A Closer Look: The Flash – “Grodd Lives”

The Flash is back and there’s only 2 episode left this Season. So it’s time to let the Grodd out of the cage as The Flash goes head to head with this Meta-gorilla for the first time. Though is all this just coincidence or just a distraction for another part of Wells’/Eobard’s plan. Let’s take a closer look!

“Grodd Lives” – The Meta-Gorilla Rises:

Since the first few episodes of the series, we’ve been getting hints of Grodd, the super powered, brilliant, mind-controlling gorilla. At first we figured this was a simple hint for Season 2, but thinks quickly escalated and now “Grodd lives”. As we learned during this episode, General Eiling’s experiments with Grodd were the testing phase of creating soldiers with mental capabilities so advanced that they would gave the soldier telepathic abilities. Before these experiments could continue much further, Wells shut the project down and brought Grodd to STAR Labs – but like always, Wells had a plan.

The Flash Grodd Lives 5

During the Particle Accelerator explosion, the chemical in Grodd’s systems reacted like most of the other metahumans, thus creating a MetaGorilla. Now he is loose and his unimaginable brute strength isn’t the only thing Barry has to watch out for. Anything that can CATCH – let alone survive – a super sonic punch is not to be messed with, as Grodd assaults Barry with both Physical and psychological assaults.

Distressing vs Calming The Mind – Grodd vs Iris:

As Barry attempts to stop Grodd, he is attacked by physic attacks, but not jusr any. Grodd is able to transfer to his target the pain and fear he experienced while Eiling was experimenting on him. The torture Grodd went through was crippling even years later and it brings anyone he uses these memory on to the ground. So when Barry finds himself in the path on an oncoming train, his mind is too tormented by these implanted memories to focus on anything else, except one – Iris.

Just as Grodd is able to force Barry’s mind to the breaking point, Iris is able to pull it back by making him focus on the sound of her voice. Since the beginning, Iris has been an incredible motivation for Barry. Whether it was proving he was a better man than Eddie, trying to make her happy or recapturing that moment when he learned she loved him too, Iris is effectively everything to Barry. So when it comes down to choosing the hell of Grodd’s torture or the heaven of Iris voice, the choice is clear. Though Iris isn’t the only one who has Barry’s back – he’s still got his team!

Heroing Without Training Wheels – Doing Well Without Wells:

After last week’s shocking – or not so shocking reveal – about Wells manipulating everyone since day one, this marked Team Flash’s first adventure without Dr Wells being the guiding hand. Though if Team Flash were going to operate without training wheels, you’d think their test flight could have been for something a little easier than a hulking psychic gorilla.

The Flash Grodd Lives 2

They still possess the knowhow and skills, but their confidence is shaken. Everything they believed in until now has been a lie, and Well’s was always the one supporting them and telling them they could do it. What if those were lies too? Caitlin and Cisco will of course get their stride back, but right now they are still a little unsure of their abilities. Cisco feels his mental blocker was a failure, but it did work. It only stopped working when Grodd slammed Barry through a wall, which probably wasn’t covered in the warranty. Cisco and Caitlin will succeed, but it’s different – more recent member – of Team Flash who might just be doomed to fail.

Doomed To Failure – A Self Fulfilling Prophecy?:

While Team Flash was dealing with Wells’ new distraction, it seems as though Wells has plans of his own which include the Particle Accelerator Tunnels. Though whereas the full extent of those plans will continue to unfold over the course of the next two episodes, he still had time to take a break and crush Eddie Thawne’s heart. Apparently in the annals of Thawne history, Eddie is the failure. Every family member was either a man of power or prominent intellect, except Eddie who according to Wells ‘wasted his life’ as an officer of the law.

Wells didn’t stop there though as the most crushing revelation came at the revelation that “he doesn’t even get the girl”. When Barry and Iris talked about their feelings for each other, Iris said she’ll have to think about once they get Eddie back; but will it be that simple? Eddie has basically had the future ruined for him, and as Wells has learned over the past 15 years, Time has a marvelous sense of humor. Thanks to this revelation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie becomes his own instrument of fate and pushed Iris away. The revelation that the man he thought his friend – Barry – would marry his love – Iris – could be too much and make him cold. On the other hand, perhaps he will gracefully accept it and die heroically accepting his fate. Then again, perhaps Eddie’s status as ‘forgotten by history’ could be used for good. Perhaps the world’s best kept secret identity? We’ll have to wait and see.

Time Continues To Catch Up – Tie-Ins To “Out Of Time:

A couple weeks ago we saw Barry travel back in time (in “Out of Time”) only to have time reassign each person’s fate to someone else (in “Rogue Time). Though time isn’t done with them yet as we learned last episode that Cisco’s alternate past started bleeding into his present and he found himself once again confronting ‘Dr Wells’. Well in keeping with this theme, Time continued to realign itself as we once again found Joe kidnapped and Iris admitting her love for Barry.

I think Joe was safer with the Weather Wizard

I think Joe was safer with the Weather Wizard

In “Out Of Time”, Joe got kidnapped by The Weather Wizard. Initially the time jump of “Rogue Time” changed this fate to Cisco as he was kidnapped by Captain Cold and the others. Though now things have returned to normal as Joe is the one kidnapped by Grodd and Barry must race to save him. Additionally, this episode saw Barry and Iris semi-admit feelings for each other. Now it’s not as powerful as their kiss in “Out Of Time”, but Barry still comes out of it knowing Iris loves him too. Guess Time really does catch up with you, one way or another.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & More:

  • Cisco is up to his old movie reference ways, and that’s why we love him. This episode featured Jurassic Park. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, C.H.U.D.s (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) from H.U.D., ROUS (Rodents Of Unusual Size) from The Princess Bride.
  • Irish used the classic “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed” line … so much guilt.
  • We finally see Iris and Joe have that fallout over secrets, which again mirrors Laurel and Quentin’s in Arrow. The difference here is that Joe is Laurel and Iris is Quentin. Though if these two can reconcile so fast, hopefully Laurel and Quentin will too soon.
  • We got a mention of Diggle and Layla as Cisco called them to check in on Eiling’s status with ARGUS.
  • Speaking of Eiling, is anyone else just waiting for him to become The Shaggy Man?
  • “I can’t believe I’m down here searching for a supernatural gorilla. I’m terrified of regular gorillas” – Joe with one of the quotes of the episode
  • I can’t help but feel there’s more to that “Father [Wells] doesn’t like guns” comment from Grodd. Why doesn’t he like guns? Is that part of the reason Wells is so pissed all the time
  • “He is always preaching about being safe but he never thinks about being safe himself” – Iris’s words again sum up what happened to Joe in “Out Of Time” when he couldn’t just stay out of it and tried to hunt down Weather Wizard himself.
  • “Love me enough to always tell me the truth” – Iris and seemingly a rising theme on Arrow and The Flash
  • I can’t help but fear Grodd didn’t kill Joe because he’s in his head. But if Eiling was freed, maybe Joe’s good too. We’ll see.

The Flash Grodd Lives

Next week we’ll not only see a bunch of team ups, but most importantly another Arrow Crossover as Al Sah Him – Oliver Queen in League of Assassins attire – heads to Central City to face off against the Reverse Flash. Though he’s not alone as Firestorm returns as well. As for how this will work in the Arrow/Flash timeline, that’s not important. They screwed that up once this year so it could happen again. What’s most important is that we have a positively AWESOME episode coming up. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed this closer look.

2 thoughts on “A Closer Look: The Flash – “Grodd Lives”

  1. Easter Egg: when Gidion explains that she (?) knows the Flash, then starts saying somethings along the lines of “and founder of the group…” and then Barry interrupts her. That was nice.

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