Cosplayer Of The Month: Lady Lemon Cosplay (March 2015)

LadyLemon CosplayBetween their skills and imagination, cosplayers are truly an incredible bunch; but it is those that take the time to give back to the community who deserve a special kind of admiration and respect. Last month we hung out we the awesome Brazilian cosplayer, Danielle Vedovelli. Though instead of heading back home to the US, we’re going to stay in South America and head down to Argentina. Why? Because this is where you’ll find a cosplayer who not only makes tons of costumes, but also helps teach others – Lady Lemon Cosplay.

From wannabe astronaut to martial artist model cosplayer, Lady Lemon Cosplay – Lilia to her friends – has quite the history to tell, but even more history to make. So enough with the intro; and let’s get to know this teacher, cosplayer, and all around fun individual a little better!

Psylocke LadyLemon Cosplay

Like every imaginative child, Lilia started off wanting to do everything; but chief among those dreams was being an astronaut. She loved Special Effects (FX); but that seemed almost impossible to learn, so astronaut it was! Though childhood dreams fade and realism sets it; and that’s when Lilia realized that becoming an FX specialist might be a little bit easier than traveling to other planets. So when Lilia learned about Cosplay from two of her friends, it seemed as though she had found the perfect medium through which to create her dreams.

“When you’re a kid simple things some times seem impossible, and impossible things seems really easy; the truth is, it’s something in the middle. Nothing is impossible, and everything is possible if you try really hard ❤ – Lady Lemon Cosplay

Since she’s started, Lilia has created countless costumes that vary between the simple and fun, to the incredibly detailed. Sometimes she does a costume based on the character, some times based on looks and other times she’s even hired to do a certain character. Though no matter what the reason for choosing a costume, she will always research the character it’s based off of so she can learn their history and find that special connection.

Though if Lilia had to pick her favorite type of costume to make, she’d pick a strong female character every time, which brings us to her awesome armor making skills. Much like The Heroes Workshop in Canada – a previous Cosplayer of the Month – Lady Lemon Cosplay is one of the most incredible foam armor makers out there. Her work with ancient and medieval armors is nothing short of extraordinary!

When it comes to the ideas of ‘what Cosplay is’ and what rules there should be – if any -, Lilia admitted that she doesn’t like any rules when she cosplays. However, there are two rules that should be followed at all times for anyone even remotely connected to Cosplay.

  1. “Never do something to hurt someone on purpose. This includes bullying and/or demeaning another cosplayers work.
  2. Don’t lie about your Cosplay-making skills. If you didn’t make the costume, say it. Never steal credit from another.” – Lady Lemon Cosplay

In the end, “everyone has the right to make or buy and wear whatever they like” as long as they don’t steal and are respectful of others’ choices as well. The same is true for Genderbent and so-called “Sexy” Cosplays. In Cosplay, “you care supposed to make the characters [either] as they are or as you want!” So if a guy wants to make a male Sailor Moon costume or if a girl wants to make a female version of Kratos, let them.

Evil SuperGirl LadyLemon Cosplay Glory

LadyLemon Cosplay as Evil Supergirl and Glory Lamothe as Supergirl

In the end, Lilia just loves Cosplay; and why shouldn’t she? “It comprises everything [she] loves: crafting, acting, dancing singing, learning, dreaming and [she’s] even making a living out of it. . . wait, what? How? Well as I mentioned at the start of the article, Lilia does a lot more than just make costumes. She also teaches people how to make costumes; but she’s not doing it alone.

Cosplaying keeps you creative, drives you to learn things you never imagined you could do and connects you with amazing people. – Lady Lemon Cosplay

Alchemy Cosplay FX is the brainchild of Lilia and her good friend Glory Lamothe. It’s an actual classroom setting where these ladies teach aspiring cosplayers how to begin and get better. Lilia of course focuses on armor classes; but they also invite other cosplayers to come and teach their own specialties. Classes of course take place in Argentina; but she is slowly trying to expand her classes and offer them at different Cons around the world. Last year she was even able to take her class to Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

With such a busy schedule, it’s hard to imagine that Lilia actually has time for anything else; but she amazingly does. She still finds time to model, practice martial arts and even work on some fundraising projects with friends; but in the end these all lead back to helping her Cosplay. The martial art classes certainly help with all her heroic ladies; but even modeling helps as it promotes being comfortable in front of the camera – and finding an awesome photographer to help get the best shots. Skills such as these definitely helped when Lilia and some of friends banded together to create a Cosplay Calendar in order to raise money for a local pet shelter.

LadyLemon Cosplay Fighter

Lilia training in her spare time

So what’s next for Lilia? Well she might have master armor making; but she really wants to get better at sewing. Sure she’s touched upon these in some past costumes; but now she really wants to excel at big dresses and elaborate wing designs. So go check out Lady Lemon Cosplay on Facebook or on Twitter to keep up to date with all of her awesome projects. And who knows, with any luck you might see her at a Con near you sometime soon.

*All Photo Credit goes to their original takers, including but not limited to Fernando Brischetto from Photographes Sans Frontieres

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