A Closer Look: The Flash – “Fast Enough”

Looking back, it seems like this first Season of the Flash went by in a blur. Though it’s not because it was rushed or short; but rather because it’s astounding to think that a freshman season could have held so much astounding moments. I am completely confident in saying that The Flash won the title of Greatest Season Finale of the ’14-’15 Season. Although the excitement doesn’t end there because this Season Finale closed things off just as well as it set things up. So let’s take one last Closer Look at The Flash – Season One – “Fast Enough”.

The Meaning Of “Fast Enough”

If you think about it, this entire Season has been about 1 goal: Barry becoming “fast enough”. The first half of the season we saw how Wells/Thawne implemented his plan to train Barry to become “fast enough” so that he could return to his own time. After the midseason Finale, Barry’s own personal goal become getting “fast enough” to catch the Reverse Flash. Though despite Barry “catching” the Reverse Flash last episode, it had nothing with him being fast enough. In fact, the entire plan was because he knew he WASN’T fast enough. So going into this episode, there was one thing we needed to see: Barry being FAST ENOUGH to catch Wells on his own; and he did.

Was I the only one hoping he'd say

Was I the only one hoping he’d say “Look at what you did Barry.”

With only a 1:52 to travel through the worm hole, there was no way Barry could be fast enough to both save his mother and stop Thawne from returning to his own time. Though as it turns out, Barry was fast enough to accomplish both his goals – in an albeit different way. You see it wasn’t just Barry’s physical speed that he was ‘fast enough’ with; but also mentally. He weighted everyone’s opinions and saw all the good his current life has. Further more, he saw future/alternate him shake his head and say no. Barry could have just ignored this; but he knew that if he was telling himself to not save his mom, he knew there was a pretty big reason.

Everything Has Led To This – Weddings, Running & Tornadoes:

Considering this is the Season Finale, it should close up/reference some major points of this season. Well the Flash did not disappoint as we finally saw the ‘forlorn fiancé’ get married to her true love. Though that wasn’t all. We saw Wells/Thawne once again utter the famous phrase “Run Barry, Run”; but it wasn’t until the very end of the episode that we saw this iconic phrase take on new life. As Barry is faced with the impending singularity, he decides to run – on floating debris – around the eye of the convergence so that he could reverse it. In the Season premier, this action was done on a simple tornado. Now as the Season comes to a close we find a familiar image, but this time on a much larger scale. If a tornado set up Season 1 of the flash, then just imagine what a massive singularity could mean for Season 2.

Visions & Set Ups Of Tomorrow – Legends, Killer Frost & Barry In Handcuffs?

If you’re going to open up a wormhole into the infinite expanses of time, you can be SURE that there’ll be some spectacular set ups/hints at Spin-Offs, future storylines and seasons to come. Well thanks to Barry’s travels through time, we got a bit of each. For starters, we got multiple set ups for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this episode. From shots of Captain Cold and Hawkgirl to Thawne talking about the “interesting man” named Rip Hunter, there were set ups galore! Though the most direct moment we saw was during Barry’s speedy travels where we once again saw the Legends facing off against one of Vandal Savages giant robots – but Spin-Offs weren’t the only thing to set up.

Ever since she first appeared on the show, fans wondered when beloved Caitlin Snow would become the feared Killer Frost. We got subtle Easter Eggs throughout the season – like her being the Ice to Ronnie’s Fire – but during Barry’s time travel, we got a glimpse of Caitlin going full Killer Frost on someone. Crystal blue eyes, hypothermic blue lips, frosty blond hair and a stunning little black – or blue – dress. Caitlin looks spectacular as Killer Frost; and now we know how it happens. If Cisco has slowly emerging Metahuman powers, Caitlin does as well – and these are hers. I hope the character story is tweaked a little so that she’s not a villain; but either way I am SO excited to see Caitlin take on this role.

Though despite these awesome “known” set ups, there was one vision that still has us baffled. During the scene we see a brief shot of Barry in handcuffs – most likely at Iron Heights. What happened? Is this an alternate universe? Is someone framing Barry? WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!?! I guess we’ll find out next season, because just like Barry, we’re on to more pressing issues – the night his mother died.

A Chance To Change Things Say Goodbye:

This entire episode Barry wrestled with what to do if you could change history. On one hand, it’s a chance to save your mom; but on the other you could drastically change the timeline – for the worse. Of course many long time fans of the Flash – or if you’ve kept up with these articles – know that this is actually a story that’s been played out in the Flash. Barry goes back, saves his mom, and realizes how such an altruistic pure deed causes such a dystopian future. This is even hinted at when future Flash shakes his head when he sees Barry. He’s quite possible already been down this path. So what is Barry to do?

Well as it turns out, Barry’s main aim wasn’t to just save his mom. Sure that was an added thought; but the most important thing he learned from all his conversations with Joe, his father and the others was that he has become a great man and that some things must be left alone. This was Barry’s chance to finally say goodbye to his mother. When younger Barry got back to the house, all he saw was his father being dragged away. This was Barry taking back his life by seeing his mom one last time and showing her that he was alright. She could die knowing that her son grew up to be a hero – and that he looked just like her father. . . . Oh the feels.

The Flash Fast Enough Mother

“Screw The Future” – Eddie’s Sacrifice & Possible Future?

Well at least now we know why The Reverse Flash hates guns. It turns out the Flash and Reverse Flash have had this fight for a long time and yet neither could defeat the other. Though what could defeat the Reverse Flash was simply a coincidence, or should I say THE coincidence. Since episode one we’ve seen how Eddie was the man who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Well the same remained true in the Season Finale as Eddie decided to take his destiny into his own hands – or rather end it. By sacrificing himself, Eddie erased the timeline of the Reverse Flash making it so that he was never born. Though this simple act leads to many consequences.

If you’re wondering why the particle accelerator started up again to cause the singularity, its because it didn’t. With the time stream still fragile in the tunnels, having a man commit suicide and thus erase another man in the same room from existence (in the same general area) is problematic. Furthermore, this ‘present’ was caused BY the man that was just erased from existence. This whole situation has gone full blown paradox and explains why the singularity still came into existence.

As we’ve seen in past episode, Time has a funny way or working itself out so there is a chance this will be rectified. Then again, there is another possibility. We last saw Eddie being sucked into the singularity. Is he dead OR will we see him again. I’m personally leaning toward the idea of him returning. Perhaps does become the time hero Booster Gold. Though if he does survive that means we’ll see Thawne again. Well, considering the Flash’s second Season might deal with the multiverse, it’s safe to say this might not be the last we’ve seen of either.

Multiple Flashes Of Multiverse Flash – Explaining Garrick & Wally:

If you were wondering what that shiny helmet meant and why Wells got so scared, well that’s because it belonged to a different Flash. That Flash was – according to the comics – the original Flash (from the 1940s) named Jay Garrick. If Garrick is in this universe, then that means that The Flash’s Second Season could be bringing in Earth-2, which is exactly what it sounds like – a parallel Earth. Perhaps Barry’s running in the singularity will cause these parallel world encounters. As for how Thawne knew about him, remember that we are still missing some of his story – including WHY he hated Barry so much. Perhaps we’ll get to see this eventually; but there’s another Flash we must talk about first

The Flash Fast Enough Jay Garrick

Long time Flash fans were confused when Linda Park became a short-lived romantic interest for Barry Allen considering Linda is the romantic foil of Barry’s future nephew Wally West. With time travel and multiverse opened up, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that Wally could appear in a future story arc, meet Linda and … hit it off.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & More:

  • See how Wells/Thawne hits the wall when he tells Barry “it doesn’t matter anymore”. Clearly it does and I certainly hope this is one story element we eventually get answered – somehow.
  • A name is powerful. This is how Thawne is able to ‘beat the Flash”. Though this idea will most likely be brought up again in Legends of Tomorrow as Rip Hunter is a fake name he uses so that no one could ever do to him what Thawne tried to do to Barry.
  • This is actually already an altered timeline which explains why Thawne constantly checked in with Gideon to see the future.
  • “What if it changes you. I am in awe of the remarkable mane that you are becoming. All the things you’ve achieved and not just as the flash but as you Barry. Your honest your heart. You were always the hero and your mom would be just as proud. … Barry what I hope for you.. is that one day you will become a father yourself. And then you will know, how much I truly love you. “ – Henry Allen
  • 6, Firestorm is somehow getting more stable.
  • If Iris thinks changing things is a good idea, then it MUST be bad.
  • I love all the Marvel and DC love this episode. Not only did we see an Ant-Man trailer during the finale, but we also heard Dr Stein ponder about screaming Stan Lee’s famous catch-phrase “Excelsior”. #EndTheFeud #HeroesUnited
The Flash Fast Enough 4

3 cheers for one of the best villainous portrayals in all of DC

  • “Let me ask Doctor Evil” – an Austin Powers reference as well as a name that used to make Cisco smile
  • Cisco asks about housing the Reverse Flash suit in a ring, which hopefully hints at Barry as well getting the classic Flash-In-A-Ring Costume
  • Cisco has a “great and honorable destiny” waiting for him as the hero Vibe. Apparently the particle accelerator effected him as well and he is “able to see through the vibrations of the universe”. Though I can’t help but wonder if the slight pause before Thawne said “honorable” hints at Vibe also meeting with an early demise soon after joining the Justice League. #CiscoForever
  • “So long and thanks for all the fish” – Cisco quotting Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
  • 1:52 to have the portal open? By now you should spot a New 52 reference when you hear it. If not, every time you hear 52 – which is a lot in this show – it’s a reference to the New 52 Comic Line.
  • The song played at Ronnie and Caitlin’s wedding is “Don’t Dream Its Over” by Crowded House.
  • Anyone else laugh when Ronnie told Stein “Stop telling me what to do” when he said kiss the bride – a joke about their relationship as Firestorm.
  • Also in the Time Stream Flashes we saw a shot of The Flash Museum. Whether this was a simple nod or a hint at more tales – and Thawne’s past…future – remains to be seen
  • When Jay Garrick and Barry Allen met in the comics, it was Issue #123. Interestingly enough, this episode – where Garrick’s helmet is thrown into this world – is Episode 1.23
  • While in the Past, we get a better look at the future Flash and see how his costume varies ever so slightly (i.e.: the White Background Chest Logo)
  • “I’ve controlled your life for so long Barry. How will you get along without me?” – Eobard Thawne back in his real form.

The Flash Fast Enough 2

There’s been some great Season Finales this ’14-’15. Though in terms of a finale that not only satisfies a Season worth of questions, but also gets us excited for the next, The Flash really outdid itself. Looking back, I am in awe how this VERY campy show turned out to be the most exciting show on TV with equal parts action and heart. I can’t wait to see what happens next season, because I have a new favorite show.

I’m sure we’ll get some word on Season 2 during San Diego Comic Con, so stay tuned here for more updates as well as a very special Marvel & DC article – yes, you read that right. Stay tuned and hope you enjoyed this Closer Look.

*A Very Special thanks to PandaPal Sam Gras: The Cosplay Dad for all his help with Easter Eggs and photos.

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