Arrow: “The Fallen” – Looking Ahead

Oliver Queen now lies a broken man, but what will he trade to get back what he lost and will it be worth it? This week’s Arrow was not only one of the greatest episodes we’ve seen in a while, but also the most emotional. With only 3 episodes left this season, the final battle has begun, but unlike past seasons, this battle will war within Oliver himself.

Oh the feels

Oh the feels

“The Fallen” Rise Anew:

The episode title of “The Fallen” of course refers to Thea as well as how it has once and for all made Oliver submissive to Ras; but there is always a hidden meaning to these titles and Diggle is the one who pointed out this one. The League of Shadows is not something made up of courageous and powerful men, but is rather the place where someone goes when they want to escape their past. Even in Ras own story we hear how he was once reduced to a broken man when he had to leave his family or watch them be tortured and killed.

In many ways, the Lazarus Pit is a symbol for the League of Assassins itself. It is the vessel which brings people back to life, but also changes them profoundly in the soul. We’re about to learn just how much more breaking is to come as Ras and the League strip away all that is Oliver Queen until only Al Sah-him remains.

The Moment All Fans Were Waiting For:

We’ve heard Oliver tell Felicity he loves her. We’ve heard Ray tell Felicity he loves her, but we have yet to hear her say that to anyone. Well last night gave us not only that, but also Oliver and Felicity finally having a moment of passion. There’s nothing to really analyze about the scene itself, though it is interesting to point out that Ras is the one who kind of set this up. Is Ras the greatest wingman of all time or did he simply want Oliver and Felicity to get it out of their systems so Oliver’s transformation could be more complete? You decide, or you know… just enjoy that this moment happened.

We all kinda did lol

We all kinda did lol

Men Of Honor – Oliver & Maseo:

Call him a broken man if you want, but Oliver Queen is a man of his word and that is exactly what we see in this episode. Despite Felicity and the gang’s valiant effort to smuggle him out of Nanda Parbat, Oliver awakens early already having embraced his new identity as Al Sah-him “The Arrow”. It’s a tough choice, but he has to honor his promise to Ras or else he might lose even more people.

Though he isn’t the only one to be shown as a man of honor this episode as Maseo returns from the shattered visage he has taken in the League. Sure it was only for a moment and then he returned to accept responsibility for his actions; but if even just for a moment, he honored the memory of his son – just like he did during the flashbacks when he wanted to set an example for his son and stop the Alpha Omega. Is Maseo back to being the obedient servant of Ras or will he still have Oliver’s back? This remains to be seen, but now that Diggle has reminded Maseo of what the League really is, “The Phantom” could be once again return to life as Maseo.

Father, Assassin & Badass – Malcolm Merlyn:

Malcolm Merlyn has certain come a long way since his crazed Undertaking in Season 1. Sure he used his daughter to kill Sarah Lance in a plot of blackmailing earlier in this season, but he has evolved quite a bit since then to become less psychopath and more fatherly. Though just because his sole purpose now is earning his daughter’s love and be a caring father for her, he doesn’t stop being a badass. In fact – as this episode showed – he’s even more of one.

Oh no, more feels

Oh no, more feels

Let’s take a moment to appreciate another spectacular performance from John Barrowman – the ‘ArrowMan’. Hearing about how Oliver thought he failed Thea and is willing to risk everything to bring her back was heart breaking; but seeing Malcolm burst into tears and not push for Thea’s Lazarus revival was even more heart wrenching. Malcolm knows the risks the Pits bring and Barrowman conveyed this conflicted nature perfectly. Since the Midseason premier, we’ve seen Malcolm cast aside the killer in him all to become the man worthy of being Thea’s father. To lose her now would be unthinkable, but he knows the Thea that will return won’t be his daughter. It’s a horrible conflict of the heart he faces, and Barrowman showed that beautiful; but he didn’t stop there.

Malcolm might have spent most of the past seasons running from Ras, but here we saw him valiantly fighting his way out through the catacombs. Malcolm is done running and he’s ready to fight whomever he must to ensure the safety of his daughter. Though if his original words of wisdom/warning to Oliver were indeed correct, then Malcolm will have one more person to save Thea from – herself.

Rapid Fire – Easter Eggs, Quotes & More:

  • What is it with the Queen family and getting killed by swords?
  • You might not have realized it, but when Oliver told Malcolm “what WE lost … because of you” this is both a compliment and back hand. By using the ‘we’ Oliver is recognizing Malcolm as part of their family and her father, but the warm and fuzzy moment is over quick as Oliver then throws the blame on Malcolm.
  • When Felicity says “Magic Hot Tub” I can’t help but think of the film “Hot Tub Time Machine” – something that could come in handy right now
  • Malcolm suggests Central City to heal Thea, but at this point even Mirakuru seems like a better option since they have antidote
  • Well what we suspected for a while was just confirmed, Maseo lost his son.
  • Is anyone else hoping we get more to Ras back-story? I want to know about the family he left behind and who was the man. Was Ras offered the same ultimatum he is now offering Oliver?
  • Did Felicity really just roofie Oliver? Lol Though we all knew tranquilizers wouldn’t work on him for long.
  • In case you didn’t notice, the branding on Oliver’s back is the symbol shown in the title card of Arrow.

Arrow The Fallen Al Sah-him

Looking Forward – Thea’s Recovery, Target Nyssa, & Moving On … Again:

When Arrow returns next week, we’ll find ourselves in a position similar and yet dissimilar to when we picked up at the Midseason Premier. The team had to decide how to carry on without Oliver; but this time things are different since he isn’t dead but rather still out there with the League. Though I fear Oliver wont be gone for long.

With Oliver now taking on the mantle of the Demon Head, I feel like one of his tasks will be taking down the former heir, Nyssa. This will bring him back to Starling City and in direct confrontation with Laurel as well. Team Arrow learned to move on without the Arrow, but can they move AGAINST the Arrow? Laurel’s been training with Nyssa and now has the Canary Cry thanks to Cisco, so she will be formidable; but the only person who could actually stand toe to toe with Oliver right now – besides Nyssa probably – is Malcolm; but I also fear he will busy elsewhere.

When Thea emerged from the Lazarus Pit she was like a wild animal and even after her rage subsided extreme confusion and delusions set in. Thea might seem back to normal by episodes end, but we must remember Malcolm’s warning:

“The waters change a person in the soul, even if they work, the Thea you get back will not be the one you lost.”

The Thea that’s returned won’t be the same and we’ll soon start to see just how different she’s become. Good different or bad different remains to be seen, but if her first emergence from the Pit was any clue, the darkness Thea long feared in her might be out.

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