Game Of Thrones Beer: Three-Eyed Raven – Deceptively Dark & Delicious

After what has seemed like an eternity, Game of Thrones will return this Sunday (April 12th) for the start of its highly anticipated 5th Season. So how should one celebrate this auspicious occasion: go on a camping trip north of the wall, play poker with the Faceless Men, hold a Comedy Central roast of King Joffrey Tywin Lannister Cersei Lannister?

Those might not be the safest of ideas; but there is still a way to mark the occasion – if you know where to look. Introducing the latest Game of Thrones-inspired beers from HBO and Ommegang Brewery, the Three-Eyed Raven Dark Saison Ale (7.2% ABV).

Three Eyed Raven Beer Art

If this is your first time hearing about this glorious partnership, then you have a lot to catch up on. Named after the mysterious and mythical creature, Three-Eyed Raven is the fifth beer made in unison by HBO and Ommegang Brewery (following Iron Throne, Take The Black Stout, Fire And Blood Red Ale, and Valar Morghulis). Whereas other fan-beers are usually nothing more than simple attempts at product placement, HBO and Ommegang Brewery take great pride in crafting beers that are not only unique; but also embody various themes and plot points from the award winning show.

Much like it’s namesake, Three-Eyed Raven is much more than it appears to be. Just as the Three-Eyed Raven of Bran Stark’s dreams turned out to be a mysterious old man/tree fusion rather than a simple bird, so too is the beer deceptively mysterious. Despite being a Dark Ale – the darkest of the series in fact – it is also a Sasion, which is usually a much lighter and fruitier brew. To close out this dark yet fruity twist, the label art of Three-Eyed Raven is actually one of the concept art designs from the series.

Game of Thrones Beers

Thankfully Three-Eyed Raven is available now, making it the perfect drink to enjoy while watching the premier this Sunday on HBO. Though you better go pick some up soon. The first few Game of Thrones beers sold out almost instantaneously; and despite each new installment being released with double the volume, they still vanish just as quickly as a White Walker in a blizzard.

If you need help, check out Ommegang’s Locator Map to help you find nearby stores that could carry any of their brews. The Game of Thrones beers are just as legendary and rarely seen as dragons in Westeros; but if you can find one, it’s more than worth the journey.

Game of Thrones Three Eyed Raven

*Photos Courtesy of HBO and Ommegang Brewery

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