Assassins Creed: Rogue – Tips and Tricks For Abstergo Challenges & Trophies

Shay vs Assassins 3If you purchased Prima’s Assassins Creed: Rogue Guide then you’re very quickly realizing you just wasted your money. From duplicate pages, typos galore, desperately mislabeled maps and incomplete walkthroughs, it’s almost as though they didn’t even try to get anything about this Last Gen Gem right. In fact, most of the games puzzles aren’t even solved so what’s the point?

In order to make up for this, I’m bringing back my Tips/Tricks section and am answering any and all questions that you players need concerning achievements, collectibles and post game activities. Here a bunch of tips and tricks that can help you on some of the most difficult of achievements/trophies.

Abstergo Challenges Help:

 Now since some of the final trophies are tied to you using CHEATS, you must complete quiet a few Abstergo Challenges as well. These aren’t that difficult and are pretty self explanatory – headshot kills, hanged by rope dart, pet dogs, etc. Though some are more difficult than others, so here are some tips for how to go about those.

  • Kill with each type of Weapon:

like most other ‘use every, skin every, etc’ challenge, this wone seems pretty self explanatory and can be a cake walk if you keep a checklist. The problem that many discover here is that they get to 8/9 and can’t determine what they haven’t used. The answer is the throwing knife used by Agile Guards and Stalkers. So what you must do is counter and then disarm (X on PS3) – practice this on some other guards to get it right.

Shay vs Assassins 2You’ll notice that when you perform this on an Agile Guard/Stalker, no weapon appears in your hand. You might even see a dropped knife but are unable to pick it up. That is because you are already in possession of one, so open your quick select menu and you’ll see a throwing knife icon ALL the way to the right past Templar Maps. Equip it and press triangle button like you would any other weapon. This will make you throw your dagger at you foe, killing them and completing this challenge.

  • Disarm and Kill 3 Agile Guards

Now that you know how this works, find a few more Stalkers/Agile Guards, take their weapons and then throw them at them. Another Challenge completed!

  • Kill 5 Enemies Stunned By a Smoke Bomb In Under 10 Seconds

Go to ANY Naval Fort you’ve freed. Somewhere in the fort there will always be a spawn for a large group of soldiers in formation (approx 6-8). Find them, lure them close with a firecracker dart, then run over and throw a smoke bomb. Move away from the crowd and quickly and then use a shrapnel grenade on them. BOOM!

  • Reach a Kill Streak Of 7

Surprisingly one of the most annoying Abstergo Challenge there is. Not only do you have to get 7 guards together; but you also have to make sure none are too strong to break your counters or shoot you from afar. After a LOT of testing, I’ve discovered the best place to achieve this is in one of the New York Gang HQs. Basically, what you want to do is be in combat and lure a bunch of guards into a tight corner. Drop a smoke bomb and unleash combo kill streak hell!

Shay AC RogueWith everyone so close together and temporarily immobilized, you don’t have to worry about any far away snipers. Be sure to take out any brutes/higher ranking officers first so that once the smoke clears you don’t have to worry about any slaps to the face when you try to kill streak them. In the end, this is a trophy you might achieve totally by accident, or spend hours trying to purposefully get.

 Trophy Help:

The majority of the Trophies – as always – revolve around story line milestones and finding/liberating ALL of something. Though beyond those, there are a few Trophies that present you with some difficult challenges.

  • Nap Time & Instant Vikings:

Exact same strategy as the Smoke Bomb Kills from above. Go to fort, use firecracker, BOOM sleepy time – or blood thirsty berserker time.

  • King Of The Hill & Ancient Hero – Fixing Native Pillar Glitches:

A simple enough task; and even better it’s two for the price of one. All you have to do is solve the 7 Native Pillar puzzles spread through out the River Valley and North Atlantic in order to claim the Totems needed to unlock the Native Armor, which is housed on Orenda. Below you can find the solutions to each Native Pillar (Gros Morne, Terra Nova, FOGO, Dekanawida, Otetiani, Aarushi, and Genessee) in one handy reference image.

AC Rogue Native Pillar Solutions

Now many people have been experiencing problems with the Native Pillar’s not activating when the correct solution is entered. I personally encountered the problem on both Aarushi and Genessee. What usually happens is you’ll get the the pillar and realize that all the segments are already perfectly aligned – and nothing you do will make it solvable in that moment. So what to do? Don’t freak out. Just Fast Travel to the nearest View Point and begin your trek back to the Pillar. If that still doesn’t work, try mixing up the pillar and then Fast Traveling to the View Point – or even shutting/turning the game back on. Whatever happens, don’t fear. It’s a annoying game glitch to be sure; but it’s very fixable.

  • Stalker Killer & Denied:

Walk around New York and whenever you encounter a Stalker, let them come at you. DO NOT kill them before they strike. You must counter kill to get credit. The 15 Counter Kills – for Air Attempts – to get the Denied Trophy will also count towards the Stalker Killer Trophy, which saves a lot of time. Two trophies, one strategy.

  • Ninja

This trophy is best to get out of the way as soon as possible; but also once the time is right. Let me exaplain. For Ninja you must raid an Outpost without being detected. Seems easy enough right? Well now Outposts have two parts to them, which means you have to stay in Stealth Mode for longer. Additionally, many gamers – including myself – report that Outposts don’t restock. Whether this is a glitch or an actual game mechanic is still undetermined. So, SAVE the outposts for once you have more sleep items with you.

  • Do Not Want

You might think the only way to accomplish this is to fail Gang Headquarter raids; but there’s actually more. When conquering a Gang Headquarters, try to take out as many ‘non-head’ members as possible so that as you chase the Assassin head, you don’t have too many variables. When he throws a smoke bomb, use your mask. If he tries to shoot at you, do a barrel roll – you’ll get a prompt for this as well. Though if you’ve already completed each Gang HQ, fear not! Seek out those Agile Guards again because the bombs they throw are smoke bombs. Equip your mask and go about your business.

Shay vs Assassins

  • Camper

Supply camps are hard to come by. You can of course bride a bartender and maybe he’ll give you a location. The other option is to attempt this MUCH later in the game when the bulk of the map has already been revealed. Additionally, these aren’t outposts, so go crazy and be as UNstealthy as you like.

  • What’s Yours Is Mine

Much like Camper, bribery with bartenders can reveal some of these locations; but when that runs out head to Anticostas in the North West region of the Northern Atlantic. Fast travel there and check your map for any 3 ships close together. Really check because sometimes two are so close they look like one. Once you find some, go to your looking glass to find them. If you see Frigate sails with a gold cross inside black/gray square, THERE’S YOUR CONVOY! If you see nothing, fast travel to Anticostas again, and repeat the steps.

Other players will send you to other spots – potentially further south – or cycle through different ones, but I say keep fast traveling to Anticostas. I did it a few times today and got a bunch. Sometimes they even appeared with each consecutive new spawn. They most often spawn either to the West or the North of you. Additionally, you don’t have to board each time. Sinking them and collecting the floating cargo also counts. As soon as the ship is looted, respawn and Anticostas and continue. This can still be time consuming and monotonous though. So break it up and do 5 convoys per sitting.

  • Smashing

Head North young Templar! Seriously though, the northerm most reaches of the North Atlantic Map have icebergs galore – obviously. So keep firing with not only forward guns but also broadsides. You’ll get it eventually; but just make sure you aren’t too close to the ripples. Some icebergs up there are TRULY MASSIVE!

The Morrigan 7

While up North, don’t forget to plow through some Ice Sheets for the Ice Breaker Trophy

Additionally, when infiltrating an outpost, don’t assume that up and over is your only way. Many outposts have broken boards and gaps in fences that you can quickly scurry through into bush cover. Be patient, and keep crafting those sleep darts and bombs. I’ve heard berserk darts work too; but my game glitched for a while and wasn’t accepting it. So by my 3rd time around I was EXTRA careful.

  • Repairman

For the solutions and tips on how to solve all the Abstergo Entertainment computer puzzles, Click Here for my related article.

Misc Secondary Objectives Help: – *SPOILERS*

Since one trophy requires 100% Story Sync, you have to know how to complete many of the Secondary Objectives. Though again, whereas many are self explanatory, others again require a bit of finesse.

  • Kill Le Chasseur without taking any damage

You attack, you get hit. You counter, you get hit. You do anything to try to damage your first Boss and you get hit. So HOW can you defeat him without taking damage? Simple, count Le Chasseur into the table, barrels and other objects around the room. This will take a lot of time to get used to; but you can practice in bars – or Chasseur himself. Though it’s important to mention that its very hard to transition after the first two ‘throw Chasseur into objects’, so just shoot him. Remember, he can block blades; but bullets not so much.

  • Mortar Ten Ships / Do Not Get Hit By Fire Ships

While in possession of Cook’s Man-O-War, take full advantage of its Mortars during the first portion of this mission. This will net you more than half the needed ships ‘sunk via mortars’. Do this now because the next leg will have Fireships which as the sequence progresses move faster than your mortars can reload. During the Fireship portion use a mixture of Mortars and broadsides. Also, remember that you have rear guns instead of firebarrels. With a little practice you’ll get it right.

  • Avoid Mortar damage/ Only Kill Adewale

If you’ve spent time upgrading your ship a lot, the mortars will take out the Experto Creed in two shots – cutting down on the chance to be damaged. For the next part, load up on sleep darts and use extreme stealth. Head up the rock wall ahead of the starting point – when the guards look away – and take the high road until you come upon Haytham. When Adewale rushes you – or you give chase – make use of your pistols and rope darts. 3 shots should just about do it. Just remember to not hit anyone else by mistake. Use a smoke bomb if you want to lessen the herd and focus.

Assassins Creed Rogue 2

Find yourself stuck at part of the game? Then sound off in the comments below and I will add your question to this article – with the Tips & Tricks to answer it of course! Now go forth, and make your own luck.

29 thoughts on “Assassins Creed: Rogue – Tips and Tricks For Abstergo Challenges & Trophies

    • There’s a bug like this, but there’s also an easy solution. If it happens, most of the times you can access the menu and the map, so try to fast travel somewhere. Otherwise just quit the game, Assassins Creed saved so often you usually never lose more then max. 10min of gameplay.

  1. I’ve been trying to do the “Plunder three warehouses without triggering and alarm bell.” Abstergo challenge, and even when a bell is never rung, I never get into open combat with the guards, or just no one detects me. Also I’m running out of outposts to plunder so if there is way to replay outpost(s) that would be helpful. Thank you.

    • Hey David, do you mean the Ninja trophy, because that is the one I know of with Outposts. But regardless, it should work the same. That challenge should have been unlocked automatically since it just in regards to an alarm bell ringing and not being detected. Heck, I’ve usually sabotaged alarm bells and/or even shot the guard just as they were about to ring it. The point is that I think you’re doing everything right, this has got to be a glitch.

      Have ANY recorded? Like it should say 0/3, 1/3, etc on the challenge page.

      As for running out of Outposts, this is something I had to struggle with too. I spoke to Ubisoft and they offered up some method that required you to delete game data or something. I honestly was too scared to try it since i was already pretty far in. Eventually, my Ninja trophy just unlocked on its own as if it was delayed. That being said, a long ways later I noticed that an Outpost was restocked despite it not showing it.

      My advice to you is to keep playing other parts of the game, ignore Outposts for a while. Though occasionally, fast travel back to some Outpost locations – even if it says (Empty). Fast travel back and it might be restocked. Additionally, there is an Outpost in one of the early memories if I remember correctly; but Idk if it counts towards trophies/challenges. Hope this helps and please keep me posted on your progress 🙂

      • So far it hasn’t recorded any of the outposts I’ve raided. The ninja achievement hasn’t registered for me either. The Abstergo challenge I’m talking about is under Privateer, and is the second one down in the 3rd difficulty Tier. Thanks for responding though.

      • Of course! I went through the same so i know how it feels. Don’t loose faith. As I said, focus on other stuff for the time being and check Fast Travel to outposts you’ve already raided. Sometimes returning the the viewpoint resets things – this happens with the glitches Native Pillars too. Also, play around with that early mission I mentioned with the Outpost raid – it’s the one that has the secondary objective of hanging the key holding with a Rope Dart.

        Hopefully some combination of these works it out.

  2. i did the part with the throwing knife but i am still at 8/9 on the use every weapon to kill enemies what else could it be?

    • Hmmm, let’s run through the options. Hidden Blades, Swords, Throwing Knife, Rope Dart, Axe (dropped by Brute Enemies), Pistol, Grenade Launcher, Air Rifle (Berserk). I assume the remaining one’s the Bayonet Long Riffles (dropped by sniper enemies).

      • Actually I’m pretty sure any weapon you pick up works. I was stuck at 8/9 and I had no idea, since I already did the throwing knife and all the grenades and so on, so I just picked up the single handed blade of normal guard and Made a kill and it worked out for me.

  3. Kill Le Chasseur without taking any damage.
    All I did to get this was as soon as it started I shoot him twice and it worked

  4. The only chest I haven’t been able to retrieve is the in the RIver Valley at the 166,-703 mark. It is on a rock! Is there a special way to climb it? I am have the hardest time with it!

    • Since i have no clue which exact chest that is off the top of my head, I loaded up my game and took a look; AND I think I’ve found your answer.

      At 166,-703 there is an unscalable mound. Though I don’t think that is where the chest is. Instead, the marker might not be at the top of the mound; but under it. For this, run towards the shore line (this would place you at approximately 167,-714. Look towards the supply camp/chest location. You’ll see a large rocky cliff face and a side area where which you can climb.

      Immediately to the left of that is a small cave entrance. Its very dark so you’ll have to look hard; but its there. It blends really well into the cliff face but as you get closer you see the black misty entrance. The chest marker should help this as well.As you descend into the cave you’ll find some water and the chest off to the left – at least thats where my custom placed marker shows it.

      Hope I could be of service. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help Robert 🙂

  5. I’m having some trouble with the disarm and kill 3 agile guards challenge. For some reason, no matter how many times I do this, it never registers the kills. If there’s a group, I make sure it’s targeting the agile guards or stalker, and it doesn’t work when there’s no one else around. I don’t have a knife in my inventory before the fight, so I have no idea what the problem is.

    • Hmmmm, strange. I say walk away from that for a while and try again in a few days or so. For whatever reason sometimes that happens with this game. Just be happy yours is with this one and not the ‘Raid camps undetected’. That was mine and it was SOO BAD. But yah, if you reload the game a time or two after a rest it should work.

  6. Hi Panda.
    I only have a couple of trophies left to do, however i am struggling with the 7 kill streak.
    Found 8 soldiers standing together in a fort and splinter bombed them all, would have thought that would have been it, but for some reason it didn’t count, plus now I have finished all the New York Gang HQs , so kinda stuck now !

    • Oooh, that’s tough. But still doable. Will take a bit of luck, but I think I have 2 ideas.
      1) Remember the 5 Smoke Bomb kill advice I gave up above. There’s usually 6-8 soldiers there so it could be doable. What you’ll want to do is run into them to antagonize them and get into combat mode, smoke bomb and go kill streak happy. This might take some practice and perhaps even some running into corners, but it could work.
      2) Replay a memory perhaps? Somewhere where there’s large enemy presence would of course work best. Run around and draw attention to yourself and hopefully this all works. Then again, I suppose causing a lot of commotion in the New York streets could lead to the same effect. Just remember if there are big brutes around, smoke bomb and kill them at the start of your Kill Streak.

      Good luck!

      • Actually this works pretty well while capturing an enemy ship, I did this like the first time I was able to go of with my ship and I think I was capturing a brigg and all the sudden it just showed up. I guess it was some luck to but Briggs are pretty good for this because there are not many officers or brutes so try. I got it with the starting swords so if your mid-/ late game you should definitely be able to pull up a good combo. Although be very careful because these combos are very edgy and tricky sometimes.

  7. Hey just wanted to add a couple of tips/explanations. With the challenge to use every weapon, I had the same 8/9 issue but had used the throwing knife. Eventually realised you need to use one of the axes carried by a brute. Also, with the storehouses, only one is full at a time after you initially access/trigger it. Go through your map and zoom in on each one and you’ll find one is full. If you raid it, another will then become full. Repeat this process until you have whatever resources you need.

    • Good tips. I think I mentioned the brute axes as well – also the riffles that you’ll find occasionally set up or used by snipers. But that storehouse one is a really good one. Didn’t know what the exact respawn rate was/cause

  8. Ps what are the nine weapons to use to complete the warrior challenge? I’ve already tried the agile guard’s throwing dagger ??

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