga over Palmer now.

True, the whole Oliver Felicity thing is a lose lose situation; but you have to realize that she is falling for the guy that’s taken everything from Oliver. Palmer is the guy who used Felicity’s idea to steal Queen Consolidated from him – leaving Oliver now broke in addition to heartbroken. The whole thing is insult upon insult to injury and my heart goes out to Oliver, who is slowly losing everything – which is seen even in the flashbacks.

“Outsiders” Finding A Home:

The flahback’s this episode certainly started off slow; but each has held a deeper importance for the story as a whole – and this episode was no exception. Beyond seeing Oliver and Tatsu team up – and Tatsu show off some major skill – the purpose of this flashback was all about “family” and what its like to not be included, to be an “outsider”. Sure the whole scenario seemed a little too coincidental and might lead to something Maseo is hiding from everyone; but the real kicker for right now was the end scene when the family embraced – except Oliver.

Draw Back Your Bow Oliver had gone after Maseo too and is starting to become attached to the family abit – but it’s all one sided. He is constantly reminded of being “an outsider” and this scene made is starkly relevant in his head. Sure Oliver’s been through some tough stuff on the island; but without Sarah, Shado, Slade he is 100% alone here. He’s not there out of bonds of friendship or love; but rather as a job. You can guess that Tatsu feels a little bad for Oliver after everything; but the awkward exclusion is still there.

This is what the entire episode was for Oliver and Roy. As I’ve shown, Oliver is losing everything right now and Roy is still dealing with the revelation that he killed a cop. Yes, he was under the Mirakuru; but he still feels like he broke a vow killing – not to mention Roy doesn’t even know about Thea’s new DJ/flirter yet. The two are not okay; but things are different from Oliver’s flashback. Unlike Hong Kong, here Oliver has a family. Even if Felicity is out, Roy and him are developing a stronger fraternal bond and joining ‘The Diggles’ for dinner was a great end. Seriously, you’ve got to love and respect Diggle for all he does.

Verdants New DJ – Whats The Point?:

So it looks like Thea’s getting a new DJ for the club; but here’s the real question: why should we care? Let’s face it, the guy’s kind of an ass and embodies everything Roy isn’t. So why put him in? Sure it could be to further cement the bond of lonely brother Roy and Oliver have going on right now; but Roy hasn’t seen anything take place – yet. So still, what’s the point?

Well by now you should have realized that everybody on this show is someone else, so there’s a chance that he is some upcoming hero or villain. Though the only sound characters I know of are Shriek – from Batman Beyond – and the Pied Piper – a Flash villain. Considering Captain Boomerang showed up too this episode – another Flash villain – and Canary’s vocal scream was a sonic disruptor, it wouldn’t be completely outlandish to make this a new reinvention of a character. Then again, there another angle he could play into that actually could make a ton of more sense considering past episodes. Here’s my theory/thoughs.

Remember a few episodes back when Oliver expressed concern over Thea using Merlyn’s money as it could not only give him a hold on her; but also associate her with someone dangerous. Well my theory is that he’s just trying to get close to Thea in order to get to Merlyn either for his destruction of the glades or violating the League of Assassin rules – or both since they are related. Remember, Oliver told the League Malcolm is under his protection – and they known Thea is his daughter – so sending someone in to keep an eye on her just makes sense. Then again, perhaps he is a no one; and Merlyn will just outright kill him for making the moves on his daughter. Who knows? Either way, I feel like this story line is going to lead to something bigger and have some connection to Malcolm Merlyn and the various people he’s pissed off.

Episode Easter Eggs:

  • The man killed at the start of the episode and then dressed like Arrow was Ted (Wildcat’s) former sidekick gone rouge, who was the antagonist last episode.
  • After they handed handed Cupid over to ARGUS, we heard how she’s even “nuttier than the last” Suicide Squad Recruit. The “nut” in question is Harley Quinn – the Joker’s main squeeze – who we saw briefly last season as an Easter Egg. Despite these little Easter Eggs, it has been said that these are ONLY Easter Eggs and don’t signify upcoming Joker/ Batman involvement.
  • Anyone familiar with the comics – or reading ahead – knows that Ray Palmer is supposed to become size-manipulating hero known as The Atom. Well this episode we got various hints at his plans and the precious Dwarf Star Alloy he’s attempting to procure; but none was bigger than seeing the actual A.T.O.M. Exosuit’s virtual rendering. Despite being a ‘spandex-y’ suit in all other media forms, here it’s taken on a very Ironman-esque look. Considering Arrow’s more realistic approach, it’ll be interesting to see how this is handled.
  • The man at the end of the episode was none other than Captain Boomerang. This sets up the upcoming Flash/Arrow crossover episode that will begin Dec. 2 with The Flash episode “Flash vs Arrow”.

Arrow CW ATOM Suit

The next episode of Arrow won’t be for another week – since the CW takes a break for the Thanksgiving Holiday – but when it returns be sure to watch The Flash on December 2nd for the continuation of this episode as Team Arrow tracks this boomerang to Central City. Though when Teams Arrow and Flash mix, tensions run high – especially with the appearance of a new Metahuman who can control other’s emotions, forcing unpolished Barry to turn on Oliver.

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