Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer 2 – Black Widow Origins, Moondragon & The Price Of Hubris


Lately Disney has had a pretty predictable movie trailer strategy: air a new trailer along with one of your programs to increase viewership. So when Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter both premiered trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man respectively, the pairing just made sense (Marvel with Marvel). Though this time around Disney decided to air the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer with College Football since they also own ESPN.

Had this been the Super Bowl or NBA Playoffs, brilliant idea. Though sadly not even the Avengers can make me care about watching College Football. Thankfully the video was uploaded to YouTube about a minute after it aired – as expected – so enough with the set up and let’s get right to dissecting the new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron because well . . . there’s a LOT!

As the trailer opens we get a piano version of the first trailer’s haunting rendition of “I Have No String”; but the creep factor doesn’t end there. Here we find the Avengers both individually and cumulatively facing threats that are sure to leave lasting scars.

The Price Of Hubris – “Something More Powerful Than Any Of Us”:

It’s been said that there are two tragedies in life: not getting what you want, and getting it. This is exactly the kind of hell Tony Stark (Ironman) has gotten the team into in the new Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer. As we’ve discussed before, all of Phase 2 has been leading to this moment as the Avengers find themselves exhausted with trying to save the world. Now with no S.H.I.E.L.D. to cover their hides, the whole world rests on the Avenger’s shoulders. It is with this pressure in mind that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner joined forces in order to create Ultron, an entity far more powerful than any of the Avengers.

Ironman Mk 43Though things of course don’t go according to plan when Ultron realizes that humanity is its own biggest threat. Tony’s dream for a worldwide peacekeeper didn’t come true; but his dream to make an unstoppable soldier has become a nightmare as the Avengers soon find Ultron tearing them apart “from the inside out”. It’s a story a ‘hubris’, and how Tony’s excessive pride might finally lead to his and the Avengers downfall. With Civil War following after this, it seems as though Tony might try to ‘over-correct’ his transgressions in this film; but let’s think about Civil War at a later date. There’s still more trailer to analyze!

The Birth of the Black Widow – Origins:

We might not have gotten much more clarity into why Hulk is rampaging or what Ulysses Klaw’s role is; but we did learn about the several scenes from the first trailer that didn’t make sense at the time. I had originally hypothesized that this could be showing experiments into how the ‘twins’ got their powers; but in reality it is actually connected to the strange piano and ballerina scenes. The answer that ties these all together is of course, the Black Widow.

Due to Black Widow’s having been a ballerina in the comics, a few insightful fans had hypothesized that she could be seen in a flashback of this film. Though I don’t think anyone imagined this much. The person strapped to the gurney and about to be operated on is a much younger and innocent looking Natasha Romanoff. This film could very well provide us with the ‘Black Widow’ film we have been hoping for – or at least a brief look into her dark and mysterious past. Though she isn’t the only mysterious thing about this trailer.

The Mysterious Woman – More Evidence You Might Have Missed:

Let me guess, you've seen this photo already right?

I’m expecting shirtless Thor to burst out of the water any moment now . . . remember that part from Trailer 1?

By now, you’re probably wondering who that person stripping down in the cave was. Perhaps you were clever and paused it to see it was a woman? This seems to be what most have done; but there is actually MUCH more to see with this woman in the trailer. A few clicks later it looks as if Thor is getting electrocuted by Ultron; but this is not the case. Ultron’s attack is red, while the lightning is blue. This prompted me to take a closer look and wait… is that… the same woman? A different woman? WHATS GOING ON?!?!?!

It’s hard to see at first; but they both have strange tribal-like garb and shaved head – or very slick hair. It’s a pretty hard to tell with the cave the lighting and the lightning from Thor. For all we know, these two most likely are different – even though two mystery women in similar dress in the same trailer is a bit perplexing. There must be something we’re missing. The cave lady could be a Wakandan Dora Milaje – a group of warrior women tasked with protecting the royal family of Wakanda; but is it just a coincidence that she is near a pool we saw Thor erupt from in the first trailer? Are they the same?

Well let’s look at the second woman – same or different. She seems to be moving her arms rhythmically as Thor is being electrocuted or drained of power. Whether this is magic or some type of vibranium weapon discharge – if she is a Dora Milaje -, I can’t be certain. My first though was Enchantress due to the green dress; but perhaps this is Moondragon. The scantily clad clothing and shaved head would make sense. Also Moondragon is a telekinetic, martial artist AND has some occasionally been connected to not only Thor; but also Thanos – the big bad of Avengers 3. We know from the Captain America vs Ironman clip that Scarlet Witch showed Thor something that freaked him out. COULD THIS BE IT?!?!

The room has a very temple-esque design and has strange runes in it – Asgardian perhaps? Perhaps this is a look at things to come in Thor’s future. This could actually tilt her identity more towards The Enchantress if this will be part of Thor: Ragnarok. For now, we’ll have to wait and see a bit more.

Where Is Vision?:

Despite all the new cool shots and new revelations, this trailer STILL hasn’t given us anything about Vision. Then again, Ultron might have given us a little glimpse of what is to come when he utters the lines:

“Everyone creates the thing they dread” – Ultron

On one level this of course refers to Tony Stark creating Ultron; but on another level you must remember that Vision is a creation of Ultron – and is instrumental in his eventual defeat. A shot would have still been nice; but I’ll accept this slight allusion.

No Mr Klaw, we didn't forget about you

No Mr Klaw, we didn’t forget about you

So there you have it folks. If I learn anything new about that mysterious woman, I’ll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, please stay tuned here and on Facebook for all the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron news.

*Special Thanks to Noah Branston for bringing the existence of the Dora Milaje to my attention

6 thoughts on “Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer 2 – Black Widow Origins, Moondragon & The Price Of Hubris

  1. The woman standing behind Thor and the woman with her back to the camera doesn’t appear to me as being the same person. I think the woman by the water is of Wakanda or is Moondragon. The woman behind Thor could be Enchantress or Angela. With Ragnarök coming up his sister would make a nice addition. Both Moondragon and Angela have been Gaurdians. Angela is linked to Age of Ultron while Moondragon is linked to Thor. That would be my hope. In all honesty it looks like a Wakandan by the pool and a woman taking cover after Scarlet Witch redirected Thor’s lightening back at him.

  2. This is a huge what if. Perhaps Moondragon is tasked by Ultron to seduce Thor, in the that cave pool, and render him ‘unworthy’ of wielding Mjölnir.

  3. Where is Angela? Will she even be featured in any of the avengers movies? I hope so. It really saddens me when the movie versions cut out characters. Especially someone as significant as Angela.

    • Angela? You mean Thor and Loki’s sister-turned Angel? If so, I don’t know much of her tales. Considering Black Panther and Miss Marvel are JUST getting their entrance in the MCU in like 2-3 years, I don’t know if we’ll be seeing Angela anytime soon. BUT she is a really cool character and wouldn’t mind her being brought in. Perhaps a reference in Ragnarok? Who knows *crosses fingers*

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