Cosplayer Of The Month: Adel Cosplay (April 2015)

Adel Cosplay Intro

With things being so cold the past few months, it seemed like a good time to branch out and meet some amazingly talented cosplayers from South America like Danielle Vedovelli and Lady Lemon Cosplay. Sadly, this has left me feeling kind of homesick. So before we travel to someplace completely new, let’s head back to the USA to meet a lovely flower girl from Midgar West Coast Cosplayer by the name of Adel Cosplay.

Adel first started cosplaying back in 2011; and like most people, Cosplay was really the thing that helped her come out of her shell and be herself.

When I was in highschool, I never told anyone that I loved anime or played videogames because I was afraid of what others would think of me. Cosplaying allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin. It really helped become the young woman that I am today. – Adel Cosplay

Adel Cosplay Featured Image

And this young woman has gone on to make some incredible costumes! She wore her first costume – Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII – to Fanime in San Jose, California and years later it still looks incredible. With its mix of both sewn and armored pieces, it’s not an easy first costume; and yet she nailed it. Although it is a different Final Fantasy character that really caught our eye.

Aeris has and will always be my favorite Final Fantasy gal because of how sweet and upfront she is about everything. She was always more than just a simple flower girl, with her Ancient background and personality. I always looked up to her and be able to cosplay her was always a dream come true. – Adel Cosplay

From the detail work of the leather and dress to the flower basket, Adel perfectly captures the look and style of Aeris. Though Final Fantasy characters aren’t the only cosplays she does. Princess Zelda from Zelda: Twilight Princess. Julia from Cowboy Bebop. The list goes on and on! Though choosing whom to cosplay as has never been a problem for her. Basically anytime she “plays through a videogame or watches and anime, BAM! [she’s] inspired!”, which explains why her current Costume-To-Do list is almost 30.

Though whereas some cosplayers might get inspired by a costume only to change their choice to something more ‘feasible’, Adel doesn’t let the complexity of a cosplay discourage her from trying. She goes into each costume knowing it’ll take some trial and error – sometimes A LOT – because in the end it’s worth it; but what makes Cosplay so worth it?

“The beauty of cosplay is it means something different to everyone and allows people to get together and be open about their fandoms and themselves… It allows me to be a superhero, Disney princess and a flower girl from Midgar all in one day!” – Adel

As always, there’s that sense of pride and accomplishment when you complete your costume. You’re not only honoring the character you love; but also discover the hidden talents and abilities you yourself have. Though people aren’t the only ones who can enjoy Cosplay as Adel’s little Corgi named Zelda also joins in on the fun sometimes.

“Zelda is a fur all of fun and adorableness. She is 9 months old and loves running around with her baby fox plushie in her mouth – it’s her baby.” – Adel

Let’s be honest, puppy Cosplay is probably the most adorable thing ever. It’s so simple and yet can be easily overlooked. Though the only thing better than making your own doggie Cosplay is choosing a cosplay that actually already has a puppy component. That is exactly what Adel is planning to do soon as her and Zelda will cosplay as Ed and her little dog Ein (who also happens to be a Corgi) from the anime Cowboy Bebop.

When she’s not cosplaying – or being distracted by Zelda’s adorableness – Adel’s life is plenty busy with work and being a pre-med microbiology major. Despite this, she still finds time to relax with some video games, CW shows or animes on Crunchyroll. Though she might not have too much time for those considering all the projects and detailing she has in the works. From Arsenal (CW’s Arrow) to a genderbent version of the Joker based upon one of No Flutter’s concept art, she certainly has her work cut out for her. In fact, she hopes to keep cosplaying for many years to come, which she’ll need considering her ever-expanding Costumes-To-Do list.

If you want to see more of Adel’s work and see how her latest cosplays are going, what conventions she has planned, etc, be sure to check her out on Facebook and Twitter. She also does commissions, so if you’ve ever wanted to get into Cosplay; but don’t know where to start on a costume, send her a message. As you can see she makes some fantastic stuff and might be able to make something for you too!

*All Photo Credit goes to their original takers, including but not limited to Blizzard Terrak Photography, Duke Horca Photography, Abbie Warnock PhotographyPixel Adel Photography, Martin Wong Photography, Eurobeat Kasumi Photography and Costographer

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